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published Monday, March 21st - 12:38pm

There are stories that you come accross from time to time that actually make you stop for a brief second of a hectic work day. There are stories that might even trigger an emotional reaction because of the way it hits home with some people. Then there is the story of Arizona State senior wrestler Anthony Robles.

The two time all-amercian Sun Devils senior just completed a career that ended with a 36-0 season including a national championship on Sunday. This story would be remarkable only because he never recieved a scholarship offer after completing an even more impressive High School career. What makes it truly amazing and inspiring is he was born without his right leg.

Robles hails from Mesa Arizona and didn't even start wrestling until the age of 14, and his weight class of 125 lbs is the lightest allowed by the NCAA.

One of five children Robles has always had a love of paintball. He was a finalist for the ESPY award of best male athelete with a disability. He has made several apperances on national talk shows including Montel Williams and Jimmy Kimmel.

With such a decorated wrestling career one has to ask what is in store next for the young man. He plans to put away the headgear and wrestling singlet and become a motivational speaker.

Hopefully this venture will be as successful as wrestling, and just maybe he can inspire the next Anthony Robles.