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published Friday, November 11th - 8:45am

I have spent several years woofing at younger colleagues (which is everyone but Sid) about the injustice of pitcher Camilo Pascual not yet being voted into the Twins Hall of Fame.

I decided after last year, when Camilo was rejected again in favor of shortstop Greg Gagne, that my choice this time was going to be tear up the ballot and send it back in the official envelope.

This seemed like a very mature way in which to demonstrate my frustration. Then, my colleague at the Star Tribune, Joe Christensen, wrote a blog on Thursday that carried the headline: "It's time to put Camilo Pascual in Twins Hall of Fame.''

And then I received this e-mail from Dave Mona, another veteran on the local sports scene:

"In a few days, the ballots are going to come out for the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame. I made up my mind to be more aggressive this year in trying to get Camilo Pascual elected.

Each year he comes close, but it's getting harder and harder to get votes for him as the number of people who saw him play gets smaller and smaller.

Camilo will be 78 next year. I believe he's in reasonably good health, but the time is right to get him elected.

The 2012 season will be exactly 50 years since one of his best seasons in the majors. In that year he became the first ever Twins 20-game winner while leading the league with 18 complete games and five shutouts.

He is second only to Bert Blyleven in career strikeouts. He's fourth in career wins.

A five-time All Star, he represented the Twins in the 1961 All Star game and threw three hitless innings.

He led the American League in strikeouts in 1961, 1962 and 1963.

He is still ranked 55th in all-time major league strikeouts.
He won 20 games in 1962 and 21 in 1963.

He led the American League in shutouts in 1959, 1961 and 1962.

He's a member of both the Cuban and Latino Baseball Halls of Fame.

Ted Williams once said that Camilo had the most feared curveball of any pitcher in the American League.

About seven or eight years ago we had a reason to have Camilo as a radio guest. One of the first things he said was how pleased he was because he didn't think anyone still remembered him in Minnesota.

As a scout, he even signed Jose Canseco to his first major league contract.

I just don't know enough of the young guys who vote on this. I've talked with Dave St. Peter and he totally agrees. He's willing to talk with Tony Oliva to personally lobby the players who vote.

I'm pretty sure we agree on this one, and I have a feeling if we can't get it done in 2012, it's just not going to happen. And that would be a shame.''

OK, Dave. One more time, I'm going to fill in the Twins' ballot with one name marked: Camilo Pascual. One more time, I'm going to shout at any colleague I see with a ballot at the Star Tribune or 1500ESPN, "Vote for Camilo Pascual, and no one else, you young, naive whippersnapper.''

But this is it. If the Castillian Curveballer doesn't make this time around, I'm going to do the mature thing and start sending back the annual ballot in tiny, torn-up particles.