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published Tuesday, December 13th - 6:08am

Tom Linnemann, the former St. John's quarterback, now a family man and business executive, is back in Asia, pretty much killing it. You are invited to follow his adventures on


Manila, Philippines, 6:17am

We arrived in Manila and took a cab to the Peninsula, probably the second best hotel in the entire country. It's a damn shame that we used it as a storage locker as we just arrived back at the hotel and are heading directly for the airport. We didn't sleep tonight because
we were pretty much killing it, but I'll get to that in a little bit.

As I got onto the plane, I grabbed the Philippine Daily Inquirer and read the headline: " US Teen Escaped as Abu's Slept".

What are the Abu's? That's Abu Sayyef, a muslim insurgency group linked to Al-Queda and known for its beheadings and kidnappings.

An American kid, Keith Lunsmann from Virginia state had recently escaped after five months of captivity. He escaped as they slept and survived for two days on candy and coconut juice that he gathered in the jungle. He was hanging out in Zamboanga City in the south Mindanao
region, a stronghold for Abu Sayyef.

As we don't have any plans and have no idea where we are planning to go, this made it clear that we were avoiding Sulu and the South Mindanao region.

I'm pretty high-maintenance so captivity wouldn't be good for me. I'm a huge fan of candy but I don't need to be locked in some jungle hut. I get manicures, dude. I'm not proud of it but

We booked a flight yesterday (or today, I'm not really sure actually) to go Palawan now. It's the most pristine and uninhabited area of the Philippines. There are many opportunities for scuba diving, even though I'm not certified. I'm sure I can talk my way into that.

It's one of the last frontiers on earth as an island in the Sulu Sea. It's off the beaten path away from Boracay, which is the area that most people visit. I think we're far enough
away from Abu Sayeff, anyway.

Tonight we crushed Manila. I'm telling you, we pretty much killed it.

Do you know how hard it is to spend $300 in a third-world country? We went to a boxing match and were cheering alongside an engaged and imbibed Filipino base.

That same boxing ring became my dance floor when the place got Party Rocked--that's right--LMFAO came on the loudspeaker and I hopped into the ring (what? why? I don't know, it was instinct) and made sure "everyone had a good time."

It really changed the evening as the locals didn't see that coming. Filipinos are famous for singing, dancing and karaoke so we became fast friends with the entire place. OK, the entire avenue. OK, like the entire city.

That's why we just got home and we're hurriedly packing-because we didn't sleep and it's time to catch a flight.

We gotta get to the airport fast. We're late so we gotta fly. More later. Love you