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published Friday, December 21st - 1:28pm

A week has now passed since the horrific tragedy took place in Newtown Connecticut. Many tributes have taken place along with a press conference from both the President and the NRA saying that laws and procedures need to change. Talk shows and pundits all across this great nation have also weighed in and the people have seemingly become divided with no end in sight.

The one thing not up for debate in all of this is a much larger issue.

We have an accountability problem.

In the hours after Adam Lanza opened fire and killed 26 innocent people there were those in the media who simply couldn't wait to attach some type of political connection. There were those who instantly called for tougher gun laws. Some blamed the school systems and their lack of attention to detail. There were also those who said this was an act of God for us allowing homosexual relationships and gay marriage in our country.

Lost in all of this were the 26 families who 10 days before Christmas had to get the news that their loved one was not coming home.

Lost in all this madness were 20 sets of parents who had to bury a child, during the time of year where we all live vicariously through our kids and grandkids.

President Obama spoke in front of the nation last Sunday and said that this violence needs to come to an end. Since that speech hundreds of people have died including four people today on a Pennsylvania highway, when a gunman opened fire then in a standoff with police was shot and killed.

I am not writing this piece to talk about gun laws and whether guns kill people or people kill people. I am writing this piece because we have lost the value placed on life. Too many of us take for granted that tomorrow is promised to any of us when it's not. Too many sit back and look away when they know something is wrong. It's time for all of us to step up. It's time for those with a voice to use it. It's time for parents to stop being a friend to their kids for fear of being hated. It's time for people to stop pointing the finger at what's wrong, and leading by example for what's right.

A seven minute moment of silence took place this morning, along with 26 bells being rung in honor of those brave teachers and those terrified students who lost their life at the hands of someone who couldn't handle life and its demands.

A wise man told me that the number one job of any parent is to simply keep your child alive. These parents had no chance, even at a quiet place called Sandy Hook Elementary School.

- Reuvers