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Saturday, October 13th

Today show is all about life!! Remember the old phrase "buy Term and invest the difference"? So Todd talks all things Life Insurance today. Buy a Whole Life or UL permanent insurance plan...when should you do this? Your life is on the line with Todd today!!

Saturday, October 6th

Todd and GWF's Justin Halverson are in talk everything retirement. What are the key steps you need to know about reaching that Retirement sooner than later? Check out for more info and to register for some fantastic classes they offer as well!!

Saturday, September 29th

If you ever wanted to have another income and do it with Real Estate...this is your lucky hour! Are you paying too much for your renting it option? Interest rates are moving up to averages now...don't lose that property!

Wednesday, September 26th

9/1 CYA with Todd Rooker

9/15 CYA with Todd Rooker

Saturday, September 22nd

Todd has some great ideas on how to get your kids thinking the right way about what their future holds and what they want to do for a career. Do they always have to think about high paying careers even if they will be unhappy? How important is it to actually like what your doing?

Saturday, September 8th

This show is great! Todd offers up some surprising info on what couples should be doing with their money! Should you have a joint bank account? Should you file married and together or married and separate on your taxes?

Saturday, August 25th

It’s a best of show today…and you will see why! Todd knows you want a better life and more money…listen here to his free valuable advice!!

Saturday, August 18th

Matt from SMA Exteriors joins the show to talk contractor pitfalls.

Saturday, August 11th

Real estate investing for married couples

Saturday, August 4th

Nick Foulkes from Great Waters Financial joins Todd to talk about what kind of homework you need to do to get ready to retire

Saturday, July 28th

Todd welcomes in Mark Brattvet from Home Rental Systems to tell us how we can do all these things and how Real Estate can be a super investment! Just think...another income streaming in each month.

Saturday, July 21st

Todd rocks again with AC DC today and also rocks with fabulous free information! Make your business work buy using referrals and always keep adding some great business relationships! Join some networking groups...put yourself up there and out there. Make a short presentation about yourself and why people should want to work with you!!

Saturday, July 14th

Wealth and can have it! A second income stream can do this for you!! Todd's free advice on this one hour show is worth $250 of his weekday time so take advantage of it and use it. You can have it all so look for that piece of Real Estate or that second job and set yourself up for wealth and stability!!

Saturday, July 7th

Justin Halverson joins Todd today from Great Waters to discuss how things are changing with your Traditional and Roth IRA's and what you should be looking out for to have that retirement you deserve.

Saturday, June 23rd

Its a super replay show today from our April blizzard day...if your into or thinking about real estate investments...this this is the show to hear. A national expert joins Todd today and will set you up with some fantastic ideas here today.

Saturday, June 16th

So all you CPA's and small business owners out there...this show is a must for you to listen to today!! Here how Tom made his business so successful...and then sign up for a fantastic free class you can attend...a $5000 offer for free! Go to .

Saturday, June 2nd

Elijah Kovar is in with Todd and they have an interesting topic today. How will you make sure your kids don't blow through the inheritance they may receive? You just might want to have that discussion with them and put up some possible road blocks to that happening!

Sunday, May 27th

Todd is joined by Rich Dad Poor Dad advisor, Josh Lannon. Josh has joined with Former Special Forces Tom Spooner to open the FIRST & ONLY private and accredited treatment center in the US for “warriors only” (military, veterans and first responders) With a bold vision to bring 1 million warriors home from addiction and PTSD, Warriors Heart is leading the way in chemical dependency treatment for our Warriors”