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Thursday, April 19th

It takes sixteen innings for the Twins to beat Cleveland in a powerless Puerto Rico. Some new news coming in concerning former First Lady Barbara Bush. The idiot teacher at Fresno State, has more rude comments and gives out a wrong phone number to contact her. What a jerk!

We are told that someone named Sterling Smith was the alleged attacker of the MTC bus driver. Joe goes through the timeline and figures out how it started. This forces Joe to mention the fact that some have lost their social contract with people. What a sorry thing that is. Forest bathing and a call from Barry the Tree.

Wednesday, April 18th

Is it over for the Wild? Probably. Rookie replays the audio of SW Flight 1380 planning on making an emergency landing. She is calm and cool. Wow!

Joe gives us a nice tribute via a story circa 1992 about the First couple in the White House. A good audio selection form George W. Bush, talking about his mother. Take the good wit the bad, one educator at Fresno State is saying she is glad that the witch is dead.

Tuesday, April 17th

Joe reviews some of the ice out dates of Minnetonka, which reminds us all that Nature is bigger than man. Southwest Airlines had a horrific accident. Joe wonders about airline safety and what it's future is.

Joe reports that more than 600 people have been shot in the Windy City. Why isn't there outrage? Black leadership should be marching every day or every shooting.

Monday, April 16th

Good story. It has to do with a 9-volt battery, a couple of pennies and a curmudgeon. Let's call him Hot Pants. The record snowfall is just that. Souch comments on President Trump and what his thoughts are on former FBI Director Comey. A gay rights activist sets himself on fire.

A Starbucks manager in Philadelphia calls the police to remove two black men who were sitting at a table after not making a purchase. Starbucks needs to figure this out. The police should not be taken to task, but the coffee shop should. E-mails come in on Joe's battery and pants starting on fire problem.

Friday, April 13th

Tom Hauser sits in the chair of the Mayor today and welcomes former Governor and maybe future Governor to the show. Budgets, surpluses, and what the next Governor will inherit are topics of the day.

KSTP-TV Chief Political Reporter is running the show for Garage Logic today. Brad Reuter from the MN Timberwolves chats about the team leaving early to beat the snow and how excited fans are to even make the playoffs! Nicole Mitchell tells us the bad weather news.

Thursday, April 12th

Right out of the shoot Jay Kolls takes on some issues at the Sate Capitol. The tech department is under fire for all of their screw ups and Jay brings on State Senator Julie Rosen who is trying to get some things done in Saint Paul. Jay mentions that GL will turn 25 soon.

Kolls sits in and let people know that our own metro area has done pretty well as of late. Going through a list of Twin City accomplishments where we were top drawer!

Wednesday, April 11th

Adrienne Batra from the Toronto Sun exposes Nora Loreto, who says some really stupid things about the tragic crash in Canada this past week. What the Hell? Joe finds this what we call a 'push back'

Joe points out that the schools have created their own problem regarding religious activities like barring St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, etc. They need to take them all or none. At USC, the higher academy continues to crumble. Euphorians do not get it.

Tuesday, April 10th

Joe recaps the Twins game from a cold Target Field last night. In Florida, cocaine blowing in from the window? That was a defense tried by one individual. Minneapolis schools are trying to use proper pronouns for gender identity. Women street names in Ft. Collins, CO?

Isiah Thomas, the killer of an 85 year-old Anoka man, speaks in court and mention that he is a product of his environment. What? A 112 year-old veteran gives us the secret of his longevity. Should you clean your dog toys? We think not.

Monday, April 9th

Souch learns that the Evil Doer that shot up YouTube, has not been treated like other shooters. Is there a specific message that news outlets are trying to get out?

After a thorough review of the Masters, Joe jumps into typewriters and how we have lost a local Great Living American that cherished them .

Friday, April 6th

The Mayor spent the first hour reading emails from Gl'ers checking in from around the country with weather reports. He also read more reports on the distance of stars from the Earth and what a large discovery Patrick Kelly made at the University of Minnesota yesterday.

The Mayor spent the second hour today introducing his newest hero, Amber Pabon. An African-American mother from Raleigh NC who is upset with school administration over a white privilege letter sent home with her second grader.

Thursday, April 5th

The Mayor spent the first hour today talking about the coldest opening days in Minnesota Twins history. He also brought up new warning labels on movies with the title "Historical Smoking." He also got a call from Reed who led the flyover of the F-16's over Target Field on Opening Day of the Inaugural season back in 2010.

The Mayor spent the second hour today talking to Pat Kelly University of Minnesota's assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy. This is an interview you do not want to miss as he tries to explain to Joe the difference between distance and time as it relates to light years, not to mention the discovery Kelly made of the farthest star away from Earth.

Wednesday, April 4th

Joe begins the show with a golf feel. He is intrigued by a golf podcast called Club Pro Guy. The Masters is on the way and Joe is ready with his TCL Roku TV.

The State of MN is pressing small business owners, putting them on the 'hook' for new fishing licenses. Why? Elementary school kids kneeling during the Anthem? Nope. Thoughts on the expanding universe? Nope.

Tuesday, April 3rd

Joe struggles with the snowfall today. How should GL'ers deal with it? Let it go or maintain space? Hmmm. Souch tells Rookie he is an idiot for getting stuck at the airport. Rookie misses Food Day at Target Field? What?

It has been some time since the last 'Today's Stupid Principal' Is this a Ray of Hope? If the kids make their reading goal, the principal will kiss a cow. Right.....Joe gives and Oompa Quiz about a substitute teacher that kind of lost it.

Monday, April 2nd

The Mayor spent the first hour today staying on brand and talking about Brian Dozier's comments following yesterday's 7 -0 win over Baltimore. Dozier complained that a Baltimore player broke an unwritten rule by bunting in the 9th inning. He also had Dave Dahl and his unfortunate forecast involving snow and a news update with John Heidt.

The Mayor spent the second hour today talking about a local 14 year old competitive movement shooting champion. He also touched on the news of a super balloon of negative energy that may result in "Break Glass Smoke Lucky's." He also had Dave Dahl and his unfortunate forecast involving snow and a news update with John Heidt.

Friday, March 30th

The Mayor brought up the story from yesterday of the Pope allegedly claiming that there is no hell and that the Vatican is back tracking on those comments. He also had the John Heidt news update and Dave Dahl's Channel 5 weather.

The Mayor spent the hour today with a story of "Where Do Our Sensibilities Lie?" A guy in South Mpls had his neighbors complain about a backyard rink being built in the front yard too close to his property line. He also had the John Heidt news update and Dave Dahl's Channel 5 weather.

Thursday, March 29th

Garage Logic for Thursday March 29!

Garage Logic for Thursday March 29!

Wednesday, March 28th

Rookie asks Joe if he watched Roseanne last night. Joe protests and says not a chance. Rookie is threatened with firing if he ever talks about the show again. Joe mention an author that he really likes and thinks people should read. Will the Chinese 'Skylab' hurt anyone? probably not.

A new organ discovery is a very good thing. This makes Joe ponder something about the Euphorians and what they expect when they protest something. Disney princesses with some new traits? Hmmm. The Hamburger Museum in Seymor, WI. Yum

Tuesday, March 27th

Joe begins the show with some real old school trash talk by a 100 year old grandma. Yep she was talking to Loyola's favorite nun about the end of the run-LOL Reuvers does some really dumb stuff. What will happen to the Chinese version of their Skylab? Is it a time to break the glass and smoke the Lucky's, wonders Joe.

Are UFO's soaring in our air space? Joe has some good accounts with some high street creds. Rookie pleads with Joe to watch Roseanne tonight. He probably will not. A new study on walking, really freaks Joe out.

Monday, March 26th

Saint Olaf has now joined the Ben Shapiro sweepstakes. The school may dis-invite him as his speech coordinates with an anniversary that they would rather not recall.

Joe describes his new relationship with crows and how he has some concern on the days that he cannot find any birds. Is he getting a little too hooked? Um Ya. A person wants to marry a tree in Fort Myers. What?

Friday, March 23rd

Joe starts the show on brand, discussing Reuvers and his excessive use of texting while not at work. Is there something called garbage island in the ocean? Why are people throwing these items in the ocean? The schools that are marching and some of the ideas that are behind the march are not all aligned, according to Joe.

Joe connects the marching students and the Pro-Life movement. Trying to stay away from the debate that cannot be solved during the show, Joe learns some interesting stats about African-American pregnancies in NY. On a much light note: Scramble!

Thursday, March 22nd

The big storm in NYC and the east coast if not the first time a huge storm has hit. Joe provides the all important 'since'. The weather is cyclical. The national debt, the big time spending and the budget: Souch wonders why everyone is congratulating each other?

The Mayor finds that the name game is out of control for the unisex, genderless age. Why are parents setting their children up for this type of lifestyle. Let them choose as they grow up. Jordon Peterson on BBC hits one out of the park on live TV. NC State and meatless meals? What?

Wednesday, March 21st

This entire hour dedicated to President Trump and his involvement with Russia and his victory call to President Putin. Should he have done that? Where is the staff leak? Joe takes some heat from listeners and Reuvers takes some calls for Joe on this

The behavior of President Trump and some leftover calls and e-mails from last hour, as well as the breaking news about the Austin, TX bomber and how they caught him. New technology for sure.

Tuesday, March 20th

Joe has question about the boy's high school basketball tourney and how it is scheduled. The Uber driver that killed a pedestrian, was really not paying attention at all. This is a bad situation. Holy Cross is making some changes, for the worse.

The current state of 'the academy' is failing fast. This time Mt. Holyoke is at the front of the class. The women's school does not want women to be referred to as women! What? Rookie says that we need to start pushing back.

Monday, March 19th

A politician in New York made a statement on Facebook that the weather is controlled by the Jews. What the Hell? How can a guy like this get elected? Joe presents examples of how he is Just Not Made For These Times....

A driver-less car has hit a pedestrian, while a human was sitting behind the wheel. Joe thinks that this will get quite worse before it gets better. Will Google give up personal information on its customers if the police need it? This is a very important question to put out there. Prince Charles and a new book that does not portray him well.

Friday, March 16th

The walkout protests were very popular, but not everyone wanted to participate. Some that didn't were punished by their administration. St. Patrick's Day jokes already??

Saint Catherine's University has cancelled a leadership conference because the speakers and presenters were too white. WHAT? John Hinderaker from the Center of the American Experiment, joins the show to chat with Joe about this. SCRAMBLE!!!!

Thursday, March 15th

A couple form Halstad, MN that tried an unsuccessful You Tube prank where the man held up an encyclopedia trying to stop a bullet, were in the news again. The woman who fired the fatal bullet was sentenced in court today. Why did they do this? Rookie wins the radio station appetizer contest and he confesses that he used all of his show prep time doing it. Joe gets mad, but impressed.

St Patrick's Day is this weekend and Joe comments on tomorrow's show and the antics that may take place. Did Joe just do a 'Dirt Alert' OMG! There is left lane legislation murmuring at the Capitol. Will they ticket gramma for going to slow in the left lane? Breaking News: A pedestrian bridge collapses just west of Miami. Cars flattened, very tough scene.

Wednesday, March 14th

It's a Saint Patrick's Day preview for Souch. It's on a Saturday this year and the parties are going to be in full force. Joe jumps into Stephen Hawking's life and thoughts.

The student walkout that was conducted today throughout the country, is a real concern. What are the children trying to accomplish? The tragic event where seventeen souls lost their lives was conducted by an evil person, not a bad gun. This will require more examination. An Oompa Quiz for the staff brightens things up.

The countrywide student walkout at schools was conducted today. What did it accomplish? The loss of seventeen souls was due to an evil person.

Tuesday, March 13th

The Minnesota titles, tabs and drivers licenses debacle has a fall guy. Joe wonders if there is a group to blame , not just one individual. More money is not going to fix the problem. Souch provides and update to the students at Stanford that are addicted to their phone and there is some irony for sure. Yellowstone and what is lingering underneath is getting some publicity, but is the for the proper reasons?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again. They want a football coach to stop praying before football games, because a concerned citizen complained. These people are nuts. What is the new trend with Mother's Day cards? Tune in to find out. OMG!!

Monday, March 12th

The Mayor presents a Real or Satire segment from the Minneapolis paper today. Jake calls in an EOW from California: He was not allowed to play catch with his son in a park! Huh? A Garage Logic dilemma, who should shovel the sidewalks in Crystal? Hmmmm.

Students at Stanford are suing the big phone companies claiming that they have made them addicted to their phones. The Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices has file this suit. What dummies!! An Indiana of Pennsylvania student has been suspended for saying at a public forum, that there are only two genders. Okay......New DL photos can be casual photos? No, this should not be allowed. Ever.

Friday, March 9th

After a quick look at the High School Hockey Tourney results, Joe gets down to business. Some of it is not upbeat. The lunch lady in Inver Grove Heights is in hot water over a an alleged dealing with a student. When Joe went to the lunch line in high school, he had one thing on his mind: To eat lunch. A confrontation with a police officer in Saint Paul leads Joe to do some thinking.

Souch does a great hour on society and pieces together some news items regarding people's behavior and more reasons why the proverbial 'center is not holding'. An upbeat Scramble send us into the weekend with a smile.

Thursday, March 8th

Mentioning the high school state hockey tourney right off of the top of the show. Joe has a rooting interest in his alma mater. Patrick Henry High School wants to change its name. Joe says that this will create a can of worms. Wayne State in Michigan and the Christian Club. What gives?

Ruling from the salon in Saint Paul: One council member is quoted as saying that a new streetcar style train will allow us to ; "Get cars off of the road'. Why do we need to do that? Cars are still good, says Souch. Breaks glass ans smoke Lucky's: There may be a new strain of flu that we cannot fight against. Yikes!

Wednesday, March 7th

A lot of news going on around the world, including an atheist, Lawrence Krauss, the guy in charge of the 'Doomsday Clock'. He may need to stepdown because of sexual misconduct. Why do we have such a fascination with Amelia Earhart? Joe wonders why we can't just come to grips wit the fact that she went down in the drink.

Why should there be a building name change for Coffman uUnion at the U of Minn? There should not be. Go away. Hats off to Angela Merkel for standing up to Euphorians that wanted to change the National Anthem. Does that Alexa thing laugh and freak people out at night?

Tuesday, March 6th

Joe is very pleased that his driveway was untouched by footprints or cars before the snow was removed. One of life's simple pleasures. The driver-less car, is it really necessary and is it a good thing? Ummm. A message in a bottle shows up on a Australian beach. How old was it? Containers are falling off of ships overseas. Who gets the loot and is it fair game?

The 3M settlement is a joke. 3M did not dispose of anything illegally at the time. Why is Lori Swanson's AG office so eager to take them to court. How much is this outside legal team going to cost the state? A whole bunch! Rookie provides a story for Joe that pertains to food of course!

Monday, March 5th

The state is awaiting a snow event. Joe wonders when it will happen. Yet another college is replacing pronouns to accommodate gender issues. Why? Joe does not like it at all. Souch confesses that a kid he used to have has some snowblower issues. NYC banning bags? There are more pressing issues out there.

Nature is bigger than man department: Penguins that were thought to have been long been extinct were found on earth. They were hiding on Danger Island. More examples of politicians ruling from the salon......

Friday, March 2nd

Brian Murphy sits in the Mayor's chair today. What are some of the best sports related movies of all time?

Hour two of Garage Logic includes the Scramble as well as Brian Murphy continuing to solicit input from listeners and the staff about not only the best movies of all time, but the best sport movies of all time.

Thursday, March 1st

Joe wonders who this 'cash me outside' lady? Why is she getting so much attention on the interweb? According to a new survey, California's quality of life is falling very fast. Joe goes over reasons why it has fallen so much.

Joe has a great entertaing show today. This is a must listen. An example of Powerwashing, with a statue of a gorilla in Texas. This causes our President Bush to call in and chat with Joe. Then Rick from Harlingen tells a pretty good joke. OMG!!!

Wednesday, February 28th

More information comes out from the University of Minnesota, regarding Ben Shapiro's speech. Joe wonders what did he say that was so terribly wrong? A new business offers gas delivery and oil changes at your house. Is this a good thing or bad? The boys are not too sure. The governor has declared it 'Bus Driver Day' in MN. Huh?

The Arctic has recently been above freezing. what does this mean for the enviornment? The UNC has a 'Silent Sam' statue that remembers those that fought for the South between 1861-65. Some students are very offended that this still exists. Does the university owe a offensive free campus? Hmmmm

Tuesday, February 27th

Gender trouble in Stearns county. The Daddy Daughter Dance may need to be cancelled due to a protest by the Gender Neutral Group. Joe wonders why they are protesting a gender when they should be neutral? Huh? The driverless car debate is here. Where should Joe be on this?

Some caller spill over from the last hour on the driverless cars, then Joe is onto the U of Minnesota where liberals are protesting the on campus speech by conservative Ben Shapiro. Do they always get to protest when a conservative shows up? Yep-

Monday, February 26th

Joe does some research on how Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School got its name. He learns that she was born in Minneapolis. Rookie thanks him for doing his research.

Souch asks Rookie to replay Paul Harvey audio on the devil from some time ago. It is eerie what Harvey predicted so many years ago. The square root symbol looks like a gun? What? Black History Month at NYU- the menu didn't go over too well with many.

Friday, February 23rd

KSTP-TV Chief Political Reporter Tom Hauser sits in for Souch today. Cell phones being used while driving is one of the issues that the legislature is trying to get their hands on. Rep. Mark Uglem (R) 36A, speaks with Tom on where this sits right now.

It is a Scramble Friday with Tom Hauser at the helm. The fellas are talking hockey and the girl's tourney currently being played. 'The Professor' Mike McGrath joins the show with his expertise. Rookie also chimes in with own daughter's status in the tourney......SCRAMBLE!!

Thursday, February 22nd

Jay Kolls from the Channel 5 news department was in for the Mayor today. He spent the hour talking about to Rep Keith Franke about the light punishments being handed out for people being convicted of distracted driving in which the accidents result in death. He also discussed the Women's gold medal victory last night in hockey, and the fact that his daughter played with 7 members of the US team and 3 from Canada.

Jay Kolls from the Channel 5 news department was in for the Mayor today. He spent the hour talking to Chase Morrill who is the host of "Maine Cabin Masters" on the DIY Network.

Wednesday, February 21st

St Paul Pioneer Press sports columnist Brian Murphy filled in for the Mayor today. He spent the hour discussing the Olympics last night. Lindsey Vonn winning the bronze in her final ever run, also Jessie Diggins from Afton winning the Gold in cross-country skiing.

St Paul Pioneer Press sports columnist Brian Murphy filled in for the Mayor today. He spent the hour discussing the Olympics last night. Lindsey Vonn winning the bronze in her final ever run, also Jessie Diggins from Afton winning the Gold in cross-country skiing.

Tuesday, February 20th

Joe wonders why MN Attorney General Swanson is going after 3M for pollution when they broke no laws at the time. This is a waste of MN's money. Kate Knuth, the Chief Resilience Officer that has resigned has written an op-ed piece for the newspaper today.

Today Joe welcomes author and talented architect, Dale Mulfinger. Dale has written; 'The Family Cabin', a great coffee table book for cabin owners. Joe has given Dale the moniker 'Cabinologist' A great chat.

Monday, February 19th

The Olympics are in full force and Joe wonders who the Hungarian half-piper is. Is she for real? locks of George Washington's hair found in a library? What do you do with it? Kenny offers traffic reports during this nuisance snow today.

In the the world is coming to an end soon department, An educator maned Amy Wax is taking major heat for giving advice. What the advice is will knock your socks off. The View on television is a big joke, taking to task VP Pence's religious views.WHAT???

Friday, February 16th

Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show today. Souch discusses the big news of the day before learning he gets to decide when prizes are given away at the Golf Show. We get our John Heidt news update. Franco Zerna, from The First Tee, joins to discuss the organization to close the hour.

Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray is live from the Venture Bank Minnesota Golf Show. Seeing as the guys are at the Golf Show they spent much of the hour heckling the listeners taking their chances at the putting green right in front of the booth.

Thursday, February 15th

When Souch is at his best. Unfortunate events always bring out the best in Joe. Trying to move through things that happen in the country, and yes, sometimes he does his best shows when bad things happen. This hour is a must listen.

As was stated in the first hour, this one is a must listen as well.. Joe ponders the moral and ethical clarity, or lack of it in today's society. Will we be able to turn it around?

Wednesday, February 14th

The issue of Shaun White unknowingly allowing the American Flag to touch the ground, immediately after his gold medal winning run. Joe mentions the people on social media are acting like snitchers. He didn't do it on purpose and he was being patriotic by wrapping himself in the flag. Souch wonders what are future is in this world.

What is it with local politics? Why do they think that they can make up their own rules? The chief resilience officer of Minneapolis, Kate Knuth, has stepped down after seven months on the job. What was the job, anyway? The Oxfam debacle in Haiti is horrible. Just get rid of the whole operation and give the money to the next charity that is doing good.

Tuesday, February 13th

An Olympic update from Joe. Last night was pretty good, according to the Mayor. A major issue in Saint Paul: Recycling. Whose great idea was it to move the recycling to the alleys? A guy named Aviv Ovadya is an apparent time traveler. Really?

Big controversy in GL: If you leave your car running and it is stolen, will your insurance cover it? Hmmmm. A $6.7 million settlement to graffiti artists in NYC. What? They are artists? NOT! What is the cost of a sliced bread celebration? Tune in to find out. Once again the future is being told by another dummy.

Monday, February 12th

A quick review of the Olympics from The Mayor and onto the business of the day. Avery unfortunate theme runs through the show today. It leads the staff to wonder when will the good guys push back? Ughhh!!!A boycott of 'Peter Rabbit?' Yes. It will make you go nuts. This movement of 'offendedness' is out of control.

A crossing guard in the UK throws in the towel. The reason will blow your mind out of the water!! A woman in Texas randomly changes her voice, talking in accents, and there is not reason why.

The desire to take ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and ‘Huck Finn’ off of the required reading list is a joke. Joe reminds all African-American parents to not let others make these decisions for their children. Children of color should not have less expected of them. They should have the exact same expected of all students at all times. Even President Obama put together a message that said ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was a classic and should be seen and read by all. When taken to task, these decision makers were not made available to talk about the subject on the air. What a shame.

Friday, February 9th

Are the MN Wild just not that interesting right now and are losing their crowd? They have a great fan base to choose from. The Freedom From Religion group has started up the old '57 Ambulance and are upset that Gospel music was played at a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. event. What? OF course there was Gospel music! Joe gets a little confused about a painting that involves a grandma.....

On a Facebook page, The President of the Saint Paul City Council posts a pic of a U of M cheerleader, where you can see her grunders. Why did she post that if she didn't like it? Souch finds a study in the Guardian that says following news is bad for you and may shorten your life. Well then, we are going to die sooner, I guess. Scramble Friday!!

Thursday, February 8th

Can a hamster be a support animal? Spirit Airlines is claiming that they had nothing to do with a passenger flushing a hamster down the toilet, after the small animal was refused boarding on a recent flight. Joe wonders why a doctor is signing off on a hamster as a support animal. He does not like the way we are going.

The book boycott in Duluth still stands at the front of the Garage Logic class. Joe demands of the staff their report for the day. They were supposed to get the deal makers from the Duluth NAACP. They did not return the calls. This is still a topic where Joe give very wise council to African-American parents.

Wednesday, February 7th

Are people complaining that the weather in South Korea is going to be too cold? What? Of course it is cold, Joe says. IT"S THE WINTER OLYMPICS!!!! Look for a new feature on Garage Logic in 2018: 'The Groinies' Tune in to find out what the plan is- Tide color pods force legislation in NY state.

OUTRAGE! The Duluth school district is pulling 'Huck Finn' and 'To Kill A Mockingbird' from required reading. Joe goes crazy! His hot button is what in the heck are they going to replace these two masterpieces with?

Tuesday, February 6th

Is there another tsunami false alarm? Yep. Why is this happening so often? Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: "We use 'people kind' not mankind" what a joke. Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson is a complete idiot with his comments on Guam some time ago. Female Doritos for real? Hmmmm.

Are people not reproducing due to climate change? Is this for real? A Girl Scout sales go getter, sells a bundle of cookies outside of a dope store and gets into trouble. Why? She sold a bunch!!! Rick H from Harlingen, TX has a bad joke for Joe. Who is this guy?

Joe and Rookie introduce podcast listeners to the Map of Garage Logic. Pointing out important parts of the town and give some history as to why some of these items made the cut. Artist and GL'er Greg Holcomb captured the town and transferred it to paper. Nice work, Greg

Joe and Rookie review the history of Lake Calhoun and the history of the forced name change. The Mayor presents his thoughts on the fact that there has been no case brought forward to the powers that be, requiring a change.

Monday, February 5th

Joe talks about how many people the Super Bowl brought to MN and how are they all going to leave at once? The airport seems to be doing a pretty good job getting everyone out of here in a timely manner.

Some more news on the Super Bowl and there is a controversy brewing. There is a school planning on getting rid of the 'Daddy-Daughter' dance.OMG!!!!