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Wednesday, July 26th

Garage Logic hour 1 for July 26!

Garage Logic hour 2 for July 26!

Tuesday, July 25th

Garage Logic hour 1 for July 25!

Garage Logic hour 2 for July 25!

Monday, July 24th

Garage Logic hour 1 for July 24!

Garage Logic hour 2 for July 24!

Friday, July 21st

The mayor got a little heavy today for a Friday with more thoughts on the chief speaking yesterday about the officer involved shootings in Minneapolis the past couple of weeks. He also had a story on what terrifies him the most and no it is not terrorists or climate change, it is much, much, worse.

The mayor spent the second hour today talking taking calls and talking about the Muskie that took a chunk out of the young girl's leg up in the Duluth area. He also took calls and had more thoughts on the most troubling story he has ever read on GL.

Wednesday, July 19th

After a quick comment on the Twins vs Yankees from last night, Joe moves on to the biggest story in the news, the shooting of Justine Damond in Minneapolis. Will the accused officer ever tell his story? He is currently not speaking about this.

There is some trouble in the Capitol City where officials have learned that they will not get a $1.5 Million grant from the Port Authority, they will only receive $300k. How did they overshoot this?

Tuesday, July 18th

Today on the show, more coverage of the shooting in Minneapolis. Joe and callers try to piece things together with theories, but the fact remains that we don't really know much information.

Callers spill over from last hour as Joe tries to make some sense of the recent shooting by a Minneapolis police officer. Joe finds a gem of an article in the newspaper today regarding a gentlemen that still makes and deals with maps.

Monday, July 17th

The shooting in Minneapolis of a woman by a police officer has the attention of not only the nation, but the entire world. Joe is looking for answers as we wait to hear from the family.

The shooting in Minneapolis of a woman by a police officer has the attention of not only the nation, but the entire world. Joe is looking for answers as we wait to hear from the family. Callers including former police officers, check in with Joe on procedure.

Friday, July 14th

Reuvers tries to explain to Joe why ESPN and people's viewing habits are not the same as they used to be. Saint Paul working hard to get light rail to the airport? No thank you Commish Raphael Ortega.

Out in Seattle, there is a city councilman that is upset that power washers are being used to clean excrement from the sidewalk. He likens that to authorities using fire hoses during the civil rights riots? What the heck? Scramble Friday!!!!

Thursday, July 13th

Joe is down today. Rookie asks what has gotten him down. Joe supplies an entire list of things that are going wrong in the world and especially in the country. Goats in Minneapolis back yards? Monkeys in court? You get the idea....

Joe is down today. He cites an article that mentions the iceberg that has calved and was referenced on yesterday's show. There is more to this story. Should this be a front page story? Bear Update! Who wants to be a Super Bowl volunteer? You get a parka!

Wednesday, July 12th

Joe goes after Rookie for his random posting on Instagram. Why does he do this? Follow him and find out why @ glrookie13 Sun spots are messing with technology and stuff. Sixteen poor souls lost their life in a military plane crash. Very tragic.

Souchie boy has some major questions about the Super Bowl and has some very good advice for the halftime entertainment. The NFL would be wise to listen to his suggestion. who needs Britney Spears? Not us. A large glacier has calved.

Tuesday, July 11th

Joe poses a question to the entire staff: What invention has increased government by rather large proportions? Find the answer here. Rookie couldn't get it either. A medical update involving coffee. Joe wonders about the science of medical updates.

The city if Minneapolis and its mayoral race is heating up. One of the newcomers may be taking his marching orders from a group called Our Revolution, a spinoff from the Bernie Sanders political group. What? Who tips better: Men or women?

Monday, July 10th

Joe is once again back in the Mayor's chair after some vacation time. Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega says that running a light rail line to the airport is "social justice" What?? There is only one way to legalize fireworks: Tax it!

Joe is trying to sort out this whole mess about Russia. He offers some insight on the Russian people and what he thinks of Vladimir Putin. He offers listeners a book called 'Red Notice' that explains a lot about inside Russia.

Friday, July 7th

Center of the American Experiment's John Hinderaker sits in the Mayor's chair today. Discussed today was the importance of a four year college degree. Is it still a must? One report says you can still make some big money in apprentice programs.

Center of the American Experiment's John Hinderaker sits in the Mayor's chair today. Rookie mentions the taxes and fees that he had to pay to transfer a title. Wow. Callers chime in to say that we need to use the money for roads and repair. Scramble!!

Thursday, July 6th

Center of the American Experiment's John Hinderaker sits in the Mayor's chair today. John introduces an interesting perspective on fireworks, regarding GL'ers and Euphorians.

Center of the American Experiment's John Hinderaker sits in the Mayor's chair today. This hour John tackles the topic of traffic congestion in the Metro area and how it can be solved, or at the least, cut back.

Wednesday, July 5th

Joe Schmit in the Mayor's chair today. Post Fourth of July fireworks stories, the latest in sports, with a clear holiday feel.

Joe Schmit in the Mayor's chair today. Former NFL'er and former Golden Gopher Ben Utecht checks in with Joe to chat about the current state of concussions and how he dealt with his own.

Friday, June 30th

Jay Kolls sits in as Deputy Mayor today. He tells listeners that he has a tree on his property that has recently achieved record status. How big is it anyway?

Jay Kolls sits in as Deputy Mayor today. Boating on the St. Croix is a great time, yet you really need to be aware of your surroundings. It's a Scramble Friday!!!!

Thursday, June 29th

After plowing through some very good emails, Joe mentions some stats on the new Saint Croix River Bridge and when it will be complete. Local guy Jerry Jensen checks in with Joe to mention how his grandson did a very courageous thing taking out a crazy man and protecting many lives.

The President of the United States does not have very thick skin. Why doesn't someone take his twitter account away from him? Some callers try to defend the actions of the POTUS, but his skin is still very thin. Is he capable of teasing?

Wednesday, June 28th

Joe reads listeners an e-mail sent in from a listener about an old coach speaking to current coaches at a conference. The theme is great. Are Yellowstone earthquakes and potential volcanoes not as bad as we first thought? Hmmm.

People who are paying attention are learning that the $15 per hour wage is not as effective as lefties once thought. You cannot rule from the salon. A Youtube prank went deadly after a guy tried to stop a bullet with a book.

Tuesday, June 27th

CNN has to eat some crow and fires three high end journalists for not checking sources. They also needed to retract some stories as well. Is this a turn in the news reporting business, wonders Joe?

In a big Ray of Hope, the supreme court rules in favor of free speech, instead of someone being offended. Big education had better pay close attention, says Joe. Souch also is interested in seeing how the High Court rules in the case of a baker that would not sell a wedding to to to gay couple.

Monday, June 26th

When sharks are in the news, it makes Joe very nervous. Well, sharks are in the news. Are whales bothered by wind turbines? Can turbines do damage to wildlife and sea life? Rookie nails an Oompa Quiz, probably for the first time ever.

Friday, June 23rd

The GL crew is out at O'Garas in St. Paul for Back to the 50's!

Hour 2 with the GL crew is out at O'Garas in St. Paul for Back to the 50's!

Thursday, June 22nd

Joe spent the first hour today talking about the latest Wall Street Journal report about the state of Illinois and the financial despair that they are currently in at this moment. He also found another story about the average temperature of every state has actually gone down since the year 1930

Joe spent the second hour today talking about the Canadian sniper who killed an ISIS leader with a shot from over two hours away and how it reminded him of the Bob Lee Swagger books by Stephen Hunter.

Wednesday, June 21st

There is a heatwave across the country, Joe finds some pretty impressive high record temps and has an observation. There was a big time hero on the USS Fitzgerald who saved many and did not make it.

The latest election news where in Georgia the Republican beat out the Democrat, but not by much. the amount of money spent is over the top. The State Fair sandwich controversy pokes its ugly head out and Joe splits hairs to find the truth. Words have meaning.

Tuesday, June 20th

Joe begins the show with a new term he recently learned. The word is scope creep. Tune in to find out what it means and how Joe says it works in today's society.

Some spillover from last hour and the term scope creep, as well as a volcano in Yellowstone that is just waiting to blow. If it does, we are all done, according to Joe. New state fair foods make their way unto the air. Rookie thinks that they look good for the most part. Heat is Phoenix is halting airplanes.

Monday, June 19th

Joe is back in the Mayor's chair this week and wants to hear the joke that was called in on Friday's show. A container ship hit a U.S. Navy ship and there probably will be hell to pay. These container ships are huge.

A woman from Omaha's Black caucus says she does not need to apologize for a harsh comment in the after math of the shooting in Virginia from last week. 'Fitz Fest' in Saint Paul, and Joe was not asked to host any events. Shucks.

Friday, June 16th

South Saint Paul Mayor Jimmy Francis sits in Joe's chair today. Joining Mayor Francis is State Senator Matt Little, talking about young people are key to the political process. Also Joe Imholte from the Science Museum in Satin Paul and Jim Tubbising chimes win with some post storm insurance tips.

Mayor Jimmy Francis is in the chair for Souch today. Joining him on the air this hour is Michael Mcgowan, who has a land dispute with the state of Minnesota over a landfill site. Breaking news in the return of a verdict for Officer Yanez in Saint Paul

Thursday, June 15th

There are some updates from North Korea on Dennis Rodman's bizarre trip. How can there be snow still in California? Rookie's computer crash upsets Joe.

Wednesday, June 14th

Joe provides a Flag Day history for listeners. It dates back to the 1800's. The big news of the day is the shooting in the nation's capitol. Joe provides in formation and reaction to what has occurred. Anyone on the far left and far right is not very tolerant.

There is a large bike race in Minnesota over the next couple of days. Joe has some questions about the logistics of putting this event on, so he brings the Executive director, Brendon Hale to the show to get some answers. A local fifteen year old wins a penmanship award and makes Joe's day. Fifty years ago, the Summer of Love in San Francisco!

Tuesday, June 13th

The entire world learns that former NBA big man Dennis Rodman is visting North Korea. Huh? Joe wonders for what reason Dennis is going there? The Great Lakes have risen. This is great news! Letter to the Editor on Transportation, does every rider own a car?

People opposing President Trump and the reasons that they do are a mystery for sure. Euphorians cannot pinpoint what policies they do not care for, so they just rip the President. An old painting worth $15M is found in the garage! Wow

Monday, June 12th

A quick recap of the Twins and their west coast road trip this weekend. Joe is glad that hockey is over with, and thank god basketball is next. Alex Jones, founder of Info Wars, is a complete idiot, and Meghan Fox is not the brightest anchor out there. Weather Channel founder John Coleman on CNN is great talking about climate change.

In Central Park in New York, there is a play being put on where Julius Caesar looks identical to President Trump. Sponsors are pulling out and this could backfire on the euphorians. New taxes for people that drive electric cars. Why? Lack of income from people not buying gas. This is Windmilling!!

Friday, June 9th

It Friday and Joe has some data on a lady that walked into a cellar sidewalk in New Jersey, while on her phone. Then onto business for Joe, as President Trump and his dealings with Ex-FBI director Comey are becoming quite public. what type of guy is Comey?

Joe tells a story of some vacant store fronts in Maplewood and wonders about the future of shops and malls with the online industry scooping up a lot of the business. Are malls still relevant? Jerry Seinfeld provides a Ray of Hope regarding the Kardashians and their reality show. Scramble!!

Thursday, June 8th

Saint Paul Pioneer Press loans out Brian Murphy to Garage Logic today while the Mayor goes on a Fourth of July procurement mission. Murph wonders how to make your daughter stay in the batter's box?

Saint Paul Pioneer Press loans out Brian Murphy to Garage Logic today while the Mayor goes on a Fourth of July procurement mission. Murph mixes in a little politics while balancing the perfect amount of sports.

Wednesday, June 7th

Minimum wage pokes it ugly head out again in Minneapolis, where once again, Joe has an unlikely ally. Boat making during World War II and Higgins Boat Works has a great back story where Joe will do some research.

A hero in the UK that took on some knuckle headed terrorists gets some well deserved publicity. Was he crazy? The staff wonders what they would do in that same situation. Is a headrest in a car an escape tool? Don Bosco had part of his brain stolen by an evil doer. Why?

Tuesday, June 6th

Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Joe takes a look back at the logistics of storming the beach and learns that many boat builders in MN were helpful in making the landing vessels. Senator Al Franken is at a loss with some of his latest decisions, as far as some of hos lefty friends. Ice domes full of gas could mean the end of us here on earth.

Track and field has entered the gender universe, with tow stories of contestants pushing the envelopes and officials disqualifying due to appearances. He is sort of infatuated with ticks and any news of ticks, so Joe presents cold hard facts about them. U2 at First Ave in 1982? Souch goes over their contract for that night.

Saturday, June 3rd

Joe updates listeners on the situation in Europe. Things are changing forever. The future looks very grim and London needs to make some changes, but Joe wonders what changes can be made. Grand Old Day was yesterday. The Mayor of GL wonders if it is losing its popularity? Rookie says it needs some major work in order to bring the youth back to the event?

The Scripps Spelling Bee always gets major attention in the media and the list of words has changed over the decades. Joe offers proof of that. A bear Oompa Quiz. What was the bear doing?

Friday, June 2nd

Garage Logic is live out at Lakeville Brewing Company. The boys discuss Kathy Griffen claiming herself a victim. They also look up and find a Go Fund Me page in support of Griffen.

Thursday, June 1st

President Trump plans on taking the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Joe would like the President to handle this in a certain way. Senator Al Franken is still planning on attending a book signing with Kathy Griffin, even after the stunt she pulled.

Garage Logic welcomes Steve McComcas, the Lake Detective, for a spring report. As usual, he cannot be stumped. White Bear Lake is getting better but not quite yet back to normal levels. Some tabloids in the UK have some headlines that are not quite 100% accurate.

Friday, June 2nd

Garage Logic is live out at Lakeville Brewing Company. The boys discuss one writers problem with the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band record. It's the Friday Scramble!

Tuesday, May 30th

Joe spent the first hour today talking about the massive fall from grace for Tiger Woods. He also had another story about the decline of the Academy. He also had weather with Dave Dahl and a news update with John Heidt.

Joe spent the second hour today talking about the latest controversy with The Walker Art Center. He also discussed the Rookie becoming an "Artist" with his chair box. He had weather with Dave Dahl and a news update with John Heidt.

Friday, May 26th

The climate comes up as a topic when President Trump meets with Pope Francis. Joe thinks that there should be more pressing news than climate concerns. The drunkest cities in the USA? Closer to the Twin Cities than you think. Walk on the Wild Side banned because it is offensive.

Chelsea Clinton on White Privilege. WHAT? Have a listen and then relax with the Scramble!!!!!

Thursday, May 25th

Joe enjoys the smell of lilacs during this time of year. The Manchester bomber is on video taking out the recycling at his residence. Souch wonders why he would do that when he is planning on bombing innocent people in a day or two. Saving the world? A littering in Mpls turns in to a very large story.

The Mayor is tested when he stumbles upon a story where he may take a euphorian view. It has to do with new legislation on wild horses in the U.S. Will he wake up and snap out of it? Tune in to see. Tics are on Joe's mind. These little creatures can really make a mess of things.

Wednesday, May 24th

The Twins are on quite a roll as of late. Will they sweep the Orioles? Bernie Sanders' wife Jane should keep her mouth quiet on elections. She claims that Iranians really know how to pull off an election. What? Nekima Levy-Pounds and Joe think alike on another subject regarding the Mayor of Mpls.

Food trouble in Portland! Two women went to Mexico to learn how to make tortillas a certain way, bought a food truck and sold food. They were shut down because euphorians thought that they stole the secret recipe and as white women, they should not be selling Mexican food. How outrageous is that?

The Mayor spent the hour today talking about the horrific stunt by Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump.

The Mayor spent the hour today talking about the horrific stunt by Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump.

Tuesday, May 23rd

The loss of life after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a concert in Manchester is horrible. Who is the dummy that made jokes about it on social media? What for? A cop in London wants to come to work as a w3oman one day, then as a man another day. Huh?

Joe reports that Sir Roger Moore has died at the age of 89. Was he the best James Bond ever? Souch reviews some of the names of the Bond Films in the series and chooses some of his favorites. Commencement speeches are overwhelmingly being done by liberal subjects.

Monday, May 22nd

The Mayor comments on the end of an era. The circus is calling it quits. The euphorians and our own Mpls Mayor, Bicycle Betsy, have made it impossible for the event to continue. A man that was hunting big game in Africa, has an elephant fall on him. People's reaction to this is unbelievable.

The University of Michigan has a very unique perspective on old wood paneling: It may offensive to minorities. How one can determine that this is accurate is beyond Garage Logic's control. More higher education updates: Paul Griffiths from Duke University is defended in a Wall Street Journal piece. Educators just do not get it.

Friday, May 19th

Some climate change news, moves Joe to ask some questions to the staff about what they have learned over the years. When will we need to go to the DMV to get our new MN ID's? The boy clock-maker that received all of the attention recently, just won't go away.

A student at Brainerd High School stated in the yearbook that they would like to behead the President. WHAT? Joe points out that this is part of the disintegration of the academy. This story needs some Garage Logic time at the picnic table. Scramble!!

Thursday, May 18th

Joe may have started a fashion trend, wearing his 'Keep Saint Paul Boring' T-shirt. The Yale professor from yesterday's show, has been placed on leave by the school. Souch learns that the sitting King of the Netherlands has been doing something very cool for the last twenty years.

A former teacher from the Saint Paul school district has been black listed as a result of some Facebook posts last year. Joe reviews the story and wishes there would be some common sense put into place on this issue. Million dollar idea? Joe presents flammable ice from the South China Sea. What is it?

Wednesday, May 17th

The powerful tornadoes that zipped through Wisconsin yesterday caused a lot of damage. That led to a discussion of Joe wondering about the placement of the actual mobile homes. The country needs to move on with the Russian debate and President Trump needs to be a leader and take the reigns. Governor Daytona's license tab increase? NO!

Joe introduces three prongs that have to do with Higher Education and its future demise. An educator at Yale goes crazy on Yelp, the University of Arizona and social justice snitches and black graduation at Harvard. What?

Tuesday, May 16th

Joe mentions the new show he was watching last night and the concept of the the 'Brockmeier' It sounds pretty funny. Minneapolis will spend 17K on gender neutral bathrooms. Joe breaks down what he thinks President Trump is up to, regarding Russia.

A young child has a fascination with vacuum cleaners. Joe recalls his youth, when he had an infatuation with an Electrolux that he named Kerm. A World War II veteran turns 111 years old! Fanfare please!

Monday, May 15th

Joe is amazed by the brand new TV that was recently put into the studio. An observation: They need to speed up little league games. The fishing opener was held this past weekend. Controversial Miss America? Joe thinks not!

The cyber attack that has hit the country is on the mind of Joe. What are they trying to prove? It's great that a twenty-two year old came to the rescue. Naples, Italy is prepping for a potential volcano eruption.

Friday, May 12th

It's The Garage Opener as GL is broadcasting from TownHall Tap in Minneapolis!

Hour 2 of The Garage Opener as GL is broadcasting from TownHall Tap in Minneapolis!

Thursday, May 11th

Thursday Garage Logic Hour 1-No description available, but very entertaining! Go ahead take a chance! Rook

Why is Chicago called the Windy City? Find out here. It may not be what you think. More revealing results in the Saint Olaf activities. How will the school administration handle this? Is higher ED caving?

Wednesday, May 10th

The MN Twins are way ahead of last year's pace, facing up against other Central Division rivals. The NHL and the NFL need to do something about concussions. Joe has a response to questions about President Trump. President Obama and his trip to Milan to speak about the climate: His entourage and method of travel are hypocritical.

Higher education is done. A Duke University Divinity Prof came under fire after he said that the value of diversity training was a waste. Is Senator Amy Klobuchar running for President? Hmmm A Gustavus Adolphus racism flyer was self planted. OMG!

Tuesday, May 9th

Trees are coming down in saint Paul at an alarming rate. Do these ash all need to come down so fast? The emerald ash borer is a nuisance. Joe is not made for these times: A school will not be celebrating Mother's or Father's Day due to an unfortunate incident. Student suspended because he liked an airsoft gun in Instagram. Huh?

Trees are coming down in saint Paul at an alarming rate. Do these ash all need to come down so fast? The emerald ash borer is a nuisance. Joe is not made for these times: A school will not be celebrating Mother's or Father's Day due to an unfortunate incident. Student suspended because he liked an airsoft gun in Instagram. Huh?

From the NY Daily News: A student in Raleigh, NC had her life shortened by a pool incident. Her family was denied any mention of her during a high school graduation ceremony. That paired with the student that arrived for her prom in a coffin, signifies that the center is not holding, according to Joe. Pee Privilege?

Monday, May 8th

The Mayor brings us good news,as Lake Superior's water levels are well above what study predicted years ago. Nature has repaired itself. Joe comments on his experience with fidget spinners this past weekend.

Is there a park in Saint Cloud named after a slave that briefly lived there? The banning of all tobacco products in Minneapolis parks: Will this be an end all to smoking everywhere? FIX THE ROADS! Ruling from the salon, for sure.

Friday, May 5th

It is the Garage Opener if it hits 70 degrees today. Tune in to find out if it happened! A couple of bonus best of GL segments during the show.

Thursday, May 4th

Joe finds an example of people losing their relationship with nature. The rules for the Garage Opener in GL are explained. A ghostly girl in an upstate NY picture? Walnut Grove's Vietnam Vet Hero Leo Thorsness gets his due.

Will clapping be outlawed in the UK? The National Union of Students is attempting to make this happen. Why? It's a great club to be part of, the school superintendent club. What will the new Saint Paul super get paid?

The City Council in Edina is pretty self important with this passing of the new cigarette ordinance where you need to twenty-one in order to purchase cigs. Come on! Will Joe ever find the Holy Grail of wheat pennies? What is it?

Wednesday, May 3rd

It is reported that an IRS phone scam is going on across the country. That leads Joe and Rookie to recall a phone scam Rookie tried to pull off many years ago. A senior box on your DL? What is a fidget spinner?

Tuesday, May 2nd

An NHL cheap shot has the attention of Joe. There will be a one eyed horse running in the Derby. Joe has lost a very important tool that he uses for the show. A lobbyist talks to the media about her dealings with Saint Paul council member Thao. An old tree will be furniture soon.

The racism situation at Saint Olaf is very interesting. Why should the administration cave into these demands? Has their been any crime reported yet? Is the college racist?

Monday, May 1st

The Mayor thinks that the term racism should be foghorned as a result of the word racism does not truly mean what it has meant in the past. A NY Times columnist comes under fire for his column on Global Warming.

A Saint Paul Mayoral candidate has had some dealings that are coming under question. Hmmm. The racism being experienced at Saint Olaf in Northfield leaves some questions about procedure and protests. What ever happened with the MN Legislator, Ilhan Oman?

Friday, April 28th

Joe has a stamp collecting story that is out of this world. Wow! Who is to judge which jobs are the best and worst? Certainly not Why is Erik Dayton trying to get rid of skyways in Minneapolis? He should probably just run his business and be quiet.

After a couple of odd callers, Joe gets down to nuts and bolts. A parade in Oregon is shutting down the parade because two republican entries wanted to participate in the parade. Red light cameras are also challenged in Oregon, and the results will surprise you. Scramble!!!!

Thursday, April 27th

Joe has another story from the declining world of the academy. He also has a story about a couple who divorced so that their girlfriend would not feel left out. Yep, it's over

Joe has another story from the declining world of the academy. He also has a story about a couple who divorced so that their girlfriend would not feel left out. Yep, it's over.

Wednesday, April 26th

Joe attempts to tell a joke that is pretty funny. Listeners can once again win tickets if they triangulate the contest clues. Why would someone want to buy jeans that are pre-stained? Joe is somewhat confused by these consumer offerings.

Some YouTubers get caught playing a prank on their children and the staff does not really find it funny at all. It was more like abuse. President Obama is getting some very good speaking fees. Joe tries to mention old classic bars across the country and Rookie throws him way off track.

Tuesday, April 25th

A fire in Saint Paul had Joe somewhat confused. Many trucks, yet he didn't find any smoke. A big local player in the motorcycle world has died. Joe wants to know where Rookie is at the start of the show. He was MC'ing an event for the Highland Friendship Club. A brochure at a local college about racism, raises some eyebrows.

Caller Mark asks Joe for some help in understanding the racism brochure from last hour. The Mayor of Minneapolis has let everyone know that she is a survivor of sexual abuse when she was young. Souch wants Rookie to book a potential guest for the upcoming state fair. Hmmm.

Monday, April 24th

The MN Wild broke our hearts this year with losing in the first round of the playoffs. Are the Twin Cities one of thirteen markets with all four major sports and the longest drought? Joe mentions a six hundred year-old tree.

The MN Wild broke our sports hearts by bowing out in the first round of the playoffs. What is in store for next year? Towns with all four major sports and how least lucky we are here. Joe mentions a 600 year old tree.

Souch wonders if Earth Day is losing its power. What is this march for science? Oxford University is saying that avoiding eye contact is racist. This prompts Joe to say that one of his theories will come true one day. Oompa Quiz for the staff.

Friday, April 21st

There is an iceberg in New Foundland that really intrigues the staff. Road trip? Maybe

Keeping with the nature theme, the sun can create some disruptive situations despite all of our new technology. Souch provides some potential hope for people with dementia. It is not the Opener, but there is a Scramble!

Thursday, April 20th

Joe lists the Top 50 British Cars ever, according to some credible sources, says Souch. Keeping our eyes on the World War III cup, North Korea peeks its ugly head out and Joe wishes they would go away. The Pennsylvania McDonalds hero that turned in the shooter, will not be IDd.

The center is not holding in the Higher Education circle. Kennesau State University is asking students if they identify as white. Huh? An incident involving an RV in Maplewood grows into someone being shot. Why did this escalate? Cows will follow anyone or anything, even a beaver.

Wednesday, April 19th

Adidas apologizes for sending out emails that contained the words 'Survived the marathon' to Boston Marathon runners. Joe wonders if that was really necessary. The Bill O'Reilly situation is getting worse. He was fired today. Are we prepping for WWIII?

Joe provides a Ray of Hope that the staff missed yesterday. It involves the unsung heroes at the McDonald's in Pennsylvania. They were alert enough to help capture the bad guy. Why aren't we naming them? All male flights until 1970? Yep!

Tuesday, April 18th

Another Green Line shooting has the attention of Joe, as well as the number of shooting over Easter weekend in Chicago. Staying on brand, Joe mentions the Twins and the Wild and their tales of whoa and loss. Saber-toothed Tigers and Wooly Mammals became extinct as a result of what? What you find will surprise you.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges bashes President Trump. Joe provides a perfect example of his theory about people living close to the countrys tallest buildings. NY Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzmans column on the NY Auto Show. Real or Satire?

Monday, April 17th

Joe spent the hour today talking about the current state of affairs in North Korea, he also discussed the Wild being one loss away from elimination in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Joe spent the hour today talking about the current state of affairs in North Korea, he also discussed the Wild being one loss away from elimination in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Friday, April 14th

Derek Onserio, a senior at Providence Academy in Plymouth, was accepted to eight Ivy League schools. Joe is impressed but mentions that he should use caution. Today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Joe is a big fan of the Flood Run and gives it a plug.

Young African American males getting shot by the police comes up. Why is the percentage of African American males so much larger? Souch explains. Scramble Friday but no opener, as it did not hit seventy degrees.

Thursday, April 13th

Joe says that the reason that the Wild cannot win is that they do not have a sniper to score goals. White privilege at the University of Minnesota? Yep. A child on Instagram Live accidentally shoots himself and dies. Social Media is ruining our lives of our youth.

Sharia Law is being promoted by a lone cowboy in the Cedar Riverside area. Such says tell the 22 year-old to go back to Georgia. Star gazing has gone to new heights in Arizona. Very cool.

Wednesday, April 12th

Joe wonders if the MN Wild party across from the X is a good thing for local businesses. The United Airlines story is still demanding the nations attention, today an airline expert from DePaul checks in. Joe likes that Sun Country Airlines is naming their planes after MN lakes.

The Mayor invites the staff to react and provide three Rays of Hope to a story about fighter jet training in Death Valley, where spectators are allowed to get closer than you think.

Tuesday, April 11th

The Twins are currently playing a game in Detroit and the rest of the state is preparing for the MN Wild game tomorrow night. Several GL'ers rescue a female moose from frigid waters. The United ..

Social media is responsible for a suicide in Michigan after a so called prank backfired. The staff declares that social media is wreaking havoc with the youth of America. Joe is not made for these ...

Monday, April 10th

A quick recap of the Masters tourney. Sergio finally wins his first major! A lost Augusta National member's jacket shows up at a thrift store in Toronto. Bears in California are waking from their ...

The trash program in Saint Paul, or potential new program is a complete mess.. Why are messing with something that already works fine? Callers with their chit, agree or disagree with Joe. Oompa ...