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Wednesday, November 22nd

GL Hour 1 The Mayor spent the hour today talking about the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy 54 years ago. He also talked about the latest of the destroyed academy. Then a story of a guy down on his luck with a million dollar find.

GL Hour 2 - The Mayor spent the hour today talking about the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy 54 years ago. He also talked about the latest of the destroyed academy. Then a story of a guy down on his luck with a million dollar find.

Tuesday, November 21st

Joe is wondering if there is a Christmas tree shortage. Are a lack of truck drivers furthering this shortage? The moron in North Korea is trying to ban fun. Huh?

Should the Girl Scouts of America be telling families how to and how not to hug aunts and uncles? Um, probably not. What happens when you wave a flag on the UC Berkeley campus? NYPD cops could possible be banned from bathrooms at Brooklyn College! OMG!

Monday, November 20th

More news still coming on Senator Al Franken. This is not going away soon. Joe wishes that he would have been over to visit us at the state fair. What are these posts that are always left in the garage? A young boy loses a foot trying to jump onto a moving train in Saint Paul.

The concept of White Privilege comes up and it really is a joke. How does this stuff get printed in the newspaper? This is an example of Powerwashing for sure. It could be a rough Christmas season for Pope Francis.

Friday, November 17th

More news pouring in over the latest allegations involving Sen. Al Franken. This story is definitely getting attention. Earthquakes in California and GL has Stacey the GL Geologist, who is there to get hitched. The guys that landed their plane in Chaska are claiming mental duress. What?

An executive in the Diversity and Inclusion department was forced to resign because of what she said. Diversity is not only women and minorities. Um, she gets fired for that? Joe comments. Joe is a fan of Tesla's new offering. Scramble!!!!

In Episode three, Joe reviews the Foghorn list and explains why some words in Gumption County receive the Foghorn, or the dreaded Double Fog. The horn often sounds these days and Joe is here to provide each term and the reason it's on the list.

Thursday, November 16th

Senator Al Franken is in some hot water as allegations of inappropriate behavior break out in the news. How will this be treated? A group trying to save Lake Calhoun puts an ad in the newspaper. It aint over yet.

A plumber in Austrailia is caught on tape singing on the job. His voice is fantastic! This will go viral. Joe and Rookie disagree on what he should do next in his life. The Pope is once again speaking out on climate change. Joe would be in trouble with him. Give to the Max day! Rookie pleads for donations for his charity.

Wednesday, November 15th

A listener sets the record straight on who owned the Detroit Tigers and the big pizza makers. The NFL will be taking over light rail on Super Bowl Sunday. Turkeys are everywhere in the metro area. Another restaurant review by a higher education arrogant prof.

A football coach in Georgia gets in trouble with the Freedom From Religion group for praying before games. Delaware schools are looking into allowing students to choose their gender. Huh? Women in third world countries suffer because of domestic duties. What is Severe Dengue?

Tuesday, November 14th

Joe starts the show staying on brand with some sports. Then he lets listeners know that he is very concerned about the future. Did Rookie get a haircut? Bill Gates is starting a smart city. What is that? Bellmont Park.

What is Bi or Trans Phobic? The science of the word gender. Joe reveals two examples of gender switching, where people are offending others and it should not be offensive. Huh? Yep, it's that confusing.

Monday, November 13th

Souch had some questions about a standing scoring record in hockey. Well it didn't matter, the info did not apply. Oops. Stabbing at the Mall of America. Earthquakes on the Iraq/Iran border is not very forgiving.

Souch learns of a white man, that wants to identify as a Filipino. Huh? Cultural Appropriation for sure. Fiat-Chrysler has produced the Dodge Demon, over 800hp! Can this thing be street legal? Yep.

Friday, November 10th

Joe and the gang are broadcasting from O'Garas in St. Paul to celebrate Veterans Day!

Joe and the gang are broadcasting from O'Garas in St. Paul to celebrate Veterans Day!

Thursday, November 9th

The Mayor finds a couple of examples of very poor reporting. The staff will be live at O'Gara's and have invited the Mayor-Elect of Saint Paul, Melvin Carter III, om the air.

Local high school athletes are on video singing lyrics the contain words that offend some people. The dilemma? If they are actual lyrics and they are singing the lyrics to the song, is that offensive? Hmmm. Can listening to Christmas music too early be harmful? At least when Joe and Patrick are singing them!

Wednesday, November 8th

The local election is over. Joe goes after Reuvers for saying that he didn't vote. Whoops! Who is Andrea Jenkins? Joe mentions that there are some very special people that were victorious this election cycle. The future of the NFL? Bleak according to Souch.

The NAACP in California is saying that the third verse of the National Anthem is racist. WHAT? Tune in to find out why. An extremely dumb lady in a Taco Bell, asking for burgers and fries.

Tuesday, November 7th

A little sports with an update on the wild and the Packers, then onto business. More info on the Texas killer, Texan authorities have decided not to ever mention his name again. Nate Silvers and his website produces some control numbers and talk.

A dog that burps and is massaged? Yep. A Prof in Chicago wants students to be better queers. ??? A hate crime that was reported, was done by the victim at Kansas State. Cultural Appropriation: Where did this come from? A great joke called in by Carl F.

Monday, November 6th

The church shooting in Texas has information pouring in at a rapid pace. Joe reminds us that there is evil in the world. The guy that went after the shooter has got some, um, guts.

More info coming in on the Texas church shooting. How will this change the gun control laws? This clown's military service ended poorly. Joe switches to the election tomorrow. Should there be ranked choice? Probably not. Rookie announces a new family podcast.

Friday, November 3rd

Souch begins the show with some questions on the iPhone X. That prompts to have Rookie call one of his kids to help Joe out some tech talk. A veteran in New Orleans has declined an award, because of the Anthem protests. Sounds like his beef is with the NFL. it's the deer opener! Reed College has some racism issues.

There is a little known fact about a Minnesota law, or lack of, that allows cars that have been in floods, to be sold in MN. What? The get clean titles? Come on! An Oompa Quiz full of irony. Johnny Heidt nails it. Scramble!

Thursday, November 2nd

Hour One of Garage Logic

Hour Two of Garage Logic

Wednesday, November 1st

There will be a World Series Game Seven, much to the pleasure of many. Joe learns of a guy that has already won $14 Million dollars betting on each game. He is letting it ride. Halloween was kind of a let down this year. Blah. More diversity news, as Joe reminds us that Diversity is a fact not a value.

Diversity is in the news again today. Joe struggles with the Immigration Lottery Act the does not do much for him. Joe mention his trip to the DMV story. Pretty good.