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Reggie Lynch suspension with Daniel House (ep. 49)

Reggie Lynch has been suspended from playing from the Gopher basketball team, and Mark Coyle and Richard Pitino held a press conference regarding this today.

Daniel House and Nadine Babu go over this situation.

  • DutchMan17

    Questions I’d like to see asked of Coyle/U of M/Richard Pitino:

    1) Can’t you (they) do something to speed up the EOAA review process? What has it been, about 20 months since the incident of alleged sexual assault? This seems really incredible — totally crazy really — that the process could take this long. .For both the accused (Lynch) and the victim, it seems very unfair and even cruel to drag the process out this long. Frankly, I would have been surprised if this process took more than 6 months — but 20? There seems to be no good explanation for why it takes so long. And if it had been done faster after the incident, maybe the team could have moved on from Lynch, brought in a new player for that scholarship, and not be in this position of having his decision made mid-season and 20 months later

    2) You say you do a lot of background investigation about prospective players, but according to people who have known him for a long time, allegations of this kind of behavior goes back to high school. So doesn’t this suggest that your background research process needs to get better?

    3) Coyle and Pitino cited student privacy concerns as reasons for answering almost no questions about the process of determining that Lynch should be suspended. While I do understand these privacy concerns to an extent, I am somewhat suspicious that Coyle/Pitino are using this privacy concern as a reason to dodge at least some questions that they could answer. It just seemed like some of the questions they wouldn’t answer were things they should be able to answer. Can we get independent confirmation (from someone who knows the privacy laws) that they actually couldn’t answer any of these questions?

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Previous Story Daniel House breaks down 27th ranked Gophers recruiting class (ep. 48)