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Emotional Zimmer says Vikings didn’t force Norv Turner out

Oct 31, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer watches his team play against the Chicago Bears during the first half at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Eden Prairie, Minn, – Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer choked back tears on Wednesday morning as he told the media that the team did not push offensive coordinator Norv Turner out the door.

The Vikings announced Turner’s resignation less than 48 hours after the team’s second straight loss in which their offense struggled to regain its form.

“He’s been my right hand man really since I’ve been here,” Zimmer said. “He decided it was in the best interest of him to do this and I accept the reasons and they are personal and I won’t get into the reasons why he did.”

Zimmer said he was “very, very surprised” that Turner elected to walk away from the position he’s held with the Vikings since 2014. MMQB’s Albert Breer talked to Turner and reported that it sounded like there was a “difference of opinion” between the two. But Zimmer refuted any report that the Vikings had planned to part ways with their OC.

“There was no thought of that,” Zimmer said.

Breer reported that Turner had not planned to retire after this year.

Against the Eagles and Bears, there was a clear change in philosophy from other weeks as quarterback Sam Bradford was one of the quickest in the NFL to throw the ball after taking the snap up through Week 5. But in the last two weeks, he was much slower and the team appeared to change to more slow-developing routes and seven-step drops.

Zimmer denied any reports that there was head butting over which direction the offense should go.

“Since Norv has been here I have given him almost 100% free will in everything they’ve done offensively, there has never been a time that I’ve demanded anything from them,” Zimmer said.

Pat Shurmur now takes over as offensive coordinator. He has worked with Bradford in both St. Louis and Philadelphia.

“I think that whole group has had a lot of good conversation and a lot of good work together so we’ll continue to move forward and try to get better,” Zimmer said. “Things happen, we all have to work together and move forward.”


  • Brian_pdx

    Turner lost the starting QB, 1st and 2nd string RBs and 4 of 5 OL but he takes the blame. Life and football are hardly fair. Good luck Norv.

  • Gordon Guffey

    Zimmer’s defense has carried the offense sense day one ~ IMHO and it almost carried them to a playoff win last year ~ However it looked like Norv got tired of running a offense that fit Bradford and went back to the same mess that has had Teddy running for his life in Norv’s first two seasons as OC ~ Norv was no friend to Teddy and he wasn’t to Sam the last two weeks ~ Yeah the OL has been a mess but when the OC knows this and still drops his QB ((( who the Vikings just gave away their 1st in 2017 and 4th or higher in 2018 ))) 5 to 7 steps ((( when he was lined up under center ))) most of the game while not mixing up the run and pass plays any better than Norv has he should have been fired IMHO ~ I’m so sick of seeing Norv calling running plays back to back on 1st and 2nd downs ~ Its been almost like watching Chilly and his KAO all over again ~ Maybe ~ Just maybe the defense will get some rest every now and then sense he is gone ~

    • Gordon Guffey

      Yeah the OL has played crappy and that IMHO has had everything to do with Norv and his game planing and now his play calling the last two games as it seemed he had returned to the same old offense that keep Teddy running for his life the past two seasons ~ I’m not looking for a giant improvement in the OL play ~ However I want be shocked if there is a nice improvement so teams want be creeping LBers and DB up on the line out guessing the OL cause they have a good idea that Norv would run the ball 80% of the time on 1st down and about 75% of the time on second down ((( these % are just a guess ))) leaving Teddy and Sam with 3rd and long ~


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