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Faribault baseball had one hell of a summer Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in the 6th annual "Big Cup" golf tournament to benefit the Faribault baseball association. It's a yearly opportunity for a lot of people to reconnect, talk nonsense, play terrible golf and most... [More] Published: Wednesday Oct 10th 2:03pm
Kudos to the Wild for this special reunion BY: CHRIS REUVERSI will fully admit that I am a sucker for the tug-on-the-h [More] Published: Wednesday Mar 3th 12:36pm
The Carroll Academy Lady Jags It has become commonplace in the last handful of years for parents to encou [More] Published: Thursday May 5th 3:33pm
We Have an Accountability Problem A week has now passed since the horrific tragedy took place in Newtown Conn [More] Published: Friday Dec 12st 1:28pm
We All Had a Coach Vos Every single person had a passion growing up. It may have been anything fro [More] Published: Wednesday Oct 10th 9:11am
Baseball's last day 2012 The unofficial end of summer for me has long been the end of the Major Leag [More] Published: Wednesday Oct 10rd 1:09pm
Sometimes in Hollywood they get it right It's always dangerous when the worlds of sports and Hollywood collide. I pe [More] Published: Monday Jan 1th 9:25am
Heartfelt goodbye to my old pal, Random Ken Murphy was the sports editor of the Pioneer Press, St. Paul's morning newspaper, in 1970. I was a 24-year-old in my second year at the newspaper when informed in the summer that Ken was considering retirement and there was in need to start... [More] Published: Tuesday Jan 1th 5:00pm
Mighty thoughts, starting with Joe Webb JOE WEBB did everyone a favor with his lousy second-half performance in Sun [More] Published: Monday Jan 1nd 7:00am
The top 25 songs of 2011 Every single year we are innundated with lists and peoples choices for the best and worst of the given year. So I figured I would jump in with the list of the best 25 songs of 2011 according to Reuvers.So Judges the envelope please:1) Someone Like... [More] Published: Friday Dec 12th 3:25pm
What might 2012 bring ... for the Twins? The Twins announced the firing of Bill Smith and return of Terry Ryan as general manager on Nov. 7.Ryan signed five veteran free agents during a five-week period starting Nov. 16: infielder Jamey Carroll, catcher Ryan Doumit, reliever Matt Capps,... [More] Published: Thursday Dec 12th 4:33pm
What might 2012 bring ... for Gophers BB? Tubby Smith's basketball team did not engage in an arduous nonconference sc [More] Published: Tuesday Dec 12th 12:20pm
What might 2012 bring ... for the Wolves? There was an e-mail suggestion over the holiday weekend that offered this cheery suggestion: Ricky Rubio was destined to become the Timberwolves' version of Tsuyoshi Nishioka when it came to an ineffective import for a local pro franchise.Rubio... [More] Published: Monday Dec 12th 7:27am
What might 2012 bring ... for the Vikings? The Vikings suffered the most-breaking victory in franchise history on Satu [More] Published: Sunday Dec 12th 9:17am
This also drives me crazy about the NHL And there's another thing that drives me crazy about the NHL: Every game is [More] Published: Sunday Dec 12th 12:18pm
The Linnemann Travelogue: Final Chapter Tom Linnemann, the former St. John's quarterback, now a family man and business executive, is back from Asia, after pretty much killing it. He has chronicled his adventures with a travelogue on HEADS HOME WITH NEW SUITS, SHIRTS... [More] Published: Sunday Dec 12th 10:28am
The Linnemann Travelogue: Chapter 4 Tom Linnemann, the former St. John's quarterback, now a family man and business executive, is back in Asia, pretty much killing it. You are invited to follow his adventures on DOESN'T SHARE PHILIPPINES' ENTHUSIASM FOR... [More] Published: Friday Dec 12th 10:50am
Contrived fight enlivens Wild, Blackhawks There is considerable controversy over the role of fighting in the NHL. The [More] Published: Wednesday Dec 12th 10:23pm
The Linnemann Travelogue: Chapter 3 Tom Linnemann, the former St. John's quarterback, now a family man and busi [More] Published: Wednesday Dec 12th 5:35pm
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