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Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast, Week 16 Updated: 1 day ago The Week 16 edition of the Fantasy Football Pants Party with Anthony Maggio and Bo Mitchell isn't just designed to help those of you competing in your championship games, but also for the majority of you who are already looking ahead to 2015. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 38: What is Mike Zimmer learning in his first year? Updated: 2 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the upcoming Vikings-Dolphins game by picking a defensive player to watch out for on the Dolphins. ---- Mike Zimmer has admitted to a bit of a learning curve in his first season as NFL head coach. What does that mean and where does he need the most work?----Also, do Harrison Smith and Everson Griffen deserve Pro Bowl buzz? [Click to listen]
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Felton says Vikings must carry winner's mentality into final two games Updated: 2 days ago Jerome Felton joins Judd Zulgad and Mike Grimm. Felton talks about the loss to Detroit, the team's mentality going into the final two games, and his reaction to Chris Conte's comments about giving up years of his life to play in the NFL. [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, ep 42: On Andrew Wiggins, Kobe Bryant and NBA greatness Updated: 3 days ago On this episode of the Sports Over Beers, Steve McPherson and Derek James join Derek Wetmore to talk about the progress of Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Andrew Wiggins. -- Kobe Bryant says he sees some form of himself in the young Wiggins. That’s pretty special. What did Bryant mean by that and what truth can we pull from it at this early stage in Wiggins’ development?-- How will Minnesota’s defense grow around Wiggins? What can the Timberwolves do to help the rookie on his journey? Some people say he “floats” while he’s playing the game—is that a bad thing? Or is that just a thing?--We read about his defensive game being well ahead of his offensive skillset when he entered the NBA. To what extent is that true and what’s the next step on the offensive side of the ball? [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 37: Will we see Xavier Rhodes shadow more top receivers? Updated: 5 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings 16-14 loss in Detroit to the Lions. Teddy Bridgewater gets off to a white hot start and seemingly everything was working for Minnesota’s offense against a very strong Detroit Lions defense. But then multiple interceptions near the end of the first half turned into 10 points for the Lions and ultimately may have doomed the Vikings. What do you think about Bridgewater’s development?----- Xavier Rhodes answered a big challenge from Mike Zimmer by shadowing Calvin Johnson. How did that help the Vikings limit Johnson?-----As always, this episode of the Purple Podcast wraps up with One Final Takeaway from Krammer. [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 12/14/2014 Updated: 5 days ago The Vikings lost today, 16 to 14 to the Lions, but all was not too negative on Vent Line. You, the listener, called in to discuss the strides Teddy has taken this season. Also, you called to talk about the offensive line letting down the team and the defense being the highlight of this team. You also vented about that last drive and the mishandling of it. [Click to listen]
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Michael Cuddyer provides a scouting report on Ervin Santana Updated: 7 days ago Former Twin Michael Cuddyer joins Mackey & Judd. Cuddyer talks about signing with the Mets, what the Twins should expect from Torii Hunter in his return, and how Ervin Santana should help the rotation. [Click to listen]
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Lou Nanne didn't see anything wrong with hit on Keith Ballard Updated: 8 days ago Lou Nanne joins Mackey & Judd for their weekly hockey conversation. Lou talks about the latest Wild news and shares some stories from his days as an NHL General Manager. [Click to listen]
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Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast, Week 15 Updated: 8 days ago Even if you aren't alive in your fantasy football playoff bracket, don't fret: Anthony Maggio and Bo Mitchell also discuss position rankings going forward in this week's episode of the Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 36: Is Bridgewater a different QB this time around? Updated: 9 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the Vikings-Lions game. Teddy Bridgewater says he’s a different quarterback this time around? Is that true? In what ways? How are the Vikings planning to slow down Calvin Johnson? What can they do differently than they did against the Bears? How can Minnesota counter Detroit’s physical front four, which powered the Lions’ defense the last time the two teams met. Finally, we conclude this episode with a picks segment. [Click to listen]
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Jerome Felton relives scoring his 1st NFL TD against the Jets Updated: 9 days ago Vikings fullback Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd. Felton talks about scoring his 1st career touchdown against the Jets, this week's division contest against the Lions, and the progress of the team's young running backs. [Click to listen]
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Cameron Botticelli on the Gophers Citrus Bowl bid Updated: 11 days ago Cameron Botticelli on the Gophers Citrus Bowl bid [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 35: Charles Johnson running with chance at starting role Updated: 12 days ago This episode of the Purple Podcast breaks down the Vikings’ 30-24 overtime win against the New York Jets. Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore discuss several critical parts of the game, and also go over what it means for the Vikings. --- Teddy Bridgewater’s impressive game Sunday backed up his solid performance from a week ago. Where is the rookie at in his development? And what has he done so well? What’s the next step? --- Cordarrelle Patterson has been benched in favor of Charles Johnson. What does Johnson’s emergence mean for Patterson going forward? What does Johnson do so well? --- Discussion shifts to several topics, from the Vikings’ running back situation, to their run defense to Matt Kalil and the offensive line. As always, Sunday’s Purple Podcast wraps up with a Final Takeaway. [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 12/7/2014 Updated: 12 days ago What started off looking like a blowout ended up being a close game decided in overtime. The Vikings beat the Jets 30-24 off a big game by Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. You, the listener, called in though and immediately focused your rage on one Matt Kalil, who had another terrible game. Another negativity brought up by you was Cordarrelle Patterson and his continued streak of bad play. There was plenty of positivity in the show though as we continued to witness the growth and development of Teddy Bridgewater. [Click to listen]
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Torii Hunter on returning to the Twins Updated: 15 days ago Torii Hunter on returning to the Twins [Click to listen]
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Lou Nanne discusses the Wild's lack of success on the power play Updated: 15 days ago Lou Nanne joins Mackey & Judd for their weekly hockey discussion. Lou talks about some old hockey greats who have recently passed away and gives his thoughts on the failures of the Wild power play. [Click to listen]
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Terry Ryan doesn't expect much dropoff in Torii Hunter on the field Updated: 15 days ago Twins GM Terry Ryan joins Mackey & Judd. Ryan talks about the signing of Torii Hunter, what the team believes Hunter can provide, and what other moves need to be made to compete in 2015. [Click to listen]
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Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast, Week 14 Updated: 15 days ago With fantasy football playoff season now in full swing, Anthony Maggio and Bo Mitchell offer insights on what your league may be doing wrong. Also, two confusing running back situations and other Week 14 advice. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 34: Should Everson Griffen be in the Pro Bowl? Updated: 15 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the upcoming Vikings-Jets game. Should Everson Griffen be a Pro Bowler? He has he made the Vikings look for taking a chance on paying him big money.--- And to preview the Jets: we’ll take a glance inside Percy World. What do his former teammates expect from Percy Harvin Sunday? [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, ep 42: Lindsay Whalen on her Minnesota sports fandom Updated: 16 days ago Minnesota Lynx point guard Lindsay Whalen sits down with the Sports Over Beers crew to talk about her life-long Minnesota sports fandom, her drink of choice after a big win, whether she thinks Kobe made the right move by taking the money, her opinions on females coaching in the NBA, and several other topics. [Click to listen]
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