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Twins SP Kyle Gibson on his 8 inning shutout of the Blue Jays Updated: 3 days ago [Click to listen]
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Lou Nanne says Colorado is a good matchup for the Wild Updated: 3 days ago Lou Nanne joins Mackey & Judd for their weekly hockey conversation. Lou previews the Wild's playoff series against Colorado and offers his predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. [Click to listen]
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Steinbach says 'patience' needed with Mauer learning 1st base Updated: 4 days ago Terry Steinbach joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Steinbach talks about how players approach weather delays and cancellations, Joe Mauer's increased strikeout rates, and how he and the coaching staff go about correcting mistakes on the field. [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, episode 13 Updated: 5 days ago Derek Wetmore and Phil Mackey are back for plenty of football talk from behind the curtain with an NFL agent. What’s the relationship between football player and agent? How do you sign players initially? What should Vikings fans expect from recent acquisition Kurt Coleman? What’s the process like for scouting and drafting players? What separates the great teams at finding impact players? How can Norv Turner impact the Vikings plan for drafting on offense? Which franchises have the best reputations from an agent’s perspective? How can drafting a quarterback every single year help the Vikings? Are there backroom deals between agents and teams in the NFL? How do teams and agents handle off-the-field incidents? What are contract negotiations like? Should the NFL consider an 18-game schedule? [Click to listen]
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Perkins says Twins got their 3 best starts of the season vs. Royals Updated: 6 days ago Glen Perkins joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Perk shares his thoughts on the 'riots' in Dinkytown, the Twins' sweep of the Royals, and the pressure he faces as a major league closer. [Click to listen]
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Barry Melrose says Colorado is the Wild's 'best possible matchup' Updated: 6 days ago ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose joins Mackey & Judd to discuss the Frozen Four and the upcoming NHL playoffs. Melrose belives Union was simply a better team than the Gophers and says a trip to the 2nd round is the best case scenario for the Wild. [Click to listen]
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Justin Holl talks about his game winner against North Dakota Updated: 9 days ago Justin Holl talks about his game winner against North Dakota [Click to listen]
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Chris Collabello on the 7-4 loss to the A's Updated: 11 days ago [Click to listen]
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Richard Pitino says NIT title is 'huge' for the program Updated: 11 days ago Gopher men's basketball coach Richard Pitino joins Mackey & Judd to recap his first season on the job. Pitino talks about the NIT tournament title, admits that extra practice in the postseason doesn't really help next year's team, and talks about his dad, Rick, sitting courtside for the NIT Final Four. [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, episode 12 Updated: 11 days ago Derek Wetmore hosts with Phil Mackey and Judd Zulgad and discussion somehow arrives at Bob Saget and then shifts to the B.J. and the Bear TV series. Judd learns about Instagram and then there's some extensive Tinder conversation, about the burgeoning dating app. The dating conversation settles into sports about half way through the podcast, and the rest is all sports. -- Mackey & Judd try out a new game for the air: Tinder for sports figures. Swipe right or swipe left on Joe Mauer? Dante Cunningham? (Should he be playing?) Swipe right or left on Rick Adelman as a coach right now? Mike Yeo? Does he need to prove something to save his job? Who are the best comparables for Joe Mauer and what shapes the way we think about him? -- Also, Phil incorrectly predicts the outcome of the Wolves game. And we conclude the NBA could not have hand-picked two worse NBA teams to deal with the Mexico City smokeout-rescheduling than Gregg Popovich and Adelman. [Click to listen]
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Roy Smalley explains why he hates the current pace of a ballgame Updated: 12 days ago Roy Smalley joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Roy talks about the benefits of Chris Hermann being added to the Twins roster, the impressive start from Chris Colabello, and what he hates about the current MLB ballgame. [Click to listen]
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Lou Nanne says the Wild could be tough in the playoffs Updated: 12 days ago Lou Nanne joins Mackey & Judd for our weekly hockey conversation. Lou talks about the play of Wild goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, his expectations for the Wild in the playoffs, and what he hopes to see from the Gophers in the Frozen Four. [Click to listen]
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Perkins explains just how cold weather can affect some pitchers Updated: 13 days ago Glen Perkins joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Perkins talks about how the team played during the 1st week of the season, the surprising offensive numbers so far, and the difficulties of pitching in cold weather. [Click to listen]
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Chris Colabello shares the moment things 'clicked' for him in 2011 Updated: 13 days ago Chris Colabello of the Twins joins Mackey & Judd. Chris talks about what turned his career around after several years playing in independent leagues, his personal thrill for opening day, and how he's worked to become a big league ballplayer. [Click to listen]
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Hear what Rick Pitino said about Richard and the Gophers after the NIT win Updated: 16 days ago Louisville Coach Rick Pitino joined Mike Grimm and Spencer Tollackson after the Gopher victory in the NIT title game. Rick said it may be the proudest moment of his life as he watched his son coach the game and spoke about the character of the Gopher players. [Click to listen]
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Lou Nanne says he's very concerned about Mikael Granlund's injury Updated: 17 days ago Lou Nanne joins Mackey & Judd for their weekly hockey conversation. Lou talks about his concern over Mikael Granlund's concussion issues, what he believes the Wild need to do to insure a playoff spot, and his excitement for Gophers vs. North Dakota in the Frozen Four. [Click to listen]
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Gophers OC Matt Limegrover talks Spring Practice with Reusse Updated: 18 days ago Gophers OC Matt Limegrover talks Spring Practice with Reusse [Click to listen]
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Terry Steinbach gets in-depth on how he works with Twins players Updated: 18 days ago Terry Steinbach joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Terry talks about his feelings on opening day in baseball and gets really in depth about how he works with players as a coach, and what tools he wished he had in his playing days. [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, episode 11 Updated: 18 days ago A local celebrity joins the Sports Over Beers podcast with Derek Wetmore and Judd Zulgad. Judd picks up a new nickname. The initial Super Bowl Committee bid is in! Target Field’s ‘honey moon’ period is over, so now what? Interest in the Twins is awfully low but this season still could be interesting for a number of reasons. Judd is keeping the downtown Minneapolis economy afloat with how much beer he’s purchased over the years and he basically paid for Ricky Nolasco’s contract. Congrats to Mike Rand! If you could take over one local team for one offseason which team would you take over and what would you change? How good of an offseason have the Vikings had? A Vikings conspiracy theory. What will the Vikings do in this year’s Draft? Also, the best moment in covering sports. [Click to listen]
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Glen Perkins says Twins can improve, but admits a lot needs to go their way Updated: 20 days ago Glen Perkins joins Mackey & Judd for Talkin' Twins. Perk shares his thoughts on MLB's opening day, his optimism for the Twins in 2014, and some of what he's seen so far through Spring Training. [Click to listen]
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