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Jerome Felton says AP won't be a problem if he returns to Vikings Updated: 4 days ago Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd. Felton talks about the rift between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings, how the offense can perform if Peterson returns, and what Peterson will be like if he returns to the Vikings locker room. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 50: Krammer's view of the Vikings at the NFL Combine Updated: 7 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer joins Derek Wetmore to recap the NFL Scouting Combine. ----- Which players stood out? Which would make good targets for the Vikings? Which players are worthy of Minnesota’s first-round pick? Winners and losers? What are the positions of need that the Vikings focused on this year? [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 49: Peterson, Cassel and more from NFL Scouting Combine Updated: 13 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer joins via phone from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. General Manager Rick Spielman made the latest in a line of statements from the Vikings that they will welcome Adrian Peterson back. How much should we buy into that? What are the positions the Vikings should play close attention to at the Combine? Does Matt Cassel fit the future plans? The Vikings signed a new tight end, who had just been released by the Packers. Plus, a Nate Poole-like conspiracy theory. All that and more on this episode of the Purple Podcast. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 48: Vikings defensive analysis and a look toward 2015 Updated: 21 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings’ defense in the first year under Mike Zimmer. How impressive was Xavier Rhodes’ emergence at cornerback? How can Zimmer use Rhodes this year? What do the Vikings have to look forward to out of Anthony Barr? How did Jasper Brinkley and Chad Greenway perform? Will they be back in 2015? Who stood out among the defensive line, and what do they need to do differently in 2015? Plus, an interesting trend in Mike Zimmer’s coaching history that could be very good news for the Vikings. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 47: Bridgewater? Manziel? Vikings got QB decision right Updated: 28 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer, Judd Zulgad and Derek Wetmore discuss the all-important quarterback decision. The latest development in the Johnny Manzial vs. Teddy Bridgewater story appears to tip the scales even further. How did the Vikings hit on Bridgewater? Is it true they tried to draft Manziel? Where would they be if they had? Knowing what you know now, where would you have drafted Bridgewater? And plenty of Super Bowl talk, too. Did the Seahawks make the right call on the goal line? [Click to listen]
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Sports Over Beers, ep 46: Best and worst of the Super Bowl 49 commercials Updated: 28 days ago On this episode of the Sports Over Beers podcast, entertainment expert Marley McMillan joins to discuss this year’s Super Bowl commercials. What was your favorite ad? What was your least favorite? What’s with the sentimental trend in recent years? Is it true that ‘any publicity is good publicity’? What were the most effective ads? [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 46: How do Vikings scout senior bowl? Ask Ben Goessling Updated: 33 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, ESPN’s Ben Goessling joins Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore to discuss the senior bowl and Super Bowl. How do the Vikings scout the senior bowl? Was there a guy who stood out during the week of practices? Should the Vikings draft him? What’s one position of need for the Vikings that they could fill with a senior bowl participant? What’s the process for the Vikings in scouting the offseason for some of these players? Is this a big offseason for the Vikings defense? Plus, Super Bowl predictions. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 45: 5 names for the Vikings to watch at the Senior Bowl Updated: 41 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the names to watch at the Senior Bowl. Vikings GM Rick Spielman and his scouts are down to watch some potential draft prospects – what are they looking for? What are the positions of need for the Vikings? Where should Minnesota address those needs? Who are the prospects the Vikings should be watching this week? What can the Vikings gain from scouting the ‘second tier’ of college football’s draft prospects? Krammer provides five names to pay close attention to for the Vikings. [Click to listen]
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Jerome Felton still uncertain about his future with the Vikings Updated: 46 days ago Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd to talk NFL playoffs, his future with the Vikings, and some other topics including his thoughts on the NBA. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 44: Rick Spielman takes stock of Peterson, Vikings Updated: 48 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore relay the big items from Rick Spielman’s post-season address to the media. Adrian Peterson’s future is uncertain, and Spielman was careful in how he chose his words Wednesday. Do we think he’ll be back in Minnesota next season? Spielman talked about Linval Joseph, Captain Munnerlyn, and other newcomers from the 2014 Vikings. The most important newcomer, Teddy Bridgewater, drew rave reviews from Spielman, the man who traded into the end of the first round to draft the quarterback. Mike Zimmer’s end-of-year assessment from his boss was a positive one, as Spielman says he credits Zimmer for helping improve several critical defensive players. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 43: Vikings 2014 offensive review Updated: 54 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore grade the Vikings’ offense from 2014. How much of an impact did losing Adrian Peterson have on the unit? How much better off are the Vikings at quarterback now with Teddy Bridgewater compared to where they’ve been in recent years? How did Bridgewater perform for the full season, all things considered? Should the Vikings feel comfortable if Jerick McKinnon is their top running back going forward? How did the offensive line perform in 2014? Matt Kalil? John Sullivan? What happened to Cordarrelle Patterson? And we name an underrated contributor who will enter a contract year in 2015. [Click to listen]
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Felton says he won't return to Vikings in 2015 under current contract Updated: 62 days ago Vikings fullback Jerome Felton joins Judd Zulgad and Ryan Iversen. Felton talks about the 2014 Vikings season, the chances he will return to the team for next year, and what he sees coming in the NFL playoffs. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 42: Mike Zimmer reflects on his first season as coach Updated: 63 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore recap Mike Zimmer’s first season as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Zimmer addressed the media for the final time of the seasons, and in that half-hour press conference he got into a wide range of topics, including a self-evaluation. What does Zimmer think about Adrian Peterson’s future with the Vikings? How did he feel he did as a head coach? What does he think about Teddy Bridgewater’s development as a quarterback? At the end of this podcast, we gave a letter grade for Mike Zimmer in Year 1. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 41: Vikings wrap up 2014 season with first division win Updated: 65 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings’ 13-9 win against the Chicago Bears. Minnesota wraps up its season with a losing record, but appears to have several critical pieces in place to build for the future. What did we learn from Teddy Bridgewater in his impressive rookie campaign? In what ways did he develop into a better quarterback as the year went on? Xavier Rhodes shadowed Alshon Jeffery, including some work in the slot when Jeffery moved inside. We talk about Mike Zimmer’s relatively emotional reactions to one of his star pupils. As always, we conclude this postgame episode of the Purple Podcast with One Final Takeaway. [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 12/28/2014 Updated: 65 days ago The Vikings finished Mike Zimmers first season as Head Coach with a 13-9 victory over the Bears. You, the listener, called in to discuss the development of the team over the season. Also, you talked about the progression of rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. You also talked about some of the areas you want to see the team improve in the offseason. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 40: Should Bridgewater be Offensive Rookie of the Year? Updated: 67 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the Vikings’ final game of the 2014 season, a matchup with the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler will start for the Bears after a one-game benching. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for the Vikings? Should Teddy Bridgewater be the Offensive Rookie of the Year? Will Xavier Rhodes shadow Alshon Jeffery? Is “tanking” ethical in sports? Should the Vikings have their eyes on a higher draft pick? How much will Sunday’s outcome impact where Minnesota will draft in 2015? As always, we conclude this episode with The Picks Segment. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 39: How Miami attacked the Vikings' weakest link Updated: 72 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings’ 37-35 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Losing on a blocked-punt safety may seem like a stroke of bad luck, but Minnesota’s defense put the team in a bad spot Sunday and it caught up to them in the end. We address the weakest part of the Vikings’ defense right now, arguably the weakest part of the team. Teddy Bridgewater made some impressive throws Sunday, and we’re witnessing his development as the season has gone on. As always, the Purple Podcast ends with One Final Takeway from Krammer, this time, on the important of Anthony Barr. [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 12/21/2014 Updated: 72 days ago The Vikings fought back and scored 15 points in about 15 seconds of game time to take the lead only to find a way to lose 37-35 to Miami. You, the listener, vented this week about the porous offensive line. There was also plenty of talk about regression on the defense over the last two games. There was even a call for Zimmer to lose his job. You did have some positives about Teddy's continued improving play as well. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 38: What is Mike Zimmer learning in his first year? Updated: 76 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore preview the upcoming Vikings-Dolphins game by picking a defensive player to watch out for on the Dolphins. ---- Mike Zimmer has admitted to a bit of a learning curve in his first season as NFL head coach. What does that mean and where does he need the most work?----Also, do Harrison Smith and Everson Griffen deserve Pro Bowl buzz? [Click to listen]
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Felton says Vikings must carry winner's mentality into final two games Updated: 76 days ago Jerome Felton joins Judd Zulgad and Mike Grimm. Felton talks about the loss to Detroit, the team's mentality going into the final two games, and his reaction to Chris Conte's comments about giving up years of his life to play in the NFL. [Click to listen]
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