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Everson Griffen talks about the positives for the Vikings this season Updated: 11 hours ago Everson Griffen talks about the positives for the Vikings this season [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 31: Did Bridgewater's inaccuracy cost Vikings the game? Updated: 2 days ago On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, and point to several reasons for optimism, in a season that hasn’t seemed to have much of it.--- They also talk about how rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater may have cost the Vikings the game early with his inaccuracy. These are the growing pains of a young starting quarterback, but are they the end of the world for the Vikings?---They give props to Mike Zimmer and the Vikings defense for taking away the “home run” plays that the Packers had pulled off in Lambeau. That wasn’t there Sunday, but Eddie Lacy was still a force to be reckoned with.---The podcast wraps up by named 3 players the Vikings need to see improvement from for the rest of the year. (Hint: No. 1 on the list is left tackle Matt Kalil.) [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 11/23/2014 Updated: 2 days ago The Vikings played a little better this time around against the hated Packers but still ended up losing, 24-21. You, the listener, called in today to vent about the continued poor play by Vikings Left Tackle Matt Kalil. Also, you discussed the defenses improved play. You brought up the poor mechanics of Teddy Bridgewater and the lack of an onside kick late in the comeback attempt. [Click to listen]
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How does Vegas think the Vikings will fare against Green Bay? Updated: 5 days ago In this week's edition of Pros or Joes, Mackey & Judd talk with Fox Sports 1 oddsmaker expert Todd Fuhrman about why the "sharp" money is on the Vikings and Giants this weekend. [Click to listen]
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DeMaurice Smith explains how the NFLPA is supporting Adrian Peterson Updated: 5 days ago NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith joins Mackey & Judd. Smith talks about Adrian Peterson's ordeal with the NFL, the appeal process, and why he believes Peterson is getting unfair treatment from the league. [Click to listen]
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Tom Pelissero expands on his exclusive interview with Adrian Peterson Updated: 5 days ago Tom Pelissero joins Mackey & Judd to talk about his interview with Adrian Peterson. Pelissero discusses Peterson's thoughts on how he's been treated by the NFL, his feelings of remorse, and how the Vikings have handled the entire situation. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 30: Vikings claim Ben Tate, face challenge with Packers Updated: 6 days ago The Purple Podcast previews the next Vikings-Packers game with Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore. ---- The Vikings claimed running back Ben Tate. What will he bring to the team? Will he have any impact Sunday? What does it mean for Jerick McKinnon and/or Matt Asiata? How should the Vikings try to slow down Aaron Rodgers? Eddie Lacy? Jordy Nelson? Is there something Mike Zimmer can change to improve his defensive scheme from the last time the Vikings played the Packers? How did players and coaches deal with Tuesday’s news that Adrian Peterson had been suspended for at least the next calendar year? Did anything change this week for the Vikings? What did Teddy Bridgewater think about it? [Click to listen]
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Rusty Hardin blasts the NFL for their handling of Peterson situation Updated: 7 days ago Adrian Peterson's attorney Rusty Hardin joins Mike & Mike. Hardin talks about the punishment handed down from the NFL and why feels the league is completely out of line with their treatment of Peterson. [Click to listen]
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Everson Griffen on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Updated: 7 days ago Everson Griffen on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers [Click to listen]
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Jerome Felton says Adrian Peterson has been treated unfairly by the NFL Updated: 8 days ago Vikings fullback Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd. Felton shares his thoughts on Adrian Peterson's suspension, how the league has issues disciplinary issues this season, and what life has been like in the Vikings locker room this season. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 29: Vikings offense quiet vs. struggling Bears defense Updated: 9 days ago Jay Cutler went to work targeting his big receivers and picking on cornerback Josh Robinson. What could Robinson have done differently? What could Mike Zimmer have done differently? ----- A review of Teddy Bridgewater and the ineptitude the Vikings offense showed Sunday.-----Soldier Field Demons strike again, as the Vikings lose on the road to the Bears. The Vikings ‘win’ a challenge and somehow still lost a timeout and didn’t get the ball as a result. -----The podcast concludes with one final takeaway from Krammer on the Vikings. [Click to listen]
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Vikings Vent Line 11/16/2014 Updated: 9 days ago The Vikings lost in Chicago today 21-13, which left you, the listener, with plenty to vent about. You called in to discuss what seemed like a lack of a gameplan in the first half. Also, you vented about the lack of Vikings offensive line. You also discussed our defenses lack of pressuring Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 28: How realistic is it that the Vikings will be .500? Updated: 13 days ago Ben Goessling joins the Purple Podcast with Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore. We’ll discuss the intriguing matchup between Jared Allen and Matt Kalil. Who has the upper hand? How well has Everson Griffen replaced Jared Allen’s production? How could Matt Forte change Sunday’s game? What’s the latest in Adrian Peterson’s attempt to get back on the field for the Vikings? What could Monday’s hearing change? Why is the process taking so long after the legal matter has been resolved? Our weekly picks segment includes a three-person consensus over which team will win this game. [Click to listen]
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Jerome Felton expects Chicago to be a difficult test Updated: 14 days ago Vikings fullback Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd. Felton talks about the upcoming matchup with Chicago, praise he's received from Pro Football Focus, and his thoughts on Adrian Peterson's status with the NFL. [Click to listen]
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Vikings DE Everson Griffen makes his weekly appearance talking purple Updated: 14 days ago [Click to listen]
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Everson Griffen on winning NFC Defensive Player of the Month Updated: 20 days ago Everson Griffen on winning NFC Defensive Player of the Month [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 27: Vikings bye week update; 3 reasons for optimism Updated: 20 days ago On the latest episode of the Purple Podcast Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore discuss the latest on the Vikings as the team heads into its bye week 4-5.----- Rick Spielman addressed a small group of reporters for a midseason update. We’ll share his reaction on Matt Kalil, Cordarrelle Patterson and rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.----- Adrian Peterson agreed to a plea deal, which ends, for now, his legal troubles in Texas. What’s next? ----- The podcast closes with 3 reasons for optimism for the Vikings for the rest of the season. [Click to listen]
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Rusty Hardin: Peterson deserves credit for telling truth Updated: 21 days ago Adrian Peterson's attorney Rusty Hardin joins Mike & Mike. Hardin talks about Peterson accepting a plea deal, his hopes to get back on the field as soon as possible, and says Peterson deserves credit to admitting to marijuana use. [Click to listen]
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Jerome Felton says he'd welcome Adrian Peterson back into the locker room Updated: 23 days ago Vikings fullback Jerome Felton joins Mackey & Judd. Felton talks about the mindset of the team after two wins going into the bye week and the possibility of Adrian Peterson returning to the team soon. [Click to listen]
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Purple Podcast, ep 26: How did Norv Turner's gameplan change to get a win? Updated: 23 days ago On this episode of the 1500 ESPN Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings win Sunday against Washington. Teddy Bridgewater missed on a couple deep shots early but then he settled in and lead the Vikings on important scoring drives later in the game. Matt Asiata scored three touchdowns for the third time in his career, as he got 10 carries to Jerick McKinnon’s 14. What is Asiata’s role going forward? Chase Ford has been a valuable pass catcher with Kyle Rudolph on the sidelines. When will Rudolph return and what will that mean for Ford? The Vikings defense continues to show signs of improvement from a season ago. The defensive line continues to bring pressure and Anthony Barr makes plays. What’s with the unnecessary roughness call on Harrison Smith? Why isn’t that a reviewable play? And as always, Sunday’s Purple Podcast ends with Krammer’s final takeaway from the Vikings game. This one is about the importance of discipline. [Click to listen]
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