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Welcome back, Adrian (ep 218)

Matthew Coller and Judd Zulgad discuss the return of Adrian Peterson to Minnesota in Week 1. What role will Peterson play in the Saints’ offense? Will the Saints try to set AP up for a big game or use him as a decoy? Also, who is the most important player on the Vikings’ defense? And what does it mean to have Randy Moss in the Ring of Honor?


  • Gordon Guffey

    I really dont wish anything bad to happen to AP ever ~ He has been a fine player on the field in the past but has his issues off the field ~ He has played one season in the last 3 years while robbing the Vikings for close to 30 million while at home for 2014 and being a candy a$$ in 2016 when he and the doctor who fixed his meniscus knew he didn’t need that much time to return ~ I guess he was saving himself just in case the Vikings made the playoffs ~

    But I dont hate him for the above ~ But you guys here on ESPN and else where have been beating his drum every since he signed with the Saints ~ I so tired of hearing everyone harping about his return that I hope he gets a really bad case of turf toe on his first carry ~ And I have never wished for a player to be injured ~

  • popejames4231

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  • Chuck Ness

    Just to add another dimension to Randy Moss’s greatness. Had it not been for his jeauvinile moment of spaying the referee with his water bottle, Moss would have shattered Jerry Rice’s touchdown record.

    I bet that no recieber in the history of the NFL had ever had more penalties for offensive pass interference than Moss. Many of those penalties resulted in a touchdown pass by him to be called back.

    All rookies need to understand one thing, if you piss off a referee with a stupid moment as Moss had with the water bottle, thevreferees will remember you and you will pay for it.

    The referees are a brotherhood who stick up for each other, and in Randy Moss’s case, that jesuvinile act costed him an easy 50 or more touchdown in his career. I would also bet that he also could have had add over 200 more catches in his career

    The things Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Marvin Harrison, Calvin Johnson and other greats got away with, Moss did not. Check out the records for penalties if you can. I would bet that at least while he was still playing that Randy Moss probably led the league in Offensive Pass Interferance penalties.


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