SportsCaster Idol 2018

Think you have what it takes to host your own 1500 ESPN show?

Be a part of 1500 ESPN’s SportsCaster Idol for your chance to receive
your own Sunday morning show for one year!

Sports Idol Timeline

Date Days Description
July 16th – 29th Auditions will be accepted
July 30th – 31st Judging will take place to narrow it down to the Top 10 finalists
(judging criteria can be found in the rules)
August 1st Top 10 finalists announced
August 1st – 10th Top 10 voting for People’s Choice entry takes place
One people’s choice winner will make it to the Top 4, the remaining 3 will be decided upon by the judges
Week of August 13th Top 4 Finalists announced
August 25th Top 4 will compete in Dan Patch Park at the State Fair and winner will be crowned

The winner’s show will premiere on an agreed upon date in the Fall of 2018

Please submit a 2-4min VIDEO or AUDIO giving us your best local sports take.

  1. Video links can be from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Video needs to have a “public” setting.
  2. Upload your video or audio file directly to the submission form.
  3. Use the Tag and/or Hashtag @1500ESPN, #1500IdolContest

Contest Rules