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Would you sign Sam Bradford now or what to see what happens this year? (ep. 201)

ESPN’s Ben Goessling along with 1500ESPN’s Matthew Coller and Judd Zulgad discuss Sam Bradford’s comments about his contract situation. Would the Vikings be wise to sign him now to a reasonable deal or wait to see whether he can lead them back to the playoffs?

How does Teddy Bridgewater’s recovery play into the decision? Should Bradford’s agent be playing for a deal now? Also, what’s Sharrif Floyd’s status? What creative ways might Mike Zimmer replace him? And, who should be the next face of the franchise with Adrian Peterson gone?

  • KevinWI

    sign him now.

  • Talltales08

    He should have been signed as soon as the season ended, what are they waiting for?

    • Graciadklos

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  • Gordon Guffey

    The Best of Winter Park: OTA’s 4-6

    Week 2 of OTAs, which were of course minus Head
    Coach Mike Zimmer as he rests up at his ranch in Kentucky, rolled on
    this week, with the rookies acclimating to life as NFLers, as well as
    Sam Bradford and Pat Shurmur continuing to shape the offense heading
    into 2017.


  • Gordon Guffey

    I believe its a big risk not to resign him our he is going to cost a lot more if he has another good season and with the added vets to the OL and young guys like Easton stepping up allowing Berger to move to right OG and the 3 complete all around RB’s on the roster that want have to come off on 3rd downs not allowing defenses to keep on what the offense is going to do ~ I dont see how Bradford doesn’t better season ~

    You guys speaking about moving Griffin inside to UT ~ He talked about that a few weeks ago himself when the Vets first showed up to offseason workouts ~

    • brian199511

      No one is as big a deal as a QB, the position that is essential for success in the NFL. I do like Rhodes and they should sign both, but QB is the top priority.

      • Gordon Guffey

        I cant really disagree with that Brian ~ Smiley Face 🙂

  • linus

    Somebody needs to remind these guys that S. Floyd didn’t make a single tackle last, and the Vikings still had a top-five defense. Besides, Zimmer may not have a 3-tech like Atkins, but he didn’t have a beast of a NT like Joseph when he was coaching the Bengals, either.

  • Mike Sullivan

    Draft a quarterback next spring. The class is strong, and if Bridgewater comes back healthy, He is still your quarterback, And will command less money. If Teddy gets hurt again, You have a backup plan with a newly drafted quarterback for the long term.

    • Jordan Musser

      That’s not a bad strategy but you are going to need a Vet besides Teddy because this roster is set up to win now… Not that it is all about now we do have good youth to carry us for years to come but if we have to revert to a rookie QB the season would be a complete wash unless some sort of rookie qb miracle. If that Vet is Case Keenum who we just signed, keep in mind that we only signed him to a 1 year deal, so next year would be another negotiation period.

    • linus

      “Draft a quarterback next spring. The class is strong” PFFFFT! A year ago, the “experts” were saying the same thing about this year’s class, but they changed their minds long before draft day.

  • David Prestin

    I’d sign him to a 5 yr deal now. If they are waiting to see if Teddy fully recovers before they make a move, they may end up in a bidding war after the season. Unless Teddy recovers, the Vikings could blow this and end up searching all over again.

    • Jordan Musser

      The thing in today’s game is that QB’s aren’t cheap not even the bad ones either, The two most recent QB signings that I can think of are Brock Osweiler and Mike Glennon. Both QB’s were backups the year prior to signing their new deals. Glennon was actually the starter in TB for a season or two before they drafted Winston. Osweiler signed a deal in 2016 with Houston for 4 years $72million, $37million of which was guaranteed. Houston figured out how bad he was and traded him this prior off season and are eating a lot of that contract in the process. Glennon signed a 3 year $45 million deal this past offseason with $18.5 million guaranteed and then Chicago went and traded up from the 3rd pick to the 2nd pick for a 1 year starter in College.

      The Vikings don’t want to follow these examples and over pay for a QB at this moment. Yes Bradford had a decent season last year. But he has his limitations. Teddy is trying to come back but will his mobility ever be the same? These are only a few of the questions the Vikings face.

      The ticket the Vikings have in their back pocket is that if they do not sign any of these QB’s now they can always use a “tag” on them in the next offseason, effectively blocking all teams from signing them, or if they do they owe us a lot in return.

      That is actually the route I would go. See what this year makes of both QB’s and then next year face the cards. If we need to use a tag in the offseason then do so or come to some sort of contract agreement for a 2-3 year deal with 1 or both of the QB’s.

  • Jeeves

    Would you sign Sam Bradford now or WHAT to see what happens this year? (ep. 201)
    …. or WHAT to see if proofreading is needed..?

    • Jordan Musser

      1 thing i have noticed is that 1500ESPN always has a ton of proofreading errors

  • MR

    This article reads “Would the Vikings be wise to sign Sam Bradford now to a reasonable deal or wait to see whether he can lead them back to the playoffs?” Sam Bradford proved last season that he can lead the Vikings to the playoffs; the Vikings would have made the playoffs if Blair Walsh didn’t miss extra points and easy field goals and if their punter did an adequate job. As we know, the offensive line’s play was a big factor in missing the playoffs.
    Yes, the Vikings should sign Bradford to a reasonable deal. If Teddy comes back healthy, great. Then the Vikings will have a good backup QB if Bradford gets hurt.

  • j Anderson

    Absolutely do not sign him. There are way too many questions on the qb position to risk long term money. They at the least can tag him next year and it will cost minimally and short term. This is a complete prove it year for Sam and wait and see for teddy.

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Previous Story Aspiring NFL players: You should listen to this episode with financial advice (ep. 195) Next Story On Air: Ranking the top 10 quarterbacks in Vikings history