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Saturday, May 19th

Judd and Matthew like the rest of us just continue to wait for Kyle Gibson to someday put it all together...or will he? The Wolves better do everything they can to make big KAT it doesn't appear that he's very happy now and he may want out sooner than later!

So an NHL expansion team this close to playing for the Cup...things have changed and need to change more including the Wild. Is Labron leaving the Cavs...will they get swept...great interview this hour. We also have a Royal edition of "breaking down the tape" and release our all royal baseball lineup today!

Saturday, May 12th

Judd who cant fix anything gives Matthew some guff for putting a bed together...why cant media types ever be handy with a tool? Important road trip for the Twins is going well...big win last night.

The guys touch a few things this hour, things mostly quiet on the Vikes side but we sneak a little post draft talk.

Saturday, May 5th

Thats why part of this hour is just plain sick! Judd is out and so from the bullpen comes ESPN's Courtney Cronin joining Matthew Coller today! Are tired of Lebron James? Happy Derby day...Cinco day...great weather day!

Matthew and Courtney will shred the tape on the Vike we also touch on Matthews poor attempt to put together an Ikea bed last night, Soccer, and the lastly the Derby!

Saturday, April 28th

Did the Vikes really mess this draft up by not trading up and taking a really good Guard? Will the guys they picked up be able to make an impact?

We have a live draft pick by the Vikes this hour, a Defensive Lineman from OSU so we have Matthew give us the scoop on him. So the Twins are a mess. Buxton is out longer, Sano had to try and bend over and pulled a hammy...appears this season is going the wrong way.

Saturday, April 21st

Lets see what happens with the Wolves tonight...will Thibs get them to play his way? Matthew "breaks down the tape" on the Vikes draft possibilities! So why is Point Break one of Judd's favorite movies...really?

Judd and Matthew crush the Wild performance last night but should we be surprised with this? Some big changes should occur to fix this annual early playoff exit!! Its early, but what do we think of the Twins so far. What's up with the hot Red Sox?

Saturday, April 14th

It would be nice to see the Wolves win maybe one game this series and be somewhat competitive in the other games right? Do Judd and Matthew like the hiring of Lindsay Whalen to lead the lady Gophers program?

Judd Zulgad was not pleased with the Wild's effort last night

Can the Wild win one game in this series? Was the fighting at the end of the game ok or just bush league and will coach Bruce get fined?

Saturday, April 7th

Have the Wolves tuned out their coach? Thank goodness Jimmy Butler is back!! Jimmy's the coach on the floor who they do listen to.

When is it ok for Pro teams to change and mess with jerseys? Black didn't look to good on the Lakers last night. Jess Myers also joins us to talk UMD/Irish title game tonight...and can the Wild use playoff experience to their advantage over the Jets?

Saturday, March 31st

Manny is in for Joey D. Zulgad and Coller talk women's College Hoops after Notre Dame's big win over UConn last night in the Final Four. Also, has instant replay in sports gone overboard with all the reviews? Then it's Timberwolves talk and also Baker Mayfield.

Coller and Zulgad spend the hour talking Vikings and the NHL. Coller breaks down the tape of Scott Foster's performance with the Chicago Blackhawks. Zulgad tells you why Matt Dumba is having a great season for the Wild.

Saturday, March 24th

Judd is out today so ESPN's Courtney Cronin joins Matthew Coller today for the show...welcome! These two have a lot fun and we kick off with some NFL QB talk and also something that really bothers Matthew at concerts! Why doesn't Matthew do a NCAA bracket?

We have our own SMST football mock draft this hour with Matthew and Courtney. So why is a Viking player posting some digs at coach Zimmer? Some late Twins talk too.

Saturday, March 17th

So a 16 seed finally beats a 1 it wasn't even close! Hows your bracket now? Does a trade by the Jets mean something for Teddy Bridgewater and his playing time?

Judd and Matthew were wondering why Zimmer seemed unhappy for some reason with the Vikes getting Cousins? Is he going to miss Teddy that much? Could it eventually hurt his precious defense? Will the Wolves hang on and make the playoffs?

Saturday, March 10th

Big week for the Viking this week as we will have more info on who will be our QB! Judd and Matthew weigh in on what they think will happen. Mr. Cousins could be coming to town soon?

Some exciting games and large crowds for the high school hockey tournament...and Edina is! So why is Matthew having a twitter war on Stefon Diggs with people while having a date night with his bride?

Saturday, March 3rd

Ouch... that was one bad night of sports for all our local squads last night. Judd and Mathew rip on them all...Gopher hockey, Wild hockey, Wolves buckets and more!

ESPN's Courtney joins the boys live from the NFL Combine to give us info on that and talk Vikings draft. The boys then get in to the QB situation. Will the purple really want to pay Cousins $90 mil over the next 3 seasons?

Saturday, February 24th

So another blow for the Wolves with Butler going down...really? Thank goodness the Olympic ladies hockey...what fun!! Olympic guys hockey...not so much.

So the boys think Keenum is gone!! Matthew is going to the NLF Combine soon...lots of wheeling and dealing. Believe it or not, Judd does not believe in the Wild yet...they need to win 19 of their next 20 games for that to possibly happen! Should we get rid of the NCAA!

Saturday, February 17th

Matthew and Doogie are out at the Venture Bank MN Golf Show today! So what scoops do the boys have on the Vikings QB situation?

So where was KG when Flip was being honored with a new banner hanging at the Target Center? Would he really hold a grudge and not be there for Flip and family?

Saturday, February 10th

First week officially for Judd and Matthew Coller on SMST! Tough week for the locals. Both the Wild and Wolves found ways to lose games to bad teams. Judd doesn't want to discuss anything Wild today, so its Wolves this hour and Matthew is not quite ready to throw "Thibs" under the bus yet.

This hour the boys talk Vikings. Everything from our new Coordinator to some new nuggets of information on the QB issue. Franchise tag? Looks like Teddy changed his Twitter and shows nothing about the Vikings at all? A sign?