The Map of Garage Logic (ep. 7)


A politician in New York made a statement on Facebook that the weather is controlled by the Jews. What the Hell? How can a guy like this get elected? Joe presents examples of how he is Just Not Made For These Times....
A driver-less car has hit a pedestrian, while a human was sitting behind the wheel. Joe thinks that this will get quite worse before it gets better. Will Google give up personal information on its customers if the police need it? This is a very important question to put out there. Prince Charles and a new book that does not portray him well.


Greg Holcomb presents: “Rick” from Harlingen TX

World’s Weirdest Bridges (PHOTOS)

1. Lucky Knot Bridge, Changsha, China Unveiled to the public just last week, this knot-shaped, ribbon-like steel pedestrian bridge crossing the Dragon King Harbour River in the Chinese mega-city of Changsha was designed by NEXT…

Dad Creates Obstacle Course For Daughter

Cougar spotted in Brookfield, WI

Levi LaVallee backflip jump over Super Bowl LIVE on Nicollet Mall at 11th Street

The real reason why we are in trouble!!!

The 2018 Waconia vintage snowmobile ride

Missed the Super Blue Blood Moon? Here’s When to Catch the Next One

Black Ice Causes Car to Slam Into Police Cruiser in Kentucky

How Randy Moss’ Diss actually boosted business for Minnesota Restaurant

When the girl you’re wrestling has a tough little brother

New Year’s Eve Penske Peel at the 11foot8 bridge

Speedboat crashes into fishing boat

The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix – a Man’s Guide to Women

Andy Warhol’s salute to Lindy Lou

Father cuts through mountains so that his kids can go to school

Jalandhar Nayak from Odisha in India has spent the last two years single-handedly building a 8-km-long road through rocky hills. He has never had access to education and wanted his three sons to go to…

Here’s the best way to deal with porch pirates

Joe the talking crow

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