Garage Logic


The climate comes up as a topic when President Trump meets with Pope Francis. Joe thinks that there should be more pressing news than climate concerns. The drunkest cities in the USA? Closer to the Twin Cities than you think. Walk on the Wild Side banned because it is offensive.
Chelsea Clinton on White Privilege. WHAT? Have a listen and then relax with the Scramble!!!!!


World largest Engines starting!

Atlas, The Next Generation Walking Robot……….

How Did They Remove The Costa Concordia? Salvage Documentary HD

Fort Lauderdale man says Celebrity Equinox got within 100 feet of his home

Navy pilot builds roller coaster in backyard for 3-year-old son

Artist creating 300-foot hockey mural (Courtesy of Boyd Huppert & KARE 11)

Panda wants a hug from nanny, but nanny is working

Check out every flight in the country at Flight Radar 24,-93.29/7

Check out Asch’s broat!!


Semi blows over, crushes patrol car on Wyoming highway

A truck driver from Ohio managed to collect 700 cars over the years.

When you late to the party and need to catch up!!!

The mayor’s Trump rant from Tuesday

Budweiser beer’s Super Bowl commercial takes on immigration

‘Firehose’ of lava spills into the Pacific Ocean

Passenger Train Crashes Through FedEx Truck in Shocking Video

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

No one enjoys Space Management more than this guy!

Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump!!!

Watch below…

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