The Map of Garage Logic (ep. 7)


Hour 1 Joe begins the show today with a little listener email roundup! He then offered up thoughts on the gunman who attacked a Christmas market in Strasbourg France. Johnny Heidt then rounded out the hour with another news segment.
Hour 2 The failed academy strikes again as American University students and staff call for minority-only ‘Spaces’ on campus to promote inclusion......yep. Johnny Heidt then wraps up today's show with another newscast including the name of the National Inquirer chief publisher which threw the boys off a bit......


Tedeschi Trucks Band – May 26, 2018 – Complete show

Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video | National Geographic

GL 25th Anniversary moment #19…simply called “The Panhandler.”

The kings of Hollywood photo Joe was discussing today

This GIF of a filthy Steven Wright knuckleball will blow your mind

GL 25th Anniversary moment “The Harley drive off”

GL 25th Anniversary moment “Souch baby laugh”

Iraqi Soldiers Fail at Jumping Jacks, Major Coordination Problems

Live Video: Kilauea Lava Flow Activity In Lower Puna Hawaii

Bear Enjoys Ice Cream Cone at Dairy Queen

Hunter experiences close encounter with bear in a tree stand

5-Year-Old Boy Gets Police Escort To School After Dad Dies In Line Of Duty

Girl surprises prom date by walking, after 10 months on a wheel chair

GL 25th Anniversary moment (W – calls in)

A moving wall of lava slowly devours a Ford Mustang!

GL Greatest Moments – #23 “dry ice dent remover”

GL 25th Anniversary Week 2 “The Slow-mobile”

The unexpected beauty of China’s bicycle graveyards – in pictures (The Guardian)

For the past 18 months many cities in China have been flooded by millions of dockless share bikes. Those that block pavements or apartment entrances have been removed by authorities to vast storage areas. Viewed…

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