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Garage Logic


There is an iceberg in New Foundland that really intrigues the staff. Road trip? Maybe
Keeping with the nature theme, the sun can create some disruptive situations despite all of our new technology. Souch provides some potential hope for people with dementia. It is not the Opener, but there is a Scramble!


Semi blows over, crushes patrol car on Wyoming highway

A truck driver from Ohio managed to collect 700 cars over the years.

When you late to the party and need to catch up!!!

The mayor’s Trump rant from Tuesday

Budweiser beer’s Super Bowl commercial takes on immigration

‘Firehose’ of lava spills into the Pacific Ocean

Passenger Train Crashes Through FedEx Truck in Shocking Video

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

No one enjoys Space Management more than this guy!

Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka Trump!!!

Watch below…

Rookie’s Medifast Weight Loss

Rookie mentions that his weight loss with Medifast MN is a good thing, but not everyone is happy about the results…..

Here is how to remove the chip from the recycling bin

Thanks to loyal listener Jay for sending this video.

The Six Most Face-Palming Things from Jeff Flake’s Book of Government Waste

Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake released his annual booklet of government programs fiscal conservatives deem to be wasteful, highlighting the many bizarre items on which the federal government spends money. The tradition of releasing a…

Louisiana woman delivers 14-pound baby

Every Time You Get In A Girl’s Car

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Man rigs package to scare thieves, deter package thefts

Mongols invasion into Europe / Medieval battle / Lego film (animation)

10-year-old girl with autism sings Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

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