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Garage Logic


There is an iceberg in New Foundland that really intrigues the staff. Road trip? Maybe
Keeping with the nature theme, the sun can create some disruptive situations despite all of our new technology. Souch provides some potential hope for people with dementia. It is not the Opener, but there is a Scramble!


Souvenir from the German Christmas Market in Berlin


How to find the Porsche 911 vehile vin number factory location, Motor Meister

The Ford Century in Minnesota by Brian McMahon

How the Ford Motor Company transformed Minnesota over the past 100 years First-person accounts of more than forty retired auto workers detail experiences of working at Ford Motor Company—from the early years in Minneapolis to…

This might possibly be the most amazing card trick you have EVER seen!

Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face To Save His Dog (FULL VIDEO)

Is that a Yeti on a dashcam video in Russia?

Cute dog can’t get to the bone at the bottom of the bowl

The recovery email from Mike Lins that Joe read on the air today

Hi Joe, As a long tome listener I thought GLs would enjoy hearing about the logistics to recover the tank that was blocking HWY 7 Wednesday Morning. I’m the engineering manager for Vic’s Crane and…

Jason Lewis return to 1500 and joins Soucheray live at O’Gara’s for Veterans Day

Listener Chris submitted this photo in honor of Joe’s “Giraffe Talk”

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica & The Roots Sing “Enter Sandman” (Classroom Instruments)

Lights Appear In Sky After New Zealand Earthquake

REPORT: After Getting Cut By Vikings, Blair Walsh Misses The Door Wide Left On His Way Out

Courtesy of the Daily Snark REPORT: After Getting Cut By Vikings, Blair Walsh Misses The Door Wide Left On His Way Out

Amazing photo from David Carson of the St Louis Post Dispatch of the Super Moon and the Arch

Supermoon St. Louis from the Compton Hill Water Tower #supermoon #stl Vertical or horizontal? More pix coming at @stltoday & in print Monday — David Carson (@PDPJ) November 13, 2016

Award-winning American landscape photos (USA Today)

Black Men Brutally Attack Old White Guy For Voting For Trump

This “Psychic” Scottish Goat Has Predicted Hillary Clinton Will Win The Election

Illinois Church posts hilarious Cubs poster

The Chicago Cubs: Someday commercial Joe was talking about

The Trump Mic Check

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