The Map of Garage Logic (ep. 7)


It takes sixteen innings for the Twins to beat Cleveland in a powerless Puerto Rico. Some new news coming in concerning former First Lady Barbara Bush. The idiot teacher at Fresno State, has more rude comments and gives out a wrong phone number to contact her. What a jerk!
We are told that someone named Sterling Smith was the alleged attacker of the MTC bus driver. Joe goes through the timeline and figures out how it started. This forces Joe to mention the fact that some have lost their social contract with people. What a sorry thing that is. Forest bathing and a call from Barry the Tree.


US Navy Pilots Draw Huge (swimsuit area) in the Sky

The Mayor “Going In” (Courtesy of Greg Holcomb)

The Rookie “Going In” (Courtesy of Greg Holcomb)

Oklahoma City Thunder’s midflight scare

How’s the first day at the new job going??

Impact of Northern California Fires Seen in New NASA Satellite Image

The Bridge Crash Compilation of the 11 foot 8 inch bridge

This “broken glass” effect on a glass bridge might be the scariest prank ever…

The Dove ad that Joe was talking about today

Dove apologizes for ad: We 'missed the mark' representing black women — CNN (@CNN) October 9, 2017

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Down By the Riverside

The true definition of “Hero”

A true hero. — Cloyd Rivers (@CloydRivers) October 4, 2017

A former playmates are mourning Heff in their own way…….

Massive Meteor Strikes Moon!

The 7 Signs Of An Empire In Decline

The Muskie lure submitted by Bill E Stein

When it’s eclipse day and you just wanna be that much closer to the sun for a pic

Another Glen Campbell talent (world class bagpipe player) “Amazing Grace”

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