The Map of Garage Logic (ep. 7)


Hour 1 Joe discusses the winding days of fall and the preparations that must take place before you know what comes. The crew also discusses the etiquette involved in backyard fires, the findings of Keith Ellison's divorce records being unsealed, and a controversy in the world of trans sports.
Hour 2 Joe begins with an important but heavy topic on the minimizing placed on the value of life. Reusse joins for his weekly report on the world of sports, including why he thinks that baseball is in real trouble. Joe then wraps up the week with a segment of listener mail.


Vegas Golden Knights Opening Ceremonies of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

GL 25th Anniv Moments: #25-Axman Breast Pump

Johnson Hardware – The Biggest Little Hardware Store

Sioux Falls teens making prom attire with duct tape for competition

Monty’s Reptile Show at the Minnesota State Fair 2013

Governor Pawlenty hula hoop Garage Logic State Fair 2007

An Earthquake Scares a Bald Eagle

Loyal GL’er Reed flying an F-16 over Grandma’s Marathon (2002)

Check out this photo from Loyal GL’er Reed

This is the side of a Mig-23 in Balad Air Base Iraq. The Iraqi’s attempted to hide it and a couple others by burying it in the sand.

Dad Interrupts His Daughter’s Engagement by Holding Up ‘Say No’ Sign

On the morning of March 24, Levi Bliss told an unsuspecting Allison Barron that they were going to make a quick trip to meet up with her parents for breakfast. So the two hopped in…

Bizarre midair UFO sighting freaks out plane passengers

Why orange snow is blanketing ski slopes in Sochi, Russia

You had one job (Firefighters Mistakenly Pump Jet Fuel On Fire Instead Of Water)

Greg Holcomb presents: “Rick” from Harlingen TX

World’s Weirdest Bridges (PHOTOS)

1. Lucky Knot Bridge, Changsha, China Unveiled to the public just last week, this knot-shaped, ribbon-like steel pedestrian bridge crossing the Dragon King Harbour River in the Chinese mega-city of Changsha was designed by NEXT…

Dad Creates Obstacle Course For Daughter

Cougar spotted in Brookfield, WI

Levi LaVallee backflip jump over Super Bowl LIVE on Nicollet Mall at 11th Street

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