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Purple Podcast, ep 31: Did Bridgewater's inaccuracy cost Vikings the game?
On this episode of the Purple Podcast, Andrew Krammer and Derek Wetmore analyze the Vikings’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, and point to several reasons for optimism, in a season that hasn’t seemed to have much of it.--- They also talk about how rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater may have cost the Vikings the game early with his inaccuracy. These are the growing pains of a young starting quarterback, but are they the end of the world for the Vikings?---They give props to Mike Zimmer and the Vikings defense for taking away the “home run” plays that the Packers had pulled off in Lambeau. That wasn’t there Sunday, but Eddie Lacy was still a force to be reckoned with.---The podcast wraps up by named 3 players the Vikings need to see improvement from for the rest of the year. (Hint: No. 1 on the list is left tackle Matt Kalil.)
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