Loyal listener Thomas in Arizona checking in on Sports Talk (115 degrees!!!!)

Worst call by an umpire in baseball history

Found footage of the lawnmower going into the Reusse pool!!!

Female Padres fan catches foul ball with beer…….then chugs the beer!!

Women at Padres game catches ball in her beer Legen … wait for it … dary. (via San Diego Padres) Posted by SportsCenter on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

In defying odds, Golden Knights’ success is not so good for sports books (USA Today)

Woman who looks like Trump goes viral in Spain

Olympic curler’s husband double-fisting

“I’m not a drunk. I’m just Canadian.”

Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

Nobody breaks it all the way down quite like Team Reuvers at the Super Bowl Experience

Eagles Fan Runs Into Pole

Referee loses toupee in H.S. basketball game

Bills Mafia Highlights Set to the Titanic Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick, Darlene Love & The Roots Sing “Christmas”

The Mayor would like to welcome Fernando Rodney to the Twins

Sex before Grey Cup game?

The MARTA bus strikes again

Today's Georgia Dome implosion isn't the first time the MARTA bus had terrible timing — Sports Illustrated (@SInow) November 21, 2017

Andy Reid Punt Pass Kick Competition

The traffic leaving Dodger Stadium after Game 1 has to be seen to be believed

The traffic leaving Dodger Stadium after Game 1 has to be seen to be believed. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 25, 2017

Police Officer in Tucson, Arizona, and he is a former college football player for the University of Arizona Brandon Tatum Destroys the NFL

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