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Senate Approves Sunday Sales

After being approved by the House last week, the bill to end the ban on Sunday liquor sales was passed by the Senate yesterday on a 38-28 vote. The bill will now be given to…

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Surly + Sierra Nevada Team Up

Minnesota’s Surly Brewing was chosen as the 2017 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp collaborator, and the result is the Beer Camp Ginger Lager. The lager, made with spicy ginger, cayenne and oak, will be released in 16oz…

Open Beer Growler
New Growler Bill Introduced

Earlier this week, a bill was introduced that would essentially allow all Minnesota breweries to sell growlers. Currently, if a brewery produces more than 20,000 barrels they are not allowed to sell growlers in their…

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Insight Brewing to Begin Using Solar Power

Northeast Minneapolis’ Insight Brewing is set to become Minnesota’s first brewery to use solar power. Insight has partnered with Innovative Power Systems to create a community solar garden in Carver, which will help the brewery offset…

The founder of Sam Adams – Jim Koch joins the Beer Show with Reuvers

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This Chart Will Tell You What to Drink on Super Bowl Sunday

Still struggling with what to drink during the big game on Sunday? Use this chart to help you decide.

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Could Beer be Brewed on the Moon?

Engineering students from the University of California San Diego are ready to find out if beer can be brewed on the moon. Their pitch to test the viability of yeast on the moon got them selected…

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Sunday Sales Moves to House Floor

Once again, Minnesota lawmakers are addressing the Sunday Sales debate. On Tuesday, the House Commerce Committee voted 15-4 to approve the latest Sunday Sales bill and sent it to the House floor. The bill allow liquor stores…

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Release Day Set for Badger Hill/Todd Haug’s ‘HEXIT’

Todd Haug’s final beer in Minnesota, HEXIT, will be released at Badger Hill Brewing on Saturday, January 28th. The dry-hopped braggot is made with 600 lbs of honey, and proceeds will be donated to the…

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WMU Student Receives Beer Brewing Scholarship

A WMU student has been awarded the first ever Beer Week Scholarship from the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. Dan King is participating in the joint WMU-KVCC sustainable brewing program, and says he’ll use the scholarship to help…

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Summit Brewing Announces 2017 Beers

2017 begins this weekend, and to get you ready for the new year, Summit Brewing Company has released their line of beers for the year. Click here to see the line-up.

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Ranking 104 Christmas/Winter Beers

Every year, Paste Magazine blind taste tests Christmas beers and ranks them. This year they expanded their field to include winter beers and did not limit it to a single style, leaving them with 104…

Tanks in microbrewery
Steps Taken to Ensure Consistency in Beer

It’s a topic of much discussion among brewers – how do you ensure consistency in your beers? There are multiple practices breweries use, from installing a lab and hiring scientists to sticking to an exact…

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2016’s Top 25 Beers

2016 is coming to a close, and it’s time to look back at the top beers introduced in the last 12 months. Check out this list of the top 25 beers of the year.

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10 Beers with the Biggest Decline in Sales

While beer continues to be the most popular alcoholic beverage choice among Americans, there are some once popular brands that have seen a sharp decline in sales in the last 6 years. While it is…

Christmas Beer
Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping is in full swing! If you have a beer enthusiast in your life, check out this list of beer-related gift ideas.

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Beer Styles For Those Who Don’t Like Hops

Love beer, but don’t love hops? With the popularity of the pale ale and IPA, it can be hard to find a beer that doesn’t have an overly hoppy flavor. If you’re looking for a craft…

50 Things to Love About Beer

There are plenty of things to love about beer itself. But what about all the aspects that go along with drinking beer? Here’s a list of 50 things to love about being a beer drinker.

Beer Bottles and American Football
Find a Bud Light Gold Can & You Could Win Super Bowl Tickets for Life

Bud Light is giving you the chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life (or the next 51 years). Starting today and running through January 13th, Bud Light will be randomly placing 37,000 gold cans…

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Tips for Packing Beer and Wine When Traveling

Traveling season is upon us, and chances are you’ll be traveling with some sort of alcohol. Here are 3 ways to protect that precious cargo.

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