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Friday, September 22nd

Murph and Morris talking football, well, football at Target Field with Twins President Dave St. Peter. Johhny vs Tommy game is tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 21st

Brian Murphy and Patrick chat about the Twins and the Vikings. Which team has what it takes to make it to the playoffs? Hmmm.

Wednesday, September 20th

The Twins get swept by the Yankees. Why is there such a curse?

Tuesday, September 19th

The Twins are making their run. They need to take at least one or two of these games to have a chance. Earthquake in Mexico reminds both Joe and Patrick about athletic events that they were both involved in with quakes.

Monday, September 18th

The Twins are making their run. How will they fare against the Yankees? Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan has died. Big loss. Patrick mentions some stories about Bobby that are truly enjoyable.

Friday, September 15th

This hour of the Football Fun Fest has Brian Murphy and Mike Morris talking Vikings, and the status of Sam Bradford's knee, as the Vikings QB is listed as questionable for Sunday's game in Pittsburgh. Also, what's happening with Anthony Barr and his hamstring?

Thursday, September 14th

Joe and Patrick chat about the Twins and then onto golf. Big tourney going on right now. Larry King? How old is he?

Wednesday, September 13th

Joe and Patrick chat about the Twins and their big win last night at Target Field. Then onto the Vikings, where there is a STEM kid that may have some pointers. The boys wonder how that would have worked out with previous coaches. Funny.

Tuesday, September 12th

Reusse and the crew spent the hour today talking about the Vikings victory over the Saints last night. They also talked about the Twins returning to action after their off day yesterday.

Monday, September 11th

Is Reusse's condo in Florida okay? Kind of. The Vikings are all set for the match up tonight!! How does Rookie kick a football? Poorly.

Friday, September 8th

Brian Murphy and the Superstar, Mike Morris chat about the NFL Opener from last night. Randy Moss in the Vikings Ring of Honor? Yep. The Hall of Fame? Most likely.

Thursday, September 7th

The boys comment on how the Twins have their work cut out for them playing teams that should be easily defeated. The entire staff has some trouble figuring out the Pro Pick 'em Challenge for this year.

Wednesday, September 6th

Joe and Patrick wonder if the Twins can comeback and hang on to beat the Tamps Bay club today. If they do, Joe says it will be a turning point in the season. Patrick takes a look at the bat video from Garage Logic.

Tuesday, September 5th

The boys are reunited in the studio, talking about the golf rankings, the Twins looking over their shoulder and how Reuvers behaves while coaching first base for Town Ball.

Friday, September 1st

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat broadcasting at the Minnesota State Fair!

Brian Murphy and Scott Korzenowski are in for Joe and Pat today on this Labor Day. They spend the hour talking about the dynamic of sportswriting between beat writers, bloggers and columnists. Later it's heavy Vikings conversation.

Thursday, August 31st

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat broadcasting at the Minnesota State Fair!

Wednesday, August 30th

Souch and Pat and the crew are at the State Fair!

Tuesday, August 29th

Joe, Pat and the SportsTalk gang are out at the State Fair. Reusse talks Twins with Joe, and later Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) stops by the porch.

Monday, August 28th

Joe, Pat and the crew are at the Minnesota State Fair!

Friday, August 25th

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat broadcasting on the second day at the Minnesota State Fair, featuring music from the John Heidt News Experience!

Thursday, August 24th

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat broadcasting on the first day at the Minnesota State Fair

Wednesday, August 23rd

Patrick solo with the staff talking about Twins baseball, town ball and some of the great town ball ballparks. Wilt Chamberlain had 'good stuff'

Patrick solo with the staff talking about Twins baseball, town ball and some of the great town ball ballparks. Wilt Chamberlain had 'good stuff'

Tuesday, August 22nd

Korzo in for Patrick, while Joe Reuvers the balance of the staff discuss the Twins and what their future looks like in the years to come. Lindsay Vonn and Tiger has some unfortunate things floating through the internets.

Monday, August 21st

The boys chat about the current state of the MN Twins and how they will do tonight in their double header. Also the eclipse of the century comes up.

Friday, August 18th

Friday Fill in Fun Fest with Myron Medcalf, Manny Hill and the balance of the staff and we are talking after shave in the locker room and pre-season football.

Thursday, August 17th

Patrick is joined today with Brian Murphy. The boys pretty much watched the Twins play a horrible game against the Indians. Glen Perkins gets a standing ovation when he returned to the mound. He did not deliver a grand performance.

Wednesday, August 16th

Patrick solo in the studio talking about the Twins latest, another loss to the Cleveland Indians. Colon did not fare too well against the tribe. News gets a little out of hand and Kenny kills a story.

Tuesday, August 15th

Patrick and Korzo in the studio today as they bring in a special guest, Frank White, to talk about the history of baseball, with a nice local twist.

Monday, August 14th

Patrick runs the ship today, as Souch is off this week. The Twins are doing well in the wild card despite not having any real expectations for this year.

Friday, August 11th

The Friday Fill-in Fun Fest is hosted by Anthony Maggio, Bo Mitchell, & John Tuvey live at Mystic Lake Casino in preparation for the Fantasy Football Convention!

Thursday, August 10th

Joe and Patrick are talking rowing as the Lipton Cup will be competed for this Friday and Saturday. Michael Pexa joins the show to talk up the event and give some history about the Saint Paul Rowing Club, on Harriet Island. The Twins are set for a good crowd next week.

Wednesday, August 9th

Joe is not in the popular kids group today, so of course they give him the needle. The talk then goes to Target Field and Miller Park and the difference between the two. Patrick says that the Twins would have preferred a roof on the news stadium, but settled.

Tuesday, August 8th

Joe and Patrick are talking Twins and then jump over to gold and the future of golf tourneys in Minnesota. Might we get a big league tourney that will the replace the Senior Championship? Hmmm. Singer Glen Campbell has died.

Monday, August 7th

Brian Murphy in for Patrick today, talking with Joe about the Twins and their somewhat positive weekend. The boys all agree that you cannot win anything if you are only winning four out of your last ten games. Good luck.

Friday, August 4th

Patrick live at the 3M Championship today.

Thursday, August 3rd

Souch and Timberwolves Play-by-play, Alan Horton sits in for Patrick as the boys chat about the upcoming Wolves season, Throw in a little golf, as well as Rookie getting blasted for potentially going to the Cat Video Festival this year. Uh oh!

Wednesday, August 2nd

Patrick riding solo as the Twins take on San Diego this afternoon. What will happen at the 3M Championship this year with all of the potential poor weather? Santana has got really agood stuff today, according to Patrick.

Tuesday, August 1st

The Twins are not faring well at all these days and the sell off may have begun. Switching to golf, caller Miss Minnetonka wonders what will happen to Phil Mickelson and his longtime caddy. What is the controversy? The news gets a little out of whack when Kenny has plans for Rookie's extra meds.

Monday, July 31st

The entire staff is united and wondering what will happen with the trade deadline. The Twins may have fallen off of the cliff.

Friday, July 28th

The Voice of the Timberwolves Alan Horton is in on the Friday Fill-in Fun Fest today. He, Reuvers and Manny spend the hour talking about the rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and the Wolves. John Heidt also has a sports and news update.

Thursday, July 27th

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat for July 27!

Wednesday, July 26th

Description not available at this time, check back later

Tuesday, July 25th

SportsTalk with Joe and Pat for July 25!

Friday, July 21st

Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press is in on the Friday Fill-in Fun Fest today. He, Reuvers and Manny spend the hour talking Twins, and the NBA with the breaking news that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland. John Shipley of the Pioneer Press joins to talk Gopher football and other topics.

Wednesday, July 19th

Korzo sits in for Patrick today. Joe and Scott chat about the Twins and their loss to the Yankees from last night, as well as their victory over the Bronx Bombers today. The British Open is now just called 'The Open Championship'

Tuesday, July 18th

Joe and Patrick admit that the Twins pulled off a good one last night beating the Yankees. Patrick confesses some trouble at home with the pool and with one his former cars involving hail!

Monday, July 17th

Joe and Patrick are waiting on a press conference to hear from the family of a woman that was shot by a Minneapolis police officer. Aside from that very pressing topic, they manage to work in a little sports, predicting how the ball club will do against the Yankees.

Friday, July 14th

Myron Medcalf in today for Friday Fill in Fun Fest! Sportswise, we got you covered: Timberwolves, Twins and breaking Michael Floyd news. Will he survive his suspension of four games and still play out the year?

Thursday, July 13th

The boys replay Patrick's interview with Alec Majerus, the X Games participant from Rochester, MN. This kid is a hoot. Some big trades in baseball today.

Wednesday, July 12th

The boys take on the All-Star game and give a quick history of the rules over the years. During the news Pat and Joe cannot grasp technology. This prompts Rookie to have some fun with the fellas.

Tuesday, July 11th

Patrick tells a story about taking the grand children to a movie and then to McDonald's, where one of the urchins lost a sock. The HR contest was pretty good, it gets high marks with the new format.

Monday, July 10th

Joe and Patrick are reunited in the studio to talk about golf and the current state of the Twins at the All-Star break. What's the story with this new call up for the Twins? He had a great catch yesterday.

Friday, July 7th

The big time voice of the Timberwolves and really good guy, Alan Horton sits in for the Friday Fill in FunFest. Jimmy Pete checks in from the summer league in Las Vegas and presents a pretty good future for the Wolves.

Thursday, July 6th

Reusse solo today talking about the 37th Hamel, MN rodeo. He has a real Cowboy, Tim O'Connell, join the show to tell us about the rodeo and the life of a barebacker.

Wednesday, July 5th

Reusse and Joe Schmit today walking some Twins and their history with the All Star Game. How many one and done players made it to the game? Reusse will tell you.

Monday, July 3rd

Reusse is in studio today. Matthew Coller joins at the start to talk Wild and NHL free agency. Manny talks NBA offseason, and then Chaska baseball coach Erik Welter joins to talk about Brad Hand making the National League All Star Team.

Friday, June 30th

Brian Murphy and Jayy Kolls are in the big chairs for this episode. The boys talk Twins and what it is like to cover the ballclub as a beat writer.

Thursday, June 29th

Brain Murphy in for Patrick today with Souch. The boys are talking about stadium names and golf tournament names. everything is all corporate now.

Wednesday, June 28th

Korzo in with Souch chatting up the big golf finish this past weekend. The current state of the Timberwolves is also very promising, according to Korzo.

Tuesday, June 27th

Tommy P sits in Patrick's chair today. Joe and Tom chat about the Twins and their first place position. Will Michael Floyd make it back to the NFL? The news gets a little testy...

Monday, June 26th

The Twins sweep of Cleveland, has Patrick and Joe talking up some good (on the road) baseball. Who would have thunk it? Great finish for golf this weekend. Rookie tries his duck as Patrick.

Friday, June 23rd

Myron Medcalf is in on the Fun Fest today. He and Manny talk about the Wolves acquisition of Jimmy Butler and what it means for the franchise. Jonathan Hood of ESPN 1000 in Chicago joins to discuss the impact of the trade from a Chicago perspective.

Thursday, June 22nd

Joe and Superstar Mike Morris who was filling in for Patrick spent the hour talking about the NBA draft. They also chatted a little football and the Twins in the middle of their weather delay

Wednesday, June 21st

Patrick takes the helm and we get way off course taking about television shows and odd insults. Where did "Your Momma wears Army boots come from?" Tune in to find out.

Tuesday, June 20th

Breaking news today in the trial of Officer Yanez. The dash cam video was released to the public. Tough video to watch. On to sports then, as the local ball club is not performing well as of late. Phil Mickelson will get a new caddie.

Friday, June 16th

Breaking news from downtown Saint Paul today in the trial of Officer Yanez. Brain Murphy also chats with Zach Parise of the MN Wild.

The Twins were swept by Cleveland and the U.S. Open has a new champion. Was the course very difficult? Golf balls have improved greatly over the years.

Thursday, June 15th

The Twins won today and Cleveland is up next. How will they fare? Pat tells a story, where Joe cannot recall any details. It's driving him crazy. He calls the boss and is pretty stressed out over it. Funny.

Wednesday, June 14th

Patrick is a little late to the game, or show, Joe wants to hear nothing of his problems as to why he was late. The Twins score twenty runs and collect twenty-nine hits in their big win last night. Why can't they do that every day, demands Joe.

Tuesday, June 13th

The Twins have drafted some new players and the staff go over the policy and the breakdown of how successful they will be. The US Open will be underway very soon. Will Phil Mickelson make it? Hmm

Monday, June 12th

The boys chat about the Twins and their play as of late, then on to whom they are going to pick for the draft tonight. Patrick gives his chit. The talk then moves to some of the old town ballparks that Patrick has been visiting lately and Kenny complains about his neighbors not being too neighborly.

Friday, June 9th

Tommy P sits in the drivers seat today and has a couple of questions for the staff on the newest potential Olympic sport: Three on three basketball in 2020. What? Who's idea was this? Also Twins hurler Kyle Gibson checks in with a report on his progress and success this year.

Thursday, June 8th

Brian Murphy sits in the chair for Joe as Patrick gets his chit in on politics and they boys discuss the future of the first place Twins.

Wednesday, June 7th

Joe and Patrick chat about the Twins and their horrible game against the Mariners. What about the baseball draft? Joe recalls Patrick's $2500 dive into the pool many years ago. Very Funny!

Tuesday, June 6th

Patrick provides an anniversary date for Joe, having to do with the NHL and the North Stars beginning their franchise. The Twins are idle but ready to take on Seattle. The staff mocks Patrick for his trip to the big box store, trying to replace his furnace filter. Very good stuff.

Monday, June 5th

The boys mention how well the Twins are doing, especially on the road. Joe wonders if they can play all of their remaining games on the road? The gimp in 'Pulp fiction' Had a very, very, very, bad job, according to Patrick-LOL

Friday, June 2nd

Patrick is joined by Totino Grace Head Football Coach Jeff Ferguson for the entire hour. They discuss the evolution of tackling and how his coaches go about teaching it, Totino's schedule this upcoming season, and P.J. Fleck.

Thursday, June 1st

Patrick announces that it is the fifth anniversary of his friend Dark Star passing. That leads the fellas to chat about old time radio and what 'Summer Hours' is. Kenny calls the boys out and tells them that this show should be cancelled. Pretty good.

Wednesday, May 31st

Reusse spent the hour talking about why the Twins Stinks!!!

Tuesday, May 30th

Soucheray and Reusse spent the hour today talking about the Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland brawl yesterday. They also discussed the epic collapse for the Twins in yesterday's game vs Houston. They also had the bottom of the hour news update with John Heidt.

Friday, May 26th

Curt Copeland of KMOX in St. Louis is in on the Fun Fest today. He and Reuvers chat with Jess Myers to preview the Stanley Cup Finals, and talk other sports topics of the day.

Thursday, May 25th

Patrick needs to adjust a potential Twins bet that Reuvers challenged him on. The club is in first place and shows no sign of slowing down. Reuvers fills in for Johnny Heidt and hits a HR with a story about.....painting.

Wednesday, May 24th

The Twins sweep the Orioles out east and have a comfy game and a half lead over Cleveland. Twins are a great road club this year. Joe asks Patrick about their pitching. Is the Association's song Wendy or Windy? Either way, if you play too often, it will drive you crazy.

Tuesday, May 23rd

The Twins make a rather large comeback against the Orioles last night and the NHL playoffs are about to be all set. The Predator will win? Who are all of these new names on LPGA Tour?

Monday, May 22nd

The NHL Playoffs are in full swing. Can Nashville pull it off? The Twins having a true doubleheader was pretty neat. Injuries are hurting the ball club right now. Kenny comes in and rips the boys for talking about lame stuff in their private life.

Thursday, May 18th

The take a look at the new TCL Roku TV and watch baseball for the first time. Wonderful. The hockey playoffs may not be the biggest television draw ever. What is a bearded dragon?

Wednesday, May 17th

The Timberwolves have always been very unlucky with the draft lottery. The trend continued this year as well. Major league sports and their drafts are not guarantees that good players will develop. Patrick has some tool problems that need to be addressed.

Tuesday, May 16th

The begins with a phone call from NFL Hall of Fame Coach, Bud Grant. Were the boys talking sports? Nope. Bud wanted to promote his garage sale this week. He took some good natured shots from the fellas. What a character!

Monday, May 15th

The show starts with a couple of golf questions concerning this past weekend's Player's tourney. How old is this Korean phenom? The new TV in the studio is really nice. Topless cleaners? Um no!

Friday, May 12th

Brian Murphy is in on the Fun Fest today, he and Manny spend the hour talking Twins, the NBA playoffs and other sports topics of the day. Jess Myers joins from the Governor's Fishing Opener.

Thursday, May 11th

The NHL playoffs are in full swing, the Twins were rained out last night and for some reason, the fellas are concerned with whether or not the A & W in Inver Grove Heights has car hop service-LOL!!

Wednesday, May 10th

The boys are asking about the return of closer Glen Perkins. Pat thinks that he may not come back for the year. His option next year is six million. There are two game sevens tonight in the NHL playoffs.

Tuesday, May 9th

MLB announces Sano's suspension time. The hockey playoffs do not seem to be getting much national attention. Joe and Pat try to recall the names of the old baseball stadiums. Heidt's news is solid entertainment.

Monday, May 8th

The boys comment on the lousy play of the local baseball club against Boston. The pitching staff had two very bad outings. John Daly wins his first Champions Tour event. What a character he is.

Thursday, May 4th

The Twins are trying to make a comeback to sweep the A's, but it is not going too well. The topic of Townball parks and umpires comes up. Great baseball and of course great food at most of these gems. Kenny gets crabby at Rookie

Should Sano be striking out so much? He ended the game yesterday with a strikeout, his fourth of the day and probably most important at bat. Do people really watch baseball, just to watch it, Rookie wants to know.

Tuesday, May 2nd

The Twins are doing pretty well and had a home run show against Oakland last night. Who should be the MVP of the month? Santana or Sano?

Monday, May 1st

Joe and Patrick are in studio chatting about the success of the MN Twins as of late. Sano player of the month? Maybe! Cool National Anthem in Edmonton. How does one transport gorillas?

Friday, April 28th

Mike Grimm sits in this hour to discuss some projects that are going at the U of Minn. Former Golden Gophers Chris Hawthorn and Joe Bjorklund, mention the process of some new construction at the U. The NFL Draft? You are all in, or all out.

Thursday, April 27th

Joe and Pat talked about the renewed interest in the Twins. They also spent an entire segment trying to look up golf information that nobody else new what they were talking about.

Wednesday, April 26th

The Twins just mat have a chance to salvage an okay season if this type of play keeps up. Sano, Buxton and Mauer are playing a little bit better. Joe tells Kenny a funny joke.

Tuesday, April 25th

The boys are talking about the Twins and their big comeback win last night. The Wild are reporting an injury to an important member to the team. NFL Draft: Will Joe and Patrick attend the Vikings event?

Friday, April 21st

Brian Murphy talks to the staff about the current play of the MN Wild and their rather large hurdle that they need to get over. Is it possible? AP's John Kryzinski checks in to talk about KG and ...

Thursday, April 20th

The boys watch the Twins as they let their two run lead slip away. The Wild win and force another festive atmosphere in Saint Paul on Saturday. Kenny goes all 4:20 on the ...

Wednesday, April 19th

The boys take on the suicide of Aaron Hernandez in prison. Are people surprised that an NFL'er was a murderer? The boys then mention characters over the years in sports. Ty Cobb was not a very ...