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Updated: July 26th, 2013 3:22pm
Adrian Peterson 'can't wait' to get blood drawn for HGH testing

Adrian Peterson 'can't wait' to get blood drawn for HGH testing

by Andrew Krammer
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MANKATO, Minn. -- Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson really, really wants to give his blood in a league-wide effort to ultimately test for performance enhancing drugs.

Not only to validate Peterson's phenomenal 2,097-yard season last year, but to quell any whispers that he's ever taken growth hormones in his seven-year career.

The NFL Players Association informed players in a July 12 memo that their blood would be drawn when they report to training camp in an attempt to set a baseline HGH level to implement future testing (with consequences).

"I like it. I love it," Peterson said. "I've been hoping they'd do this for a long time. Even out the playing field, make guys honest and true to themselves. I can't wait until they draw my blood."

"I'm all natural, I work hard."

The NFL's reigning MVP said he has heard the speculative noise, whether on social media or by opposing fans, that he used some kind of performance-enhancing drugs to fuel his comeback from an ACL tear.

To Peterson, it's a compliment.

"I take it as a comfort," Peterson said. "It shows how blessed I am. [Testing] will definitely clear a lot of stuff up."

With almost two dozen players being suspended for violating the league's steroid policy last season (Adderall included), Peterson said he's confident some players are using HGH in a league dominated by brute strength.

"HGH is something that definitely shows up on a test," Peterson said. "You've got guys out there trying to provide for their family, they're going to try and get that edge."

Andrew Krammer covers the Minnesota Vikings for He previously covered the Gophers men's basketball team for the Minnesota Daily.
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