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Updated: October 8th, 2013 11:03am
Apparently Rick Spielman told Josh Freeman what to say Monday night

Apparently Rick Spielman told Josh Freeman what to say Monday night

by Derek Wetmore
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Parody: The Josh Freeman-Rick Spielman whisper controversy
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The Vikings may have gotten themselves into a bit of a mess at quarterback. The team spent all of Monday downplaying any controversy, spouting the same declaration about their confidence in both Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel.

And that new guy?

They say they think he has a chance to be a good player, too.

On the surface, the quarterback situation is crowded and awkward, with three players who have held and lost starter's jobs in the NFL.

But aside from that tension, the team may have erred a bit when it introduced new quarterback Josh Freeman. In a conference call Monday with General Manager Rick Spielman, Freeman and reporters, Spielman can be heard directing Freeman on what to say.

Josh Freeman's mouth" href="" target="_blank">City Pages had a blog Tuesday morning pointing out the hand-holding.

The first instance, at the 14:32 mark, comes just as Freeman is making his opening remarks. Spielman can be heard saying something like, "Just say you're excited to be here." Freeman then says, "I'm pumped up to be a Minnesota Viking."

The second, at 16:35, comes after a reporter asks Freeman, "What happened between you and Greg Schiano?" ...

As Freeman struggled to answer that question, a whispering Spielman can be heard saying something like, "everything down there was great." Freeman then says, "I had a lot of great memories there, a lot of good times with the fellas."

The last instance, occurring at the 26:30 mark, comes after Freeman is asked if reports he only wanted a one-year deal with the Vikings are true. Spielman can be heard whispering something to Freeman about "your business." Then, Freeman says: "I didn't really take a whole lot of interest in the actual negotiations. My main focus was where can I go to better myself the most."

The Vikings delayed the conference call from 6:30 p.m. until about 7:45 p.m. Spielman talked for about 15 minutes before Freeman began his guided portion of the call. Here is the audio of the conference call.

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