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Updated: July 14th, 2014 11:59pm
Brian Dozier shares a career highlight with his older brother, Clay

Brian Dozier shares a career highlight with his older brother, Clay

by Derek Wetmore
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Sports Over Beers, episode 23. Dave St. Peter on the All-Star Game
Twins President Dave St. Peter joins the Sports Over Beers podcast to talk about this year's All-Star Game at Target Field. The best events of All-Star week, the concert at TCF Bank Stadium, the color run, the parade down Nicollet Mall, the Futures Game, the Home Run Derby and the rest of the party. Are there tickets available for any of the events for the week? Where can fans go to find tickets or seating for any of the All-Star events? How will the Twins and the city of Minneapolis benefit from hosting All-Star week at Target Field? Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki will be in the game, but several others with Twins ties will be involved, too. What upgrades have the Twins made to Target Field to make the All-Star Game as good as it can be? -- How were season ticket sales affected by the All-Star Game, and how will that change once the game is a thing of the past? What is St. Peter most looking forward to? ( -- Also, from Mason's Barre in downtown Minneapolis, Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore have a couple Shock Tops and chat about their expectations for the All-Star Game. What do you want to see in this year’s game and surrounding events (read: party)? Does Justin Morneau stand a chance to make it in the Final Vote? #VoteMorneau. Did Brian Dozier get robbed? How cool is it that Pat Neshek made it? Special thanks to Mason's Barre and Shock Top.
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MINNEAPOLIS - Clay Dozier says he hasn't missed watching any of his brother's big league games. And when the lefty was tapped to throw to his younger brother in the home run derby, he thought he might be the more nervous of the pair.

Brian Dozier, though, had to welcome a stadium full of people and a national broadcast to watch a glorified round of batting practice.

The elder Dozier bowed out in the first round of Monday's All-Star home run derby, but he got to share the special moment on the field with his older brother.

"It was cool. The crowd was electric and the started chanting 'Dozier,' that's probably one of the most highlighted moments in my career or my life, to be honest with you. Chills came over my body and it was pretty cool."

He said his brother got the chills, too, but after a couple pitches he calmed down and it was like playing any other game of catch -- only with a giant audience.

Clay, who is two years older than Brian, said earlier Monday that he had studied the second baseman's power zones to prepare for the derby.

"Yeah, it's not very big," Clay cracked. "He just likes up and in, right?

The two apparently decided that Brian would take a couple pitches early in the round so that each could settle their nerves. "But not too many or you'll get one in the back," Clay warned.

"Clay hung in there, he did a good job. Hit the zone pretty good. It was nerve-wrecking," Brian Dozier said after his elimination.

"It was probably the most nervous I've been in a long time," Brian said. "It probably even tops my [Major League] debut."

The two brothers share a close bond, and part of what connects them is baseball. Clay played at a junior college and later Delta State, but labrum surgery effectively ended his playing career. They had 12 family members behind the dugout Monday to watch.

"I have no idea where [the power] came from," Clay said, now an accountant, recalling their days together on high school and summer league teams. "He couldn't get it out of the infield [back then]. ... I don't know if it started with his lower body workouts or where but we're all just mesmerized."

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