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Updated: June 19th, 2012 12:51pm
Chad Greenway rejoins Vikings while father continues leukemia battle

Chad Greenway rejoins Vikings while father continues leukemia battle

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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Chad Greenway rejoined his Minnesota Vikings teammates for minicamp on Tuesday and said he's glad to be back after missing the bulk of voluntary workouts because of his father's illness.

Greenway's father, Alan, is ill with leukemia, but not in hospice care as had been reported.

"Basically, he's dealing with complications due to the leukemia that he had," Greenway said. "So, he's just been dealing with that and it's been an ongoing thing. And he's been at the Mayo Clinic and he's been home. Currently, he's at the Mayo Clinic again, so they're doing all they can do."

The leukemia is in remission, Greenway said, "(b)ut with the aggressive, acute nature of it, it'll come back. Now it's just a matter of managing things and that's what doctors do. So we're just holding out hope that things can come around."

Greenway said that although he's spent more time with his father in the last six weeks than he has in the last three or four years, he was ready to get back to work.

"It's been a blessing as part of this, so it was an easier decision to come back to work," Greenway said. "A lot of people have things going on in their lives. So, I just want to be here, and go through it and be part of it and get better."

Although Greenway said he's thankful that he's able to come work at a place with his friends and doing something that he loves, he admitted he thinks about his dad all the time.

"Yeah every day and every minute you're thinking about it," Greenway said, "but at the same point you have to go to work and it is a reprieve to be at work and be around my friends and do something that I love."

It was unclear last week whether Greenway would attend the mandatory three-day minicamp, and coach Leslie Frazier had given him permission to miss it. But the two spoke on Friday and Greenway told Frazier that "unless some emergency came up that he had planned on being here," Frazier said.

"When I didn't hear from him this morning or last night, I had a sense that he would probably make it.

-- Dean Berhow-Goll

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