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Updated: October 12th, 2011 3:59pm
Defensive Berrian Berrian 'already over' decision to deactivate him

Defensive Berrian Berrian 'already over' decision to deactivate him

by Judd Zulgad
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EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Bernard Berrian addressed reporters Wednesday for the first time since being inactive for the Minnesota Vikings' victory over Arizona last Sunday, but the wide receiver declined to explain what team rule he broke and used the term "old news" on a few occasions when asked what happened.

"I'm already over it," Berrian said in a somewhat contentious interview with reporters following practice. "That's already past. (I) can't do nothing about it now."

Berrian, who had an extremely disappointing 2010 season in which he failed to catch a touchdown for the first time since 2005 and has only two catches in four games this year, appeared reluctant to stop and talk as he came off the field.

Asked about a report by the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he was deactivated because he missed two meetings on Saturday night at the team hotel, Berrian said: "(Coach Leslie) Frazier already described that and already talked about that."

Told that Frazier did not give any details about what happened, Berrian responded: "Ask Coach Frazier."

Berrian, who left the locker room before reporters could talk to him Sunday, acknowledged he was not surprised media members were asking about the topic.

"Who said I was surprised?," he said. "You said I was surprised. I'm not surprised at all. It is your first time, but like I said I'm not trying to talk about things in the past. It's already over with, it's a done deal, it's already over, moving on to Chicago."

Frazier said Monday that he did not foresee any issues with Berrian going forward and expected him to contribute to the team. Berrian took part in Wednesday's practice and stayed afterward with a few other receivers to work on things.

"Don't you have to?" put something like the deactivation in the past, he said. "If someone gets beat for a touchdown, they've got to put it in the past. They've got to put it behind them and play the next play."

When it was pointed out that he was comparing an on-the-field miscue to getting himself benched, Berrian said: "I think I talked about that already enough. If we're not talking about Chicago ... anything else about Chicago?"

Berrian played for the Bears before signing with the Vikings in 2008. But his most recent memories of Chicago aren't all that pleasant.

It was last November in Chicago that Berrian told then-coach Brad Childress his hamstring felt well enough for him to play. Berrian then changed his mind once the 45-man active list was submitted and sat on the bench the entire day.

Berrian said he spent the Vikings' 34-10 victory over Arizona trying to help his fellow receivers by watching what the Cardinals defense was doing.

As for his chemistry with quarterback Donovan McNabb, Berrian said it's good.

"Chemistry is fine," he said. "We're going out here and we're working, trying to throw and do everything we need to do. ... I'm saying the same things over and over again. The chemistry is chemistry, you can only take it so far."

This has been a tough week-plus for Berrian, who took to Twitter following the Vikings' loss to Kansas City in Week 4 and ended up getting into a back-and-forth with John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove. Kriesel is co-author of the Vikings stadium bill and a war veteran who lost his legs while serving in Iraq.

Berrian did not know this when he responded to criticism about his play by Kriesel.

Berrian also claimed on Twitter that he has often been wide open the last four years. That seemed to be a knock on his quarterbacks, although Berrian later claimed that wasn't what he meant.

But Berrian did not want to talk about how tough the recent days have been on him.

"That's kind of old news," he said again. "I don't like to talk about stuff that's in the past. Let's talk about Chicago."

Berrian did say he's "very confident" he can help the Vikings offense going forward and feels as if he's in good standing with the organization.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said.

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