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Updated: January 8th, 2014 4:22pm
Does the 13th-best outfielder in Twins history deserve a HOF vote?

Does the 13th-best outfielder in Twins history deserve a HOF vote?

by Derek Wetmore
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Perhaps you've heard by now: former Twins outfielder Jacque Jones received a Hall of Fame vote.

The opinion here is that's a crock. Jones disagrees, of course.

One vote is not enough to keep him on the ballot next season, so he'll fall well short of Cooperstown.

Jones' rate stats (such as his .277 batting average, .326 on-base percentage) are underwhelming. His counting stats (such as his 630 RBIs, 165 home runs, 82 stolen bases) also fall well short of other Hall of Famers. His longevity (10 years) and his peak (WAR7 of 13.2) are entirely uninspiring. If Wins Above Replacement is your thing, Jones ranks 13th among Twins outfielders.

It's common to get irritated with baseball's Hall of Fame selection process, and the shortcomings are many. But today three very deserving candidates were elected: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas.

Are there problems with the process when players like Jones and Armando Benitez receive a vote? Yes.

Is this year's result still laudable? Yes.

I answered two of my own questions so I'll pose one now to the readers. Are you happy to see Jones receive a vote?

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