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Updated: August 20th, 2014 6:04pm
Gardenhire wants foul tips made reviewable, but is change likely?

Gardenhire wants foul tips made reviewable, but is change likely?

by Derek Wetmore
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MINNEAPOLIS - Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was ejected from Monday's game after he had argued about a foul tip off the bat of Joe Mauer. That play currently is not reviewable under MLB's replay rules, but Gardenhire said he will bring that up when the time comes to tweak the system.

Home plate umpire Chris Segal called Mauer out on a foul tip that might have hit the dirt before the catcher caught it. Mauer, who rarely gets heated arguing calls, got in Segal's face arguing that he should not be out.

Gardenhire came out and got involved so that Mauer wouldn't take it too far and get ejected.

Gardenhire actually wasn't thrown out for the act of arguing the foul tip. He had returned to the dugout and asked the umpire to check the ball and remove it from play if there was a scuff on it. (The implication, of course, is that the ball would have dirt on it if Mauer fouled it into the dirt before the catcher caught it. That apparently is what earned Gardenhire the hook from the dugout.)

Should that type of play be subject to the replay process?

"I suggested that at home plate, which didn't help my cause," Gardenhire joked Tuesday.

"That's got to be part of the process. We said we were going to tweak it and something like that can be seen on TV. We should review that," he said. "A foul tip that hits the dirt should be a reviewable play. But it's not right now. It's going to be tweaked, we hope."

Twins GM Terry Ryan isn't too sure about that.

"I don't think so. They've done studies of the most prevalent plays that are questionable and that's not one of them," Ryan said, referring to the infrequency of foul tips in the dirt. "We put the ones that are most prevalent in and we left the others out. We don't want to stop the game for every play."

Some argue it would slow down the game to review this type of play. 

Readers, what do you think? Should baseball expand replay to include this situation? Or does there need to be a limit on the number of things that can be reviewed?


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