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Updated: May 14th, 2014 1:27pm
Gophers AD Norwood Teague not a fan of 'We hate Iowa' chant

Gophers AD Norwood Teague not a fan of 'We hate Iowa' chant

by Nate Sandell
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It's no secret that Minnesota Gophers fans don't have many kind feelings for border rival Iowa.

You can't go through a Gophers season without hearing repeated chants of "Who hates Iowa? We hate Iowa."

But it turns out Gophers athletic director Norwood Teague doesn't like it and is trying to separate the university from any association with the chant.

At the Big Ten athletic director meetings on Tuesday, Teague told the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "I don't like the cheer, at all. I've talked to Gary [Iowa athletics director Gary Barta] about that. I don't like it a bit and, hopefully, we can try to steer away from it. I think for some kids it's funny and it takes on a life of its own. I don't like it."

Teague was apparently not happy when "Who hates Iowa?" showed up in official Gophers promotional material last season, which he said did not know about ahead of time. As a result, he told the athletic department not to use the phrase again.

Will the athletic department's disassociation with the cheer do anything to halt its popularity among fans? The answer to that seems like a pretty obvious no.

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