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Updated: March 11th, 2014 5:15pm
If Blaine Gabbert nets 6th rounder, what is Christian Ponder's value?

If Blaine Gabbert nets 6th rounder, what is Christian Ponder's value?

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by Derek Wetmore

I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see a team give up a sixth-round pick for failed quarterback Blaine Gabbert, as Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

In a Vikings hangout I hosted Tuesday with Andrew Krammer, I argued for holding onto Christian Ponder, whom I deem as a deserving third-stringer. (Try not to read that as praise--a former first-round pick settling in as a deserving third-stringer is nothing to beam about.)

That opinion was founded on the premise that the Vikings already owe Ponder the money on his contract, and wouldn't gain anything by cutting him. It went without saying, I thought, that their would be no trade market for such a lousy quarterback.

I may have been wrong.

The fact that the Jaguars were able to extract some value from shipping out Gabbert made me wonder: could the Vikings get anything worthwhile for Ponder?

So now I'm curious what you think, readers. What could Ponder land if the Vikings shop him, and would you pull the trigger?

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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