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Updated: September 26th, 2010 4:56pm
Jared Allen on second-half scrums: 'Just big boys doing big-boy things'

Jared Allen on second-half scrums: 'Just big boys doing big-boy things'

by Tom Pelissero
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Kevin Williams says the Minnesota Vikings knew coming into Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions that things might get messy after the whistle.

"We saw it on film, the extra stuff they do," Williams said after the Vikings' 24-10 win at the Metrodome. "I think at that point in the game, (emotion) had just ran over and got a little testy."

That point in the game was shortly after Adrian Peterson's 80-yard touchdown run extended the Vikings' lead to 14 points late in the third quarter.

The Lions committed holding penalties on consecutive plays to open their ensuing drive, with right guard Stephen Peterman tackling Jimmy Kennedy and Gosder Cherilus grabbing Ray Edwards.

On the drive's fourth play, Williams forced Lions quarterback Shaun Hill to step up in the pocket and Brian Robison wrapped him up for a sack. Vikings end Jared Allen dived onto the pile as Hill hit the ground, and Hill appeared to shove Allen as both players tried to untangle themselves.

"I don't know why everyone thinks I started it," Allen said. "I didn't start anything. I was just on the ball."

Allen retaliated by shoving at Hill twice before teammates separated them, drawing offsetting personal fouls. Allen said another Lion "wanted to jump in and spear me. It's just big boys doing big-boy things."

Edwards, who also got involved, said it was guard Rob Sims who "kind of speared (Allen) a little bit" after Hill elbowed Allen in the head. 

"I was just trying to get him off of Jared, and I guess he got a little feisty (so) I grabbed him," Edwards said. "I ain't scared of no tussle."

Asked what happened, Hill said, "All I have to say about that is I, we, are not going to be anybody's punk out there, you know what I mean?"

Robison urged on the crowd as he left the scrum, which was followed by a Lions punt.

The Vikings passed on their next play Percy Harvin, who had fellow receiver Greg Lewis blocking on the perimeter. Cornerback Chris Houston continued to shove at Lewis' face after the play, drawing flags for illegal use of hands and unnecessary roughness that offset with a pass interference call on Harvin.

That play occurred in front of the Vikings sideline, and multiple Lions jawed at the bench before officials waved them away.

In a way, the incidents augured positively for a Vikings team that had started 0-2 and trailed 7-0 in the early going on Sunday.

"Absolutely, we always have each other's backs," Allen said. "People want to take cheap shots, but we can handle it."

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