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Updated: January 11th, 2013 3:16pm
Jeff Dubay joins 1500 ESPN as co-host of 'Judd & Dubay' from 9 to noon

Jeff Dubay joins 1500 ESPN as co-host of 'Judd & Dubay' from 9 to noon

Jeff Dubay is back.

He'll join Judd Zulgad as co-host of "Judd & Dubay" from 9 a.m. to noon on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities, beginning on Monday.

"We've been talking to Jeff for the past year," said Dan Seeman, vice president/market manager for Hubbard Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

"We know he has great talent. We know he has great equity in the market. We've been meeting to figure out the right timing, and we all believe that Jeff is healthy and ready and the time is right for him to get back into the business that he loves."

Dubay, 44, worked at KFAN-AM from 1994 to 2008, including a 10-year stint as co-host of "PA & Dubay." His contract was terminated in October 2008 after Dubay was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance.

In recent months, Dubay has been outspoken about his battle with crack cocaine addiction. He has been sober for 22 months and was selected to join Zulgad after a successful guest co-hosting stint last month.

"I've been out for four years," Dubay said. "I always thought there would be a second chance. But if it didn't happen soon, I was going to wonder if it ever would.

"I'm not going to say this was do or die. But everything seems so perfect -- same timeslot, same market, guys I've worked with before. I told Dan if I didn't get this one, I was going to go deliver pizza for the rest of my life."

The hiring of Dubay brings 1500 ESPN a step closer to completing its new weekday lineup.

Beginning next month, "Garage Logic" with Joe Soucheray will air from 1 to 3 p.m., "SportsTalk" with Soucheray and Patrick Reusse from 3 to 4, "Reusse & Mackey" from 4 to 6 p.m. and "Tom Pelissero" from 6 to 8, with Phil Mackey joining from 6 to 7.

"Jeff grew up here. He's a true Minnesota sports fan. But he's a radio guy, too," 1500 ESPN program director Brad Lane said. "I think he gives a voice to a segment of our listenership that may not have felt they had one before."

The station continues its search for a noon to 1 p.m. host. The full new lineup is tentatively scheduled to take effect on Monday, Feb. 11, but "Judd & Dubay" will debut next week.

"The cool thing is with Seeman and Lane, they made me feel really wanted," Dubay said. "They said you're not here because of your story. You're here because of the talk show host you are. I'm really grateful to Dan and the whole Hubbard radio family."