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Updated: September 23rd, 2013 11:58pm
Join the conversation Tuesday for 1500ESPNLive with Mackey and Wetmore

Join the conversation Tuesday for 1500ESPNLive with Mackey and Wetmore

by Derek Wetmore and Phil Mackey
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You may have noticed, one of the new things we're prioritizing at is reader interaction. We invite readers to provide thoughtful reaction and commentary under each of our stories. We'll follow up on comments when we can, and hope that by engaging, we facilitate a better sports discussion than currently exists elsewhere.

As part of that, we've rolled out the 1500ESPNLive series.

We're doing live Vikings discussion on our site during games, fantasy football Fridays and now we're starting weekly Tuesday conversation. All are under the 1500ESPNLive umbrella and offer a good chance for you to interact with the staff at 1500ESPN, as well other insightful readers.  

Join the discussion Tuesday at 1 p.m. with Phil Mackey and Derek Wetmore.

Feel free to send questions, respond to our articles or offer your own opinions. It's an open forum and we'll be actively involved in the conversation.

Phil Mackey is a columnist for He co-hosts "Mackey & Judd" from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.
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Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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