Updated: February 16th, 2011 9:46pm
Jonny Flynn to be shutdown for a week; Kevin Love vs. Blake Griffin

Jonny Flynn to be shutdown for a week; Kevin Love vs. Blake Griffin

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The long road to recovery for Jonny Flynn took another unique twist when it was announced he will be shut down for a week to rest his legs.

"There is just a comfort level you see in players and he just doesn't seem to be comfortable out there," coach Kurt Rambis said before Wednesday's 98-90 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers

"He agrees, he admits it," Rambis continued. "We've got to do something. He is too good a player to not be comfortable and confident out there."

"It is just a physical thing," Flynn said. "Going out there and playing through injuries is definitely tough but just need rest. That's all it is. I have been going pretty hard since I got back, not taking days off from practice, doing extra stuff, doing extra running and things like that."

The plan is for Flynn and the Wolves to take advantage of the All-Star break to get Flynn a full week off which includes the first two games after the break, Tuesday at Milwaukee and Wednesday vs Dallas.

Flynn, who missed the first 24 games after undergoing hip surgery this summer, insists there hasn't been a setback in his hip and is just a chance to rest for the first time during his rehab process.

"It is just natural soreness I have been feeling since I got back," he said. "So we going to see what this does and hopefully it takes away that natural soreness I have had"

Flynn has been up-and-down since his return -- with more of an emphasis on the down -- since returning and has struggled to find any type of comfort or rhythm on the floor.  After starting 81 games his rookie season, he has primarily played second-fiddle to Luke Ridnour with the exception of a recent six-game stretch where Ridnour was attending to a family issue.

"I don't feel comfortable in this body I have right now, I guess you could say that," Flynn said. "These are rental legs right now, I like to call it.  We're going to see how this works out, hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better after this break and we'll see how extended rest will do."

Rambis said all players go through slumps, but there appears to be more than just a blip in the radar of recovery.

"To everyone, to lesser extent, there is uncertainty out there but when there is too much of it, then you know the player is not comfortable out there. You need to get him comfortable," he said.

One of the issues with Flynn's recovery is the complicated nature of his injury. This isn't just a sprained ankle or, more severely, a torn ACL, that occur each season in the NBA. No point guard has ever had to return from a hip injury like Flynn, according to the Wolves, so there is no book on recovery or precedent to judge his progress by.

"I think (that the injury is so rare) is the toughest thing," Flynn said.  "You got to play every thing by ear. You got to day by day seeing how I feel, after games, seeing how I feel. When you don't have someone you can look at that went through the same thing it is kind of tough."

"That is why we throw in monkey wrenches like this to see if this helps out," he said.

Flynn isn't sure what type of workouts, if any, he will be doing during the break but Rambis says he wants him to do some type of conditioning.

"We will just see how it feels," he said. "There has to be some sort of keeping a rhythm and conditioning and stuff like that but it's just about not stressing it."

Love vs. Griffin

Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, two of the most talked about up-and-coming power forwards in the Western Conference, squared off Wednesday night before they'll join forces in the All-Star game this Sunday.

This won't be the first time they have played on the same team. Coming out of high school they teammates in the McDonalds All-American before Love headed off to UCLA and Griffin to the University of Oklahoma.

Because they are the same age, play the same positions and are both All-Stars this early in their career, many are pegging them the next great power forwards in the West, and thus, the next great rivalry.

Love admits he has heard the 'Love vs. Griffin' chatter but thinks it is still a bit premature.

"I know that, in talking to him, and talking to other people they say that is going to be the guy I am going to be battling with and maybe even my rival for the next few years," Love said. "We will see how that goes. I know we both want to be great players and All-Star caliber players year in and year out."

"Once our teams really start winning, that's when the rivalry will form," he said.

Love says he and Griffin have stayed in touch and have developed a friendship. Needless to say, there is a great mutual respect between the two.

"He is just one of those guys that if you don't come out to play, he is going to embarrass you," Love said. "He is the type of player that plays hard every game and you can just tell he wants to be great so I definitely admire that."

Despite all the similarities the two share, they couldn't have more opposite styles. Griffin is the high-flying, SportsCenter-leading, human-highlight film while Love is the below-the-rim-rebounding, hustle-machine.

When asked if he has learned anything from playing against Griffin, Love just laughed. 

"Yeah, I learned that I can't jump as high as him.