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Updated: February 25th, 2011 10:07pm
Kevin Love extends double-double streak but is ready for it to end

Kevin Love extends double-double streak but is ready for it to end

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Kevin Love's 11 points and 14 in Friday's 95-84 loss to the New Orleans Hornets was just enough to secure his 45th consecutive double-double which is now the second-longest streak in the league since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976.

Love has gone on record as saying he almost wishes the streak would come to an end because it has become almost too much of a burden. That stance by Love has earned him criticism from some, saying that the streak and his personal statistics are all he cares about. Love took offense to that particular stance before the game.

"That is their opinion," Love said. "If it was a shot at me in anyway then I say they don't know (expletive)."

"I said this all along that I kind of wish that it would end. But at the same time, it is a good thing going for me. Obviously I have goals in this league that I want to achieve. I am just going out there and playing hard and whatever happens happens."

Love said teams have started defending him differently in hopes of being the team to beat the streak. Some have even come right out and told him they are going to stop him.

"They made it apparent the last game (against Memphis)," he said. "Gasol and Randolph came up to me and said 'were going to make sure you don't get it this game' so that added a little more incentive to go out there and get it. Luckily, I still got it."

The special treatment on defense has picked up the last 10 games, Love said, and that players will intentionally knock a ball out of bounds to prevent him from getting a rebound.

"If I have a rebound and they can get it and they aren't sure they'll just bat it out. They really don't want me to get it. Bascally every team has been that way for about the about 10 games."

The deeper into the game he goes without securing the double-double, Love says, the more defenses key in on him to prevent him from adding another notch to his belt under their watch.

"If I am on a roll it is better to just get it out of the way so I can just play but it's something that's there," he said. "It has been lingering but not enough to effect my game in a large way. Just has people talking in the stands and for me, I can block out only so much of it and go play but it has been something else."

Love, the coaching staff and his teammates have maintained during the entire streak that they don't pay attention to his state-line during the game and that it's the fans who seem the most preoccupied with it.

"They are the ones yelling at me," Love said. "The coaches aren't talking about it. My teammates aren't talking about it. I am no trying to look at the scoreboard and see how many points I have. I am just trying to go out there and play and let the game take care of itself."

With just six more consecutive double-doubles Love will pass Moses Malone's 51-game run spanning the 1978-79 and 1979-80 season.

Quick hits

  • Martell Webster dressed but sat out a second consecutive game with his continued back injury.
  • Jonny Flynn returned from his weeklong hiatus now that the trade deadline has passed. He finished with zero points, zero assists and three turnovers in just 15 minutes of work. 
  • Wayne Ellington is away from the team while dealing with a personal issue. Coach Kurt Rambis wasn't sure if he will be back for Sunday's game against the Golden State Warriors.
  • Anthony Randolph made his Wolves debut and scored two points and registered a turnover in 4 minutes. 
  • Referee Ken Mauer, made his return to Target Center for the first time since he dished out five technical fouls to the Wolves in five seconds earlier this season. He walked past coach Kurt Rambis' pre game press conference and the two exchanged brief (un)pleasantries. Rambis turned back to the media and said, "Don't even ask the question," clearly not wanting to talk about it.