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Updated: March 9th, 2013 10:24am
Late adjustments put Vikings about $14.8 million under salary cap

Late adjustments put Vikings about $14.8 million under salary cap

by Tom Pelissero
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Late cap adjustments put the Minnesota Vikings about $14.8 million under their adjusted 2013 salary cap as of Saturday morning.

The league does final calculations before the league year begins for not likely to be earned incentives that were paid, likely to be earned incentives that weren't and other accounting.

The Vikings paid NLTBEs to cornerback Antoine Winfield ($2.5 million) and receiver Michael Jenkins ($250,000), among others, based on 2012 performance. According to sources with access to the numbers, the total adjustments cost the Vikings about $2.35 million in cap space.

Their adjusted cap is still nearly $130.3 million -- well above the $123 million league cap, thanks to their roughly $8 million carryover from 2012 and a $1.643 million adjustment from the Cowboys and Redskins cap penalties last year.

They rank 15th in the NFL in cap space, not including some deals and cuts the past 24 hours that haven't been finalized with the league. Five teams remained over the 2013 cap and had until 3 p.m. Tuesday to get into compliance.

Team-by-team cap space

Cleveland Browns $47.4 million
Cincinnati Bengals $42.9 million
Indianapolis Colts $37.4 million
Philadelphia Eagles $34.2 million
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $32.2 million
Miami Dolphins $31.3 million
Jacksonville Jaguars $28.1 million
New England Patriots $26.4 million
Buffalo Bills $21.9 million
Atlanta Falcons $20.3 million
Green Bay Packers $19.3 million
Tennessee Titans $18.6 million
Kansas City Chiefs $17.8 million
Seattle Seahawks $15.4 million
Minnesota Vikings $14.8 million
Baltimore Ravens $10.7 million
New York Giants $10.1 million
San Diego Chargers $10 million
St. Louis Rams $9.6 million
Houston Texans $8.3 million
Denver Broncos $7.6 million
Chicago Bears $7 million
Detroit Lions $6.9 million
New York Jets $6.3 million
Oakland Raiders $6.2 million
San Francisco 49ers $5.2 million
Arizona Cardinals $3.3 million
Pittsburgh Steelers -$1.4 million
Washington Redskins -$2.1 million
Carolina Panthers -$3.5 million
New Orleans Saints -$6.6 million
Dallas Cowboys -$6.8 million

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