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Updated: March 3rd, 2014 5:01pm
Mackey: Why can't Minnesota sports fans have nice things?

Mackey: Why can't Minnesota sports fans have nice things?

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Rob Plummer, agent for Miguel Sano, says Sano was against surgery in 2013
Rob Plummer, agent for Miguel Sano, discusses Sano's injury with Mackey & Judd. Plummer says the Twins shouldn't be blamed for his Sano's current injury trouble and says it was Sano who initially was against surgery in 2013.
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by Phil Mackey

I generally hate when Minnesotans play the "woe is me" card. It usually comes off as insecure and annoying.

Like with the weather, for instance. Nobody is twisting our arms, holding us captive and making us live here, yet weather is the first subject we complain about when stuck in the elevator with strangers. Whose fault is that?

In fact, I've always thought the inherent inferiority complex of many of us upper-Midwesterners plays a role in local sports teams' futility. I don't know exactly what that role is, but I do know people in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago don't spend time fretting about super stars leaving for better cities. We have a pretty cool city here too, weather aside. Sometimes I think our defeatist and insecure attitude about the local sports teams can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That said, even though I can't stand when strangers gripe about the weather in elevators, I've given them a free pass this winter - one of the five coldest winters in the 150-plus year history of Minnesota. It's justified.

Similarly, Minnesota sports fans absolutely have the right to be depressed about Miguel Sano's elbow injury. It's just another example of why we apparently can't have nice things.

Sure, we had the Wild signing Zach Parise and Ryan Suter two summers ago. That was a nice, unexpected surprise. The Vikings winning four games in a row to make the playoffs in 2012 was unexpected; although the ensuing ass kicking at Lambeau Field in the NFC Wild Card round was pretty standard.

But aside from those two items, think about all of the gut punches over the past few years:

Adrian Peterson tore his ACL.

Twins top pitching prospects Kyle Gibson and Alex Wimmers both underwent Tommy John surgery. Alex Meyer missed three months due to shoulder issues, meaning he won't be ready to crack the 2014 opening day rotation. Eddie Rosario, another top Twins prospect, was suspended 50 games for violating MLB's drug policy.

Ricky Rubio tore his ACL.

Kevin Love broke his hand... doing "knuckle push-ups." Then he dropped a pipe bomb to Yahoo! Sports and has been trying to kiss and make up ever since.

The Phil Cuzzi call.

Christian Ponder.

The Gophers basketball team moved into the top-10 last year, which was somewhat unexpected. Then they nose dived. As expected. 

Randy Moss came back. That was unexpectedly cool. But then he was booted out less than two months later. That was unexpected and depressing.

Justin Morneau's career was forever altered due to a concussion.

Tubby Smith, Tim Brewster, Leslie Frazier, Brad Childress, Kurt Rambis, David Kahn and Todd Richards all failed to pan out.

Jerry Kill's seizures.

The 2011 Twins.

Heck, the last time the Twins, Wolves or Wild won a playoff series, the members of One Direction were just conversations over drinks.

Again, the "woe is us" card is a lame one. But let's be honest - it's totally justified lately. 

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