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Updated: December 31st, 2013 12:06pm
NBA releases a statement admitting Monday's finish was a blown call

NBA releases a statement admitting Monday's finish was a blown call

by Derek Wetmore
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There was plenty of animosity from fans following Monday night's non-call against Kevin Love.

Players in the locker room tip-toed around saying too much postgame, but apparently the ire was justified.

The NBA on Tuesday released a statement admitting the mistake:

Rod Thorn, NBA President, Basketball Operations, issued the following statement today regarding a missed foul call late in the fourth quarter of the Dallas Mavericks' 100-98 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Dec. 30, at Target Center:

"Through postgame video review, we have determined that Minnesota's Kevin Love was fouled on the right arm by Dallas' Shawn Marion while attempting a two-point field goal. Love should have been awarded two free throws with one second left on the clock."

Rick Adelman had some pointed comments at his press conference postgame and Love said he felt the call should have been "pretty obvious."

"I'm the type of person that [thinks] if you see a foul, an obvious foul, you call it. I thought that was pretty, pretty obvious," Love said postgame. "Just look at the replay. Without saying too much, you look at the replay, and it was obvious he got arm. ... I didn't know how to react. I couldn't -- wasn't going to yell at him, that wasn't going to do anything. I just walked off the court, just tried to, you know, keep my head up."

He lingered at the spot of the non-call for a while with his hands on his hips, smiling in apparent disbelief as he looked up at the center court video board.

"I wanted to see another replay. That first one, I thought it was a good angle, pretty blatant. I just wanted to see it again - that was my thought process," Love said.

Adelman went so far as to suggest that the NBA gives more calls to superstars and contended that Love, as a superstar, should be getting those calls.

"He got fouled. I wonder what that would have been if Nowitzki, LeBron James, all the top players in the league," Adelman said. "A guy reaches on a last-second shot like that, instead of challenging it. Maybe they don't understand that Kevin is one of the top-five players in this league."

The NBA provided a link to the video, you know, in case you want to relive it.

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