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Updated: August 26th, 2013 10:23am
National baseball writer addresses Ron Gardenhire's future with Twins

National baseball writer addresses Ron Gardenhire's future with Twins

by Derek Wetmore
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Ron Gardenhire on his current job status: 'I'm not a quitter'
Ron Gardenhire joins Judd and Dubay for Talkin' Twins. Gardy talks about the difficulties over this current losing stretch for the club, what he is responsible for as a manager, and a few other topics including the improved play of Aaron Hicks since returning from the disabled list.
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Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is part of a national media column, which suggests various managers and/or general managers that may not return next season.

Gardenhire, who is in the final season of his contract, has been the subject of much debate this season. Can he keep his job if, or when, the Twins lose 90 games for the third consecutive season? (The Twins, 57-72 with 33 games left, are currently on pace to lose exactly 90 games.)

This time, it's Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan weighing in on the issue, as part of a 2,200-word column addressing many teams around the league. Here's the meat of the excerpt on Gardenhire.

Minnesota still hasn't resolved Gardenhire's future, though the lack of progress - at 57-72, the Twins are five games better than last year at this juncture but still dueling the White Sox for last place - speaks more to the organization's failure to develop talent than Gardenhire's skills.

Our own Patrick Reusse, in a column for the Star Tribune, suggested about six weeks ago that the Twins should show mercy and let Gardenhire walk. The manager addressed that column publicly the following day and said he has no intention of stepping down.

We're curious what the fans think. Will Gardenhire be back next season? Vote in the poll and give us your explanation in the comments section. We'll be checking in to see what you think, and we'll keep up with the conversation, too.

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