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Updated: December 1st, 2013 9:57pm
No Vikings rookie in history has matched Cordarrelle Patterson's feat

No Vikings rookie in history has matched Cordarrelle Patterson's feat

by Derek Wetmore
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MINNEAPOLIS - The same day in which Adrian Peterson surpassed 10,000 career rushing yards, he may have to start looking over his shoulder.

At least that's what teammate Cordarrelle Patterson said.

With the Vikings trailing 3-0 in the second quarter, Patterson lined up in the backfield and took a quick toss sweep from starting quarterback Christian Ponder. He ran through the right side of the line, where he got a block at the line from fullback Jerome Felton. Once he got to the second level of Bears' defenders, he made a move to make three guys miss and jetted off to the endzone. Then he playfully slapped hands with a referee for good measure.

"To be honest, we've been practicing that since week 2. We've never had a chance to use it .... It was a great chance to get an opportunity to be like AP back there," Patterson said. "I told [Peterson], 'man, you better watch out, I'm coming through.'"

Patterson, of course, was joking. Peterson, for his part, didn't disagree. After getting a career-high 35 carries, Peterson sang Patterson's praises.

"I might need to watch out, he's something special. I have been able to sit back and really watch him," Peterson said. "He already is real good, but the potential, the sky is the limit for that young guy. He is a special player.

"I know talent, he has it."

The rushing touchdown distinguished Patterson from all other Vikings rookies in history. He's the only Vikings rookie to return a touchdown, catch a touchdown pass and rush for a touchdown in the same season. A handful of rookies in the past have had two, but never the trio, according to the team.

"It means a lot, but I wish I could have scored on that missed field goal so I could score four ways," Patterson said, after he tried to return Robbie Gould's missed 66-yard field goal attempt on the final play of regulation. "It means a lot to have your name in history. As I get older, you know, my kids, maybe they can look at that. I hope the fans never forget me after making history."

Patterson said he didn't watch Saturday night's Alabama-Auburn game, which was decided on a stunning missed field goal return for a touchdown with time expired. He said he saw the highlights, though, and felt he could have broken his return for a touchdown, but he lost his footing.

He was on the sideline when offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave told Patterson he would call the play, which some would consider a gadget play. In that moment, Patterson thought to himself, 'Just get in the endzone.'

"That's the only opportunity I've got for this play so I've got to make the most of it so we can call it again," Patterson said after the game.

He added just one catch for four yards Sunday and lost six yards on his only other rushing attempt. So don't be too hasty to crown him Peterson's heir apparent. His time will come.

Derek Wetmore is the senior editor for His previous stops include and the Minnesota Daily.
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