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Updated: February 2nd, 2011 10:43pm
Notebook: Johnson excited for All-Star Weekend; Telfair has injection

Notebook: Johnson excited for All-Star Weekend; Telfair has injection

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It was announced Tuesday that Wolves' rookie Wesley Johnson will take part in the Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam Friday night of All-Star Weekend.

"Definitely (excited), going to get some good weather so definitely looking forward to that," Johnson said. "It will be a good experience going out there, definitely have fun."

The fourth-overall pick out of Syracuse has averaged 9.4 points and 2.0 assists in 46 games this season. Johnson's rookie campaign has seen its up-and-downs but he appears to be hitting his stride in January, scoring in double-figures four of the last five games

Johnson said he remembers watching the game -- which began it's current format in 2000 -- growing up and always wanted to play in it.

When a reporter asked if the rookies have the game in the bag, Johnson said yes.

"You have to be confident going out there, that's the main thing I want to do going out there is get a win so I can talk smack to the sophomores," Johnson said. "I remember when I got drafted (Milwaukee Buck) Brandon Jennings said, 'you better be ready.'"

Rambis has been complimentary of Johnson all season -- especially lately -- and is happy for the opportunity to be a part of the festivities in Los Angeles.

"It is a good experience," Rambis said. "It's a crazy environment and everything is always fun for guys to participate in, whether it's the rookie-rophomore game or the three point contest or the skills set, or the dunk contest or the All-Star game or whatever, it is good for players at some point in time to participate in at some level, just to be part of the weekend."

Although he is happy for Johnson, don't be surprised if Rambis doesn't watch the game.

"From my perspective it is just not that much fun to watch," he said. "Guys running up and down the floor, making mistakes, bad choices, turnovers, bad shots, it's just not a whole lot of fun to watch. You do see the athleticism you do see the personality but from a team standpoint, it is what it is."

Johnson says the only thing that can make All-Star Weekend better is if teammate Kevin Love joins him.  The All-Star reserves are announced Thursday evening during a TNT special.

Telfair has foot injection

Sebastian Telfiar has been suffering from plantar fasciitis in his right foot throughout the season and it was announced Wednesday he had an injection in New York two weeks ago to alleviate the pain.

The injection -- known as a platelet rich plasma injection or PRP -- took blood from Telfair's arm and injected it into his foot.

It is an experimental treatment that has been used by Tiger Woods and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee. 

Telfair said the injection is safer than taking a cortisone shot and it has helped alleviate the pain felt in his foot.

"It was never a point where we were thinking about surgery," Telfair said. "A cortisone shot or rest and rest is no guarantee (to help).  It is pain but I have been playing through it for the whole season."

The injection is designed to alleviate the pain but it won't go away entirely, at least for a while, "Maybe in the summertime when you can take a couple weeks off," Telfair said.

Kosta Koufos: NBA dunk contest champion?

 In the locker room before the game Wednesday a few of the players were talking about the NBA dunk contest when Kosta Koufos proclaimed he could win the thing. 

"You guys laugh, but I am serious," Koufus said. 

Koufos said he has a dunk where he kicks the ball before dunking it and says he is much more creative than people give him credit for. 

His teammates (perhaps half-jokingly) said they will start a campaign to get him into next years contest.