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Updated: May 4th, 2011 1:41pm
Notebook: Liriano sleepless in Chicago; next start pushed back?

Notebook: Liriano sleepless in Chicago; next start pushed back?

by Phil Mackey
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CHICAGO -- Minnesota Twins left-hander Francisco Liriano didn't really sleep at all after throwing a no-hitter on Tuesday night.

"I got probably like 55 text messages, and a lot of phone calls from friends and family back home," Liriano said.

Along with a wife and two kids, Liriano also has six brothers and three sisters.

"They were pretty happy," he said. "My mom called me, my dad, my brothers and sisters, all my friends and cousins -- they were still calling until probably 4 in the morning."

Liriano said after the game that he wasn't aware the White Sox had zero hits until the eighth inning -- a notion he defended on Wednesday with a sheepish smile, saying "I didn't know. I was being honest."

"When I get too excited I just overdo things, trying to overthrow."

"I think it was a good thing I didn't know."

Throwing only 66 strikes in 123 pitches while walking four isn't usually the best diagram for a no-hitter, but scaling back on the number of two-seam fastballs he threw helped Liriano simplify things.

"I was throwing too many two-seamers before, and it wasn't working for me," said Liriano, who threw only four two-seamers all night. "It wasn't moving at all. I was leaving it right down the middle."

Next start pushed back?

Liriano's next scheduled start was originally supposed to come on Monday in Boston -- a nationally televised game that would give Liriano six days rest.

Instead, it's possible the Twins could push Liriano back to Tuesday when the team returns home to Target Field.

"We haven't kind of written it out yet," Gardenhire said. "He threw (123) pitches, and we have some options here with a day off that we could actually back him up and let him throw at home, if he wanted to, on Tuesday. So everybody's saying he throws in Boston, but we haven't decided on that yet. We have to see how he is within a couple days here. That's a lot of pitches and a lot of effort put into that performance last night, and we have the ability to, if we want to, push him back and let him start at home, and give him an extra day.

"I threw that at (Anderson), saying that's a lot of pitches and a lot of effort, and he said he was out of gas at the end of that thing. We have that ability to do that. whether we will or not, we're going to talk about it."

Of course, Liriano's start against the Rays on April 27 came after eight days rest, and the lefty gave up seven earned runs in three innings.

"I'm not that sore today," Liriano said Wednesday. "I'm a little bit sore, but not that bad ... Whatever they want to do."

Revere, Plouffe join team

With Jim Thome (oblique) and Jason Repko (quad) being placed on the disabled list, Ben Revere and Trevor Plouffe were summoned from Triple-A Rochester.

Revere and Plouffe did arrive shortly before Wednesday's matinee game in Chicago, but not until after they endured a weather-related delay while flying in from out east.

Plouffe likely would have started at shortstop had the plane arrived earlier.

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