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Updated: October 22nd, 2013 5:54pm
One site grades Josh Freeman's performance lowest ever for quarterback

One site grades Josh Freeman's performance lowest ever for quarterback

by Derek Wetmore
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Josh Freeman's performance was bad Monday night. 

The game, holistically, was about as unwatchable as any I can recall. As Phil Mackey wrote last night, there's plenty of blame to go around for how bad the Vikings performed. There's even multiple places to assess blame for how poorly Freeman played.

How bad was it, though?

The football scouting website Pro Football Focus charted his passes. Of the 33 incompletions Monday, 15 were overthrown, according to PFF. They assessed a grade for Freeman's performance, and it was worse than any in the short history of handing out grades.

If you were being generous, you would perhaps say Freeman was too eager, wound up too tight, to grasp the opportunity to put in a big game in front of a national audience and show that Greg Schiano and the Buccaneers were wrong to move on from him in such acrimonious fashion.


This, however, was about as bad a start as either side could have imagined and had with little to do with the playbook issues that you would expect from a mid-season quarterback acquisition. Freeman's -11.3 overall grade is the lowest single-game grade for a quarterback since we started grading games back in 2008.

Frequently the ray of sunshine, I also want to include several positives that PFF highlighted.

--Linebacker Erin Henderson had six defensive stops.

--Safety Jamarca Sanford had four defensive stops.

--Freeman wasn't worse against blitzes than he was in standard situations, according to PFF. The Giants blitzed him 21 times, and he had a 42.4 passer rating. On his other 33 drop-backs, he had a 40.1 passer rating.

--Kevin Williams had his best single-game grade this season.

--Per Pro Football Focus: Right guard Brandon Fusco has improved on both his run blocking and pass blocking in 2013. His Pass Blocking Efficiency of 94.8 was tied for worst in the league amongst guards in 2012, and now it's an average 96.3. His run blocking was below average last year with a grade of -2.7, and now his +8.6 is the best for any guard not playing in Philadelphia.

--And here's one of my own: Josh Robinson broke up a pass. 

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