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Updated: March 10th, 2014 12:00pm
Peter King thinks Vick was 'really disappointed' Vikings signed Cassel

Peter King thinks Vick was 'really disappointed' Vikings signed Cassel

by Derek Wetmore
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The Vikings made a handful of moves over the weekend, signing Everson Griffen and Matt Cassel, among others.

But before the Cassel news came out, Adrian Peterson famously tweeted his QB preference.

(Now, to be fair to Peterson, it was in response to a tweet from NFL Network, but still, I don't think that means we should entirely dismiss what Peterson wrote.)

We think signing Vick could have made sense for the Vikings, but with Cassel signing a two-year deal to stay in Minnesota, it certainly would appear we won't see Vick in Purple & Gold next season. Peter King of The MMQB said on Dan Patrick's radio show Monday that Vick would have liked that chance to play for the Vikings.

"I think Vick was really disappointed that Minnesota re-signed Matt Cassel," King told Patrick in a phone interview. "I think Michael really would have liked to have gone to Minnesota to play with Adrian Peterson, to throw the ball to Cordarrelle Patterson and Greg Jennings. And now I think he has a choice or is going to have a choice."

King speculates Vick will look for a chance to win a starting job (like for the Jets) or be a backup on a successful team (like the 49ers).

There had previously been talk that Cassel signing with Houston would have made since, given his prior relationship with Bill O'Brien from their days together in New England.

"It seemed like it made sense but I think the way that Cassel looked at it is that Cassel has a little bit of a bird-in-hand. He's going to get a chance to work with Norv Turner in Minnesota on a two-year deal; it's not just a hope-and-a-prayer contract," King said.

"I think Minnesota still could draft quarterback, but Matt Cassel's going to have the chance to take the first snap opening day. I don't know there was ever any guarantee he could do that in Houston."

You can listen to the whole interview on this page.

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