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Updated: January 4th, 2013 5:02pm
Q&A with hoops recruit Rashad Vaughn: Gophers should be on short list

Q&A with hoops recruit Rashad Vaughn: Gophers should be on short list

by Darren Wolfson
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Rashad Vaughn, a junior basketball player at Robbinsdale Cooper High School whom the Gophers want badly, is a top-10 recruit in the class of 2014. He spoke with for a wide-ranging Q&A this week.

How was Monday at the Gophers-Spartans game?

It was an exciting game. The Gophers got a big win. The atmosphere was amazing.

Did you catch up with any of the other recruits there?

I talked with Reid (Travis) and Tyus (Jones). We all caught up.

Where are you at in this college process?

I'm still open, but I'm looking to narrow my list soon. I'm not sure of exactly when.

Weren't you supposed to do that two weeks ago?

My dad told me to wait and to focus on this high school season. We'll narrow it down in the middle (of the season).

Safe to say that much like with Tyus Jones, the Gophers will be on that list?

Yes. The Gophers should be on that list.

You can start your official visits now, right?

You had to take the ACT first. I took it.

Have you gotten the results back yet?

No. It'll still be a couple weeks.

Feel good about how the test went?

Yeah. They made me take it on the first game day, so it was hard to sit in the seat. But I think I did good.

Will you take an official visit to Minnesota?

Probably not, just because I can go there anytime.

You had 51 points in a game recently. What was that like?

North Carolina was there. Everything was clicking.

Who are all your offers, because I know it changes all the time, like with Florida coming in recently.

Florida, Baylor, Texas, the Gophers, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida State. That's all I can think of.

It's hard to remember all of them, I bet?

Yeah, it's hard. It's a lot.

Any visits soon?

I was going to go down to the Kentucky-Louisville game, but we played the night before.

Is all this overwhelming?

I'm enjoying it. Just staying close to the people close to me.

Who is that?

My parents, coaches (including AAU coach Marquise Watts) and my brothers.

Is it hard to maintain that circle of trust with many trying to break in?

I have people go through my dad.

Did you hear that Travis got an offer from Michigan State and Tom Izzo on Monday morning?

That would be a good fit for him. Wait, he got one for football?

Well, he has options, but that was basketball ...

I went and watched when he played Cooper in the section semifinals (in football). He's nice at that quarterback position.

Is he better at hoops or football?

I can't tell you. He's nice at both.

How often do you talk to Gophers coaches?

I talk to (assistant) Vince (Taylor) a lot.

What about Tubby Smith?

Yeah, every now and then. But mostly Vince.

Any recent talks with Tyus Jones about a tag-team duo?

We talked before. But we really didn't elaborate and haven't yet. But we'll talk, I bet, in the near future. We haven't talked (about that) recently.

Darren "Doogie" Wolfson is the jack-of-all-trades sports guy for 5 Eyewitness News and a contributor to
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