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Updated: February 8th, 2013 11:03am
Q&A with hoops recruit Rashad Vaughn: 'Still looking at the Gophers'

Q&A with hoops recruit Rashad Vaughn: 'Still looking at the Gophers'

by Darren Wolfson
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I caught up with 2014 Gophers basketball recruit Rashad Vaughn at Cooper High School's signing day ceremony on Wednesday afternoon. The following is an edited Q&A:

How cool was it seeing 14 friends sign football letters of intent?

It's fun. It's a blessing see all my brothers go off to college. At the beginning of the year, some didn't know (if this day could happen). It's amazing.

Does this get you thinking about what is soon to come?

It does. It gets me anxious. I'll be in the same seat as them next year.

You went to Iowa State last weekend for the Iowa State-Baylor game. It looked like you got showered with love ...

It was crazy. The fans were chanting. I stayed the night. The game was amazing. It was fun down there.

I saw the tweets and the pictures of all the signs. They went all out so much so that the Baylor coach had signs removed

They had Fat Heads, signs, and one of their quarterbacks was tweeting at me. I was shocked. It was fun.

Why don't Gophers fans go all-out like that?

I don't know. They do, but that was the best I've been a part of so far.

You got your ACT score back. Is it good enough?

Yes. I talked to coach (Steve) Burton and some of the counselors here. They say I'm good. But I will try to get it higher (sometime in the spring).

Anything new on when you'll cut down your list?

I'm not sure yet. Connecticut is a new offer. North Carolina should be here next week and I think they'll offer then.

Anything you've seen with the Gophers and the way they play that swayed your opinion?

Every game I've been to they've played well. They got up and down. I know they're going through something right now. It doesn't affect me. They're still on my list. I'm still looking at the Gophers.

If Vince Taylor leaves for a head coaching job -- he's due -- how big of a deal will that be?

It would probably be a big deal. But at the same time, it's the head coach I need to have a good relationship with. Tubby (Smith) and I have a good relationship. It won't really play a big factor. But Vince and I have a good relationship.

Tubby and his wife watched you play last week.

It was cool.

How much fun are you having right now?

The season's fun. Recruiting's fun. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

When will you make a decision?

I say sometime my senior year. Probably about this time, or closer to the end of the season.

Did you talk with Reid Travis at that photo shoot you did together recently?

Yeah. Tyus (Jones) was there, too. We all talked.

Talking about playing together?

That didn't come up. Just the season.

Florida offered recently, right?

Yeah. I like Florida a lot. I like how they play. I have a good relationship with them.

Who don't you like?

That has offered me?

Sure. There's no way you can like everyone.

That has no chance?


I can't even say.

Does Maryland have a chance?

I like Maryland ... Arkansas.

So, Arkansas offered and has no chance?

I can't see myself at Arkansas.

They looked good in beating Florida

I saw on SportsCenter. I also saw the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Did either of those schools offer?

Michigan did, but we lost contact. Ohio State didn't.

Darren "Doogie" Wolfson is the jack-of-all-trades sports guy for 5 Eyewitness News and a contributor to
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