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Q & A with Reid Travis: Basketball now the DeLaSalle star's main focus

Q & A with Reid Travis: Basketball now the DeLaSalle star's main focus

by Doogie

Mounds View's Sam Hentges isn't the only top-15 Minnesota high school quarterback not playing football this year (he's an elite baseball player).

DeLaSalle's Reid Travis, due in part to missing workouts in the summer because of basketball commitments and a stress fracture that will keep him in a boot for a few weeks, will no longer be a multi-sport star. That means he'll no longer be weighing football opportunities at Iowa, Rutgers, and Boston College and what presumably would've been many more.

He's solely a basketball player now.

I recently caught up with Travis --- before his stress fracture -- to find out how the recruiting process is going.

It has been a monster summer for you, hasn't it?

It has been a great summer. Middle of June I went to Virginia for the top-100 camp. I went to some skills camps with Nike. Played in Peach Jam and Orlando with Howard Pulley. There's been some great events I've been apart of. I'm happy I had success.

Your confidence has to be sky-high.

My confidence has been the same from the start of summer until now. Just playing against great players and being able to measure my skills. Of course I do have more confidence in my abilities. But I've always had that mindset.

How have you gotten better this summer?

I think just my mentality. Nothing physically. That comes along. My mentality has grown seeing I can play with the top players on the top stages.

It looks to me like you really have developed your range., that you have legitimate college 3-point range.

Yeah. That's safe to say. I've been working on it all summer. I've had the time to get shots in and work with my teammates. Then I've gotten the game reps. It definitely has helped me a lot.

Have you been able to work with your teammates and get into the weight room? It seems like you're at an airport a lot.

It's tough. I've only been home for three-day stretches this whole summer. When I am home I just have to focus on what I want and workout. That's really helped me.

What position are you: small or power forward?

A hybrid four. A stretch guy. I'm too small to be posting up all the time at the next level. But at the same time I want to keep that physical presence the power forward position does bring.

What are your measurables now compared to a few months ago?

I've seen noticeable leaps. I can't tell you exact numbers. I've done weight training the whole summer, so that's helped a lot. I feel a lot stronger. I'm just trying to improve on that.

You done growing?

I hope not. Maybe I have an inch or two left.

What are you now?

6'7". Creeping up to 6'8".

The doctor says you might have a little left?

Well, they said I was done at 6'3", so I don't listen to them anymore.

You think 6'8"?

That's my ideal height.

What about weight-wise?

240 right now.

That's where you want to be in college?

I like where I'm at. The weight will come. I'm comfortable when I'm at physically.

How was your official visit to Gonzaga?

It was a good visit. I love the coaching staff -- Mark Few and Tommy Lloyd are good guys. They've been on me since day one, so it was good to have them as my first visit. I'm using that as a basis for my other four visits. I'm getting to see what college life is all about.

Can you picture yourself in Spokane?

I wouldn't have visited there if I didn't. I can see myself there. I just need to take the other visits.

Where are the other four visits?

I'm not sure. I should have a nice list of where I want to go by next week.

Stanford and Michigan State likely two?

Yeah. It's likely I get to those two.

Minnesota? Rashad Vaughn told me he won't make an official visit there because he can go there whenever.

I would do an official. You want to show them how committed you are. They've been recruiting you for these many years, so you want to show them you are looking into them and interested in them. I think that's the ultimate way to show them: taking an official. There's a lot of ins and outs you can do on an official that you can't on an unofficial. I am kind of excited to see all of that.

Still high on Richard Pitino? I remember last time we talked that you said you like talking Xs and Os with him more than anyone else.

I'm still high on him. He's a great guy. Then the staff he's assembled and the players coming in -- I'm excited for the program and looking into it more.

What about assistant Ben Johnson (DeLaSalle alum)?

I talk to Ben a lot. I talked to Ben before he came to the "U", so we had that connection. He's a good guy, especially with the DeLaSalle connection. It's been nice catching up with him a lot.

When was the last time you talked to Ben or Richard?

I talked to them a couple days ago when I got back from my trip (Long Beach, CA).

Were you over there like Vaughn and Macura two weeks ago?

No. I'll get over there sometime to keep building that relationship.

Sometime as in before school starts?

Yeah. For sure.

Have you talked with your DeLaSalle teammate Jarvis Johnson (Class of 2015) about being a tag-team, especially at Minnesota?

I've been on the road, so we haven't talked too much (were teammates for Howard Pulley). I'm sure that's something that will pop up. Who wouldn't want to play with him with the way he facilitates. It would be nice.

You talk to anyone about being a partnership deal?

No. I stay away from that. I think it's hard enough to pick a school. I'm trying to stay away from that. People have talked to me about that. But no.

Your class of 2014 is loaded.

It's crazy. Four of us with offers from Minnesota is great. It's great to see Minnesota basketball recognized nationally and locally a little more. The talent has always been here. This year it's more in the forefront.

Your class better than the White/Williams/Lockett class?

I wouldn't say that. Those guys are great players. I watched those guys growing up and idolized them. I'd give them the No. 1 slot.

You don't have a bias with your class?

(Laughs) No. You have to respect your elders.

So, who else school-wise is in your mix?

UCLA, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Iowa State -- those are all schools I can see myself visiting.

Not Harvard?

I'm looking at them a little bit just because my brother is out there. I'll probably go out there on an unofficial during the season.

So, unofficial for Harvard?

We're still looking at it.

They have a legit chance to land you?

Yeah, especially with what my brother has told me. I like Tommy Amaker. I like it out there. They're in the pool with everyone.

Academics are huge for you. Have you done a ton of research on the Carlson School of Business?

Yes. My mom has done a great job looking into the Carlson School. I want to get into business, stuff like that. She's read through all the packets and looked it up online. It's a big deal for me. I want to do my four years and have a good education. The Carlson School definitely intrigues me.

Dumb question: You're all squared away academically in terms of NCAA eligibility?

I am set.

So, you'll be at a Gophers practice in the next week or two?

I think I'll catch a practice next week. I'll get to know the newer guys. I pretty much know everyone on the team and the coaching staff. I just want to keep feeling comfortable, so I'll probably go over there again.

Editor's note: Gophers players are home on summer break. But Travis made an unofficial visit on Tuesday.

You like the spotlight and being on ESPN U?

I'm enjoying it. It's nice to see some of the hard work is paying off. A lot more people know my name. Just trying to stay hungry and humble.

National TV twice in the last month.

That helps. It's nice to play on ESPN U. It's starting to feel like the norm with these ESPN games. You start to enjoy the process and look forward to college with all of those TV games.

How much fun was last week winning a championship at the Adidas Nationals on ESPN U?

It was a lot of fun. Being able to bond with the best players in the country, then winning it was great. It was a good time.

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