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Updated: May 23rd, 2011 5:46pm
Kurt Rambis attends workout, but Wolves not commenting on his future

Kurt Rambis attends workout, but Wolves not commenting on his future

MINNEAPOLIS -- Day 2 of the NBA draft prospect workouts the Minnesota Timberwolves are hosting produced an unexpected guest on Monday.

Wolves coach Kurt Rambis.

Rambis was not expected to be at the workouts and came on his own -- which as the coach of the Wolves is well within his rights -- but the team refused to offer any comment on his future with the team and did not make Rambis available to the media.

Rambis' future with the organization has been in an awkward stage of limbo since president of basketball operations David Kahn dodged questions about him in a season-ending press conference, saying the team will take a few weeks to decide his fate after finishing with just 32 wins in two seasons.

Kahn was also at the workouts but did not speak to reporters. Rambis and Kahn were not sitting with each other in the fifteen minutes the media was allowed access and did not interact.

Team officials downplayed the significance of Rambis' presence at the workouts, saying his attendance was optional and he decided to come on his own without being summoned by the team or Kahn. It is worth noting, however, that head coaches do not typically attend pre draft workouts.

Assistant general manager Tony Ronzone was asked if it was nice to have Rambis at the workout and said, "I don't know. I haven't even thought about that."

Not exactly a vote of confidence for a coach in limbo. 

Rambis' attendance at the workouts appears to be his way of forcing the Wolves' hand one way or the other, fire him now or commit to him for next season.

The situation gets even more complicated with the impending lockout when the current collective bargaining agreement expires on July 1. Rambis' buyout is believed to be around $4 million and the typically frugal Glen Taylor may be hesitant to shell out the cash for the buyout and a new head coach if there may not be a season.

The workouts resume Tuesday for the third and final session. It is unknown if Rambis or Kahn will be in attendance but the organization has made it clear they will not be making either available for comment this week.

Common sense would dictate the coaching situation would be resolved before the June 23 draft but given this franchise's history -- especially this current front office regime -- anything is possible. 

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