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Updated: October 16th, 2013 10:00am
Report: Josh Freeman to start if ready; if not, Christian Ponder will

Report: Josh Freeman to start if ready; if not, Christian Ponder will

by Derek Wetmore
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Josh Freeman will start for the Vikings on Monday against the Giants, according to a report.

NFL reporter Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that if Freeman had sufficiently digested the playbook, he'd take over as the team's quarterback.

That's not a huge surprise to many. But there's a bit of a twist.

If Freeman isn't ready, Christian Ponder will start, according to Rapoport.

That tidbit might surprise some.

Freeman seems ticketed to be the Vikings starter. The writing is on the wall that in a lost season, the team would like to figure out if he can be the long-term starter.

But if the Vikings had already made up their mind on Ponder's future, and if backup Matt Cassel was not great but serviceable, why fall back on Ponder?

This could all be a misdirection. The Vikings have tried to keep their plans at quarterback close to the vest each week this season. Pure speculation here, but if for some reason Freeman doesn't start and Ponder's the signal caller Monday, could it be to boost any trade value? It seems Ponder's currently might be at an all-time low.

Head coach Leslie Frazier is expected to announce his decision at his weekly press conference Wednesday at Winter Park.

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